Thursday, December 5, 2013

Champions Villains 2: Villain Teams - Steven S. Long

The second is the Teams volume at $28.46 :-

They are still very detailed with relationships between members, things player characters can find out about them and nice stats and powers layouts.  A shorter book with a similar number of writeups than the first.  A lot of mystic types, too, so perhaps a little lacking in variety in that area, but aiming to make it a little more cross genre. 

Nice work, but definitely on the digital expensive side given the midpoint of these so far is on the order of 0.15 per character.  Obviously more detailed at 0.43 when the median there is around 0.75. Color books presumably more expensive for those that like those so something to break out and adjust for later.  Most of the expensive single character deals are like that.

However, that aside, a fine product.

Brain Trust [Overbrain, Ape-Plus, Black Mist, Lynx, Mr Zombie,],
Circle of the Scarlet Moon [Archdruid Airetach, Martika Duquesne, Roger Duquesne, Wicker Man,],
Cirque Sinister [Amnesia, Cauldron, Flow, Minimax, Bobby Holmes,],
Crimelords [Dreadnaught, Morgaine the Mystic, Starflare, Tiger Lily, Warhammer],
Crowns of Krim [Dark Seraph, Bloodstone, Eclipse, Force, Phoenix, Temblor,],
Deathstroke [Requiem, Frost,],
Devil's Advocates [Demonologist, Golem, Gyre, Kapilasa, Tartarus, Vilsimbra, ],
Eurostar [Fiacho, Durak, Feuermacher, Mentalla, Pantera, Scorpia, Ultrasonique, Der Westgote,],
Futurists [Fiend, Morticus,],
Grab [Black Diamond, Bluejay, Cheshire Cat, Hummingbird,],
Merc-Force 1 [Stareye, Piledriver, Cahokian, ],
Psi [Psimon, Medusa, Mind Slayer, Deuce, Hypnos, Soulfire, ],
Red Winter [Soviet Guard, Drago, Hammer, Red Dawn, Sickle, White Wolf, ],
Smoker and Mirrors [Smoke, Mirrors, ],
Sylvestri Clan [Patriach, Astralle, Cornelius Liefeld, Bocal McFarlane, ],
Tiger Squad [Graniteman, Red Bullet, Summer Cloud, Technocrat, Winter Dragon, ],
Ultimates [Binder, Blackstar, Cyclone, Orion, Slick, Thunderbolt, Starbird,],
Vandaleurs [Adrian, Eduard, Anais, Chatoyant, Tobias,],

0.28 Character Cost
0.43 Character Density

4 out of 5

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