Saturday, December 7, 2013

Evil Unleashed - Steven S. Long

This also says it is an Enemies book for Champions.

$8.49 -

According to the blurb: -

It collects the villains from nearly a dozen supplements - pointing out that it is not all of them...those basically tied to settings like Vibora Bay are not included.

Champions Battlegrounds
Champions Universe
Millennium City
Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth
the Ultimate series
Vibora Bay
Villainy Amok

So sounds like concentrated Monster Manuality.

Not as concentrated as Conquerors, Killers and Crooks as it turns out.  Over half as long but half as many characters but the same price.  Mentions Arcane Adversaries and Champions Worldwide as other books devoted whole or in part to villains.

Josiah Brimstone [Demonsoul Embodied, ],
Cirque Sinister [Amnesia, Cauldron, Flow, Minimax, Bobby Holmes,],
Deadman Walkin', Devastator,
Eclipse, Engineer,
Greem Dragon,
Interface [Guardbot,], Invictus,
Jade Phoenix, El Jaguar,
King Cobra [Boomslang, Firedrake (Dragon,), Gorgon, Krait, Slither, Coil Agent, ],
Mechanon [Head, Teleios the Perfect Man, Chameleon Claw, Cloned Soldier,
Monstersaurus, Piranhgator, ], Merc-Force 1 [Stareye, Piledriver, Cahokian,], Mantara, Morph, 
El Salto, Samhain, Scimitar, Signal Ghost, Snowblind, Steel Commando,
Tachyon, Talisman, Wayland Talos,
Vector, Vixen,
Der Westgote, White Rhino,

0.15 Character Cost
0.44 Character Density

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