Sunday, December 8, 2013

Misfits & Menaces: DOOM - Steven Trustrum

Another is : [thing=73333][/thing]

$4.48 -

This is longish at 78 pages and is chock full of evil, as they say.  New rules (including Immortal head lopping) and some characters, organisations and archetypes/templates and beasts.  So again pretty good work.

Barzani Demons [Death, Famine, Pestilence, War, Hybrid Template, Demon, Demon Mount, Chain Devil, Dretch, Hellhound,]
Council of Nine [Cultist, Senior Cultist, Dagger, Senior Dagger, Sorcerer, Senior Sorcerer, Senior Cultist Imp,],
Doomsayers [Acolyte, Bone, Cerberus, Chain, Doomspire Golem,],
Deadman [Switch,],
Fallen Angel,
Giant Insect [Ant, Beetle, Wasp, Locus Swarm,],
Immortal Template, Imp Template,
Speed Demon [Human, Demon,],

0.11 Character Cost
0.50 Character Density

4 out of 5

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