Monday, December 9, 2013

Bold Costumes Black Hearts - Scott Lynch

This is a d20 game.  Lots of DIY games might be written by those whose language skills are more to the left of the bell curve.  Not so with this one, being a production of the writer of the Locke Lamora series. Obviously a comic geek from way back this one is a little more literary.  And way better than I thought it would be, not to mention really excellent value.

$8.95 -

It adds some classes (to others in the main book) and gives character examples statted out at various Levels.  You, too, can have multi-classed Rogue/Tyrants, or Wizard/Menace/Tyrant etc.

There are some villain teams and a bunch of solo characters, with some tips on fighting etc. for each.

Minor downside is if you don't like lavender much.

The last 15 pages are Add-Ons of entertaining +3.

Goon Gear and Minion Machinery.

e.g. Assault Purse, Faceless Minion Helmet

Next we have

The Goonmaker

random tables for goons and their style!

Roll for Dressed as :-

2 Beatniks - 1d4: 1-2 they recite poetry for fighting, 3-4: drums are just for show

Strong, Fast, Tough Goon subtables and Feats, skills, armours, leaders, loot.

On top of that goodness:

Random Ninja Generator!

Abilities, Skills, Weapons, Powers.

and a couple of items to note to end with.

This book is worth a look just for the last section.

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