Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DC Universe Roleplaying Game - Fred Jandt & Nikola Vrtis

This game was pretty light on for characters in the main book, only 60 odd including the few sample character designs written up like others.

Acrobat, Aquaman,
Batman, Harvey Bullock, --- Bane, Black Adam [Theo Adam,], Blockbuster,
Cut-Lass, Catalyst, Captain Marvel [Billy Batson,], Mickey Cannon, --- Catwoman, Cheetah, Circe, The Cyborg,
Discuss, Contessa Erica Alexandria del Portenza, --- Darkseid, Deathstroke, Dr Light, Dabney Donovan,
Flash, Lucius Fo,
Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Commissioner James Gordon,
Hitman, Mattie Harcourt,
 --- Joker,
Lois Lane, --- Lady Shiva, Lex Luthor,
Morningstar, Martian Manhunter, Renee Montoya, --- Mirror Master, Mist,
Nightwing, --- Neron,
Barry O'Dare, Hope O'Dare, Mason O'Dare, --- Ocean Master, Matt O'Dare,
Alfred Pennyworth, LInda Park, 
Robin, Serling Roquette, --- Chief Redhorn,
Starman, Superboy, Supergirl, Superman, Helena Sandsmark, Michael Schorr, Leslie Sharp, Inspector Maggie Sawyer, --- Scarecrow,
Inspector Daniel Turpin, --- Trickster, Two-Face, Torque,
Wonder Woman, Perry White, Colonel Adam Winterborne,

0.27 Character Density

4 out of 5

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