Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Villainomicon - Steve Kenson

I have only the Icons version.

This is rather good.  Many of the bad guys are charming homages to others, but well presented and given hooks to use as stories.  I was quite impressed with this one.

The first 25 pages or so are advanced rules/rules options and some power information. The Character cost isn't too bad to start with and you get this as well.

$9.99 -

(note there's also a bundle with ICONS itself for $15.00, too)

Auntie Social,
Beast Man, Black Flame, Black Hoods, Blonde Bombshell,
Copy Cat, Corsair Queen, Count Malochio, Creeper,
Dark Rider, Dirge, Downsizer, Drusilla White, Doctor Zodiac,
Gorn, Grudge,
Harlequin [Columbina,],
Incognito, In-Human,
Killer Gamemaster,
Little Augie Caesar,
Lord Kisin,
Merry Widow, Mister Mastermind, Monster Mastermind,
Paper Tiger, Patriot, Professor Hominid, Professor Kafka,
Redkap, Rorek the Ice Elf, 
Mr Sandman, Scarecrowe, Skeletron, Smith, Speedsaw, Sock Puppet,
Talion, Tarpit, Tempus Khan,
Warbride [Sister,], Warlock, Wraith,
X: The Unknown,
Yama King,
Zergo, Zero,

0.19 Character Cost
0.41 Character Density

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