Saturday, December 7, 2013

Champions: New Millenium Alliances - Steven S. Long

Heroes and Villains for this hybrid based around various organisations, good and bad. There is some errata for the main volume and a few new powers at the end.

Champions New Millenium - Alliances

 --- Avatar,
Brother X,
Colonel Matthew Drake, --- Dark Bolt,
 --- Esper, 
Guard Special Agent, --- Gremlin,
Iceflame, --- Icicle, 
Major Sharon Manet, Captain Dwight MacReady, Magus, --- Brandon Medeiros, Markon,
ORI [Security Guard, Scientist, TORTOISE Robot, Dr Maria Sanchez, Doctor Halston Aarons, Doctor Henry Scott, SAIMON, Doctor Shay Patrick, Doctor Wolf Anders,],
 --- Panstar [Cybertrooper, Tank, Jeremiah Dawson, Dr Simone Duchamps, Dr Francis Camille, Security Force,],
 --- Radion, Richfield Frank,   
Jake Stanton, Sticker,
Trance, Thrasher, --- Target,
 --- Vibron,
Jason Wilder [Fellow, Junior, III, New Hunter,], --- Maxine Waters,

0.49 Character Density

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