Thursday, December 5, 2013

Who's Who In the DC Universe 1 - Ray Winninger

The first of: [thing=63889][/thing] for the third edition converts the first few of the comics series.  This includes listing appearances.  Most entries have a couple of pages with stats, background and gear and costume diagrams.  Heroes first, then villains, then supporting cast, then supernatural...those characters get banished to the end, good or bad.  A geography section...Apokolips, Atlantis etc. with characters and examples.  Also some technology.

A good thing is that it gives examples for the ability ranks like Strength, Intelligence, Body (e.g. 28+ entity level, enough to survive megaton nuclear explosions) and that sort of thing which is rather useful.

The Secret Six even make an appearance.

Alfred Pennyworth, Amanda Waller, Atlantis [Lord Arion, Garn Danuuth, Typical First Age, Mera, Typical Modern,], Amethyst, --- Apokolips [Parademon Captain, Parademon Footsoldier, Dog Cavalryman, Dog Mount, Hunger Dog,], 
Black Racer [Willie Walker,], Blue Beetle, Booster Gold [Skeets,], Brainiac 5, --- Barter [Jadoo,], Brainiac [Milton Fine Hybrid,], Brotherhood of Dada [Mr Nobody, Sleepwalk, Frenzy, Fog, Quiz,], Blaze,  
Challengers of the Unknown [Ace, Rocky, Red, Prof, ], Chunk, --- Changeling, Captain Boomerang, Cheetah, Chronos, Count Vertigo, Cain [Abel,],  
El Diablo, Deadman, --- Darkseid, Deadline, Deadshot, Desaad, Despero, Doctor Polaris, Dominators, Khunds [Soldier, Warlord, Cyber-Warrior, Garlak,],
Fastbak, Fire, Flamebird, Flash III,
Geo-Force, Green Lantern, --- Gorilla Grodd, Granny Goodness, 
Hawk, Human Target, Hawkworld [Byth, Wingman,],
Ice, --- I, Vampire,
Jade, Jericho,
Katana, King Faraday, Kono, Martha Kent, Jonathan Kent, --- Kadaver, Kestrel, KGBeast [NKVDemon,], 
Laurel Gand, Lightray, --- Lightning Lord,
Metamorpho, Metron, Madame Xanadu, --- Manga Khan, Maxima, Mordru, Mudpack [Clayface I, Clayface II, Clayface III, Clayface IV,], Maxwell Lord, 
New Guardians [Harbinger, Gloss, Ram, Extrano, Betty Clawman, Jet, Tom Kalmaku,], Newsboy Legion [Tommy, Gabby, Scrapper, Big Words, Flip, Angry Charlie,], --- Naiad,
Orion, --- Ocean Master,
Phantom Lady, Plastic Man, --- Persuader,
Rebis, Reep Daggle, Rocket Red, Rokk Krinn,
Secret Six [Vic Sommers, Tony Mantegna, Mitch Hoberman, Maria Verdugo, LaDonna Jameal, Luke McKendrick,], Sinbad, Speedy, Starman, Superman, --- Scarecrow, Silver Swan, Sinestro, Spider-Girl, 
Time Masters [Rip Hunter, Jeff Smith, Bonnie Baxter, Corky Baxter, Tony, Dan Hunter,], Troia,
Ultra the Multi-Alien [Ace Arn,],
Vril Dox II, --- Vandal Savage,
Wonder Woman, --- Weather Wizard, Wotan,     

0.78 Character Density

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