Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pulp Archetypes 2 - Walt Ciechanowski

$9.95 -

on sale today again

Academic Professor, Acrobatic Hero, Average Joe, --- Amazon, 
Cowboy, --- Cat Burglar, Cult Leader,
 --- Foreign Spy, 
Good Girl,
Magician, Man of Many Faces,
 --- Nazi Temptress, 
Occult Gumshoe,
 --- Ruthless Dictator, 
Swashbuckling Actor, --- Shadowy Assassin, Sky Pirate,
Torch Singer,

0.55 Character Cost
0.82 Character Density

Pulp Archetypes - Walt Ciechanowski


$9.95 -

Black Friday price $1.99 which is pretty decent (have to check normal price later to see if it is lower than 9.95)

The same sort of idea as the Freedom City Archetypes, specifically designed for a PL 6 game.

Ace Reporter, Air Ace, 
Boxer, --- Big Game Hunter,
Fortune Hunter, --- Femme Fatale, 
G-Man,  --- Gun Moll,
 --- Hooded Terror,
Man of Mystery, Mesmerist, --- Mad Scientist, Mastermind, Mobster, 
Noble Savage,
Rocket Ranger,
Trusted Sidekick,

0.52 Character Cost
0.79 Character Density

Justice League Sourcebook - Ray Winninger

Introduction, Heroes, Villains. The last twenty or so pages are maps of the various headquarters, some gadgets, Green Arrows' cool arrows and some new advantages.

Aquaman, Atom II, Animal Man, --- Appellaxians [Stone Man, Fire Man, Mercury Blob, Diamond Man, Glass Man, Giant Bird, Wood Man,], Amazo, Abnezagar [Rath, Ghast,], Abra Kadabra, Amazing Bruce,     
Black Canary II, Batman, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Big Barda, --- Bluejay, Bowman, Big Sir,  
Captain Marvel [Billy Batson,], Captain Atom, Crimson Fox, Snapper Carr, Catherine Cobert,  Creeper [Jack Ryder,], --- Chronos, Construct, Captain Speed, Clock King, Cluemaster, Carny,      
Doctor Fate [I, II, Eric Strauss, Linda Strauss, II 1/2], Doctor Light II, Sue Dibny, --- Doctor Destiny, Despero, Doctor Light I, Dr Diehard, Dreamslayer,      
Elongated Man,
Flash II, Firestorm [Original, Ronnie Raymond, Martin Stein, Current,], Fire, Flash III, --- Professor Amos Fortune, Felix Faust,    
Green Lantern II, Green Arrow, Gypsy, Guy Gardner, Gnort, Dale Gunn, --- Gray man, Gorgon, 
Huntress, --- Rumaan Harjavti,    
Ice, --- Professor Ivo,
 --- Jack-O-Lantern I,
Kilowog, --- Key, Killer Penguins,
 --- Libra, Lord Havok,   
Martian Manhunter, Mister Miracle [Manga Khan's Robot,], Metamorpho, Maxwell Lord, --- T. O. Morrow, Mirrormaster, Manga Khan, Major Disaster, Multi-Man,  
Power Girl, Phantom Stranger, --- Poison Ivy,   
 --- Queen Bee I, Queen Bee II,  
Red Tornado II, Rocket Red 13, --- Royal Flush Gang [Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace,],
Steel, Adam Strange, Superman, --- Starro [Starfish, Androids,], Shaggy Man, Scarecrow, Silver Sorceress, Scarlet Skier,
 --- Tattooed Man, Tracer,     
Vibe, Vixen,
Wonder Woman,  Mother Windom, --- Wandjina, 

0.94 Character Density

4.5 out of 5

Friday, November 29, 2013

Iron Age: Vigilantes & Villains - Michael Hammes

Another minisupplement with 10 villains and a writeup for a generic vampire and soldiers of fortune.


Countess Azure, Countess Caret,
Carl "Dice" Desanto, Doc Abatoir,
Furies Three,
Melinda, Ms Malice,
Nat Fortune, Nathan W. Aurox,
Sir Razor, Soldier of Fortune, 

3 out of 5

Hero Pack 1 - Dan Houser

Hero Pack 1

$10.00 -

This is a good one, done in the Hauser ICONS style...complete with Saguaro and friends at the end.  A bunch of characters other people made up...with some standup cutouts included to print out, which is a nice addition. Lots of characters of different variety.  Not really differentiated into Good vs Evil directly, only artistically.

Archer, Adamant Levinbolt, All-Star, All American Girl, Alchemist, Atomic Roach, 
Bodhivajra, Black Box, Bombardier Beetle, Blacklight, Bramble, Blue Blaze, Ballerophon, Bubba Watley, Big Ben, Bilius Vert, Blakatoa, Blue Marble, Billy Powers,   
Crashman, Captain Liberty, Centurion, Catalyst, Cougar, Calamity, Camazotz, Cloud, Collider, Conquistador, Crimson Circlet, Crude,
D'Bat-Set, Diamondstrike, Doc Pliable, Doc Ignus, Dr Axiom, Dark Impetus, Dr Barracuda, Dr Sinisterfield, Desert Storm, Dr Adharma,   
Fire-Ant Man, Frostwitch, Fulcrum, Ferd Watley,
Green Knight, General Entropy, Gravedigger, Gauntlet, Galacticron, Grey, Graykallen,
Hellbrand, Hangman,
In43ction, iRon,   
Jester, Jack of the Lantern,
Kinetic, Kali,
Lady Bug, LeTraceur, Landshark, Lady Omega, Landspatrioten, Lulabelle Watley, 
Mazen Wilder, Mantis-Man, Monkey's Paw, Magic Gecko, Mentuhotep, Mephiston, Miss Tikal, Mighty Saguaro,
Nocturnal Squirrel, Nighthawk, New King in Yellow, Nightstrike, Nightgaunt, Necromancer,
Omegutan, Old Man Watley,
Phoenix, Phoenix Knight,
rONIn, Red Mountain, Rex Radium, Revenant, Rex Monday, 
Speed Demon, Saurian, Spider-Fridge, Scorched Irv, Sparke, Swami, Silvermoth, Sparky the Dharma Dog, Shock Value, Skromtet,    
Tinman, Tempus Fugit, Tiger Tom, Talisman, Technologist, Tinman, Trigger Mortis,
Ultraviolet, Utburden,
Vengeance, Volcano,
Whiteout, Weaver, White Witch, Whisper,  
Zeppelin, Zeno Faraday, Zen Tao, Zeitgeist,

0.08 Character Cost
1.33 Character Density

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hero High Exchange Students - Michael Hammes

Another of the expensive mini supplements :-
$4.95 -
Agent H,
Mystery Mutt,
Sleet-Saru, Star of Africa,
0.50 Character Cost
0.71 Character Density

2.5 out of 5

GURPS Supers Super Scum - Mark Johnson

This is certainly a good price.  Old style and definitely not for those that like pretty.  A couple of pages writeup per bad person, with variable power levels like 250 points and 750 points given at the end, for versatility. Some little adventure bits and the odd thug or robot, too.

$2.99 -

Blaze, Battle Robot[Type I, Type II, ],
Cascade, Citrakaya, Corsair,
Doctor Radiation, Dominator, Domino,
Electra, Erik Bloodaxe,
Howard Vinewood, Hydra,
Mastabah, Mirage,
Nimba Cult Assassins,
Predator, Professor Possessor,
Red Tempest, Rictus,
Sample Thugs [Street, Military, Martial Arts,], Soul Ripper, Sponge, Snow Leopard,
Talon, Tele-Fist, Thunderbolt, Trade Agent, Tigress,
Ventura, Voltmaster,

0.08 Character Cost
0.56 Character Density

3.5 out of 5

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Green Lantern Corps - Ray Winninger

There are a LOT of Green Lanterns, so the numbers of good guys to bad guys are somewhat higher in this volume, but still the same sourcebook approach of listing the titular subject, allies and lots of enemies.

Arisia, Apros, Appa Ali Apsa, Air Wave, Auron,
Black Canary, Broot, Black Hand, --- Baron Tyrano,
Controllers, Ch'p, Arkkis Chummuck, Dorine Clay,
Driq, Chairman Dasor, Eve Doremus, Richard Davis, Demonia, --- Dr Polaris, Dr Light 1, Dr U'bx, Demolition Team [Rosie, Hardhat, Jackhammer, Steamroller, Scoopshovel, ]      
Eddore, Elu, --- Evil Star, Eclipso,
Carol Ferris, Flash, Felicity,
Guardians, Guy Gardner, Green Arrow, Green Man, --- Goldface, 
Harpis,  --- Hector Hammond,
Hal Jordan, Jim Jordan, Jack Jordan, T. T. Jordan, --- Javelin,
Kilowog, Kryssma, Thomas Kalmaku, Kari Limbo, Kalista, --- Krona, 
Manhunters [Androids,], Medphyll, Mogo, --- Major Disaster,
Primus, --- Predator,  
Tomar Re, Ryand'r,
John Stewart, Salakk, Abin Sur, Stel, Flodo Span, Speedy, --- Sinestro, Sonar, Star Sapphire, Shark, Shadow Demons, Solar Council Member,     
Katma Tui, Tigorr, --- Tattooed Man, Thunderers,
Charlie Vickers, Iona Vane,
Sue Williams,
Tawny Young,
 --- Weaponers of Qward,

Great Bridge - John P. Adams

The first of a look into the files of Department 88 to check out the bad guys they have in the database.

$4.00 -

A pity they didn't call these 1 and 3, not blank and 2. :)

Anyway, Japanese bad people with manga style art.  Being V&V there are two pages of counters of the main characters and some supporting generic agents, too, so a nice add-on making in-reading character density higher, so to speak.

Great Bridge

Kumagi, Korusu,
Stingray, Sonya, Sparky, Agent Stone,
Tadashi, Tanken, Takumi, Tetsuo,

0.21 Character Cost
0.83 Character Density

Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe 1 Abomination thru Dreadnought - Scott Bennie

Definitely more bad people in this one.

Aguila, Alpha Primitives, American Eagle, Ancient One, Andromeda, Ant-Man, Arabian Knight, Archangel, Asgardians [Frey, Frigga, Heimdall, Hermod, Hoder, Idunn, Sigyn, Tyr, Vidar, Volla, ], Aurora, -- Absorbing Man, Air-Walker, Angar the Screamer, Ani-Men [Ape-Man, Bird-Man, Cat-Man, Dragonfly, Frog-Man, ], Annihilus, Apocalypse [Pestilence, War, Famine, Death, ], Aquarian, Arcade [Miss Locke, Mr Chambers,], Ares, Ariel, Arkon, Armadillo, Arnim Zola, Astronomer, Attuma, Avalanche,    

Balder, Battlestar, Beast, Beta Flight [Goblyn, Manikin, Purple Girl, ], Binary, Black Bolt, Black Crow, Black Knight, Black Panther, Black Widow, Boom Boom, Box, Brother Voodoo, --- Baron Blood, Baron Mordo, Baron Strucker, Baron Zemo [I, II, ], Basilisk, Batrock [Machete, Porcupine, Living Lasers, Swordsman, Whirlwind, Zaran,], Beetle, Belasco, Beyonder, Black Cat, Black King, Black Queen, Black Talon, Blacklash, Blackout, Blastaar, Blizzard, Blob, Boomerang, Brothers Grimm,

Cannonball, Captain America [Super Patriot, Captain America II, Captain America III, Captain America IV, ], Captain Britain, Captain Mar-Vell, Captain Marvel, Captain Universe, Sean Cassidy, Champions of Xandar [Nova Prime, Protector, Comet, Crimebuster, Powerhouse], Chance, Clea, Cloak, Rusty Collins, Colossus, Cyclops, Cypher, --- Caliban, Captain Ultra, Black Tom Cassidy, Celestials [Arishem, Eson, Gammenon, Hargen, Jemiah, Nezar, One Above All, Oneg, Tefral, Ziran, ], Champion, Changeling, Chief Examiner, Chthon, Circus of Crime [Blackwing, Bruto Clown, Fire-Eater, Great Gambonnos, Human Cannonball, Live Wire, Princes Python, Rajah, Teena the Fat Lady, ], Collector, Constrictor, Contemplator, Controller, Corruptor, Count Nefaria, Crimson Dynamo,

Dagger, Dakimh the Enchanted, Daredevil, Darkstar, Deathlok, Devil-Dinosaur [Moon Boy, ], Doc Samson, Doctor Druid, Doctor Strange, Drax,      
 --- D'Spayre, Darkoth, Death, Death-Stalker, Death-Throws [Ringleader, Oddball, Bombshell, Tenpin, Knicknack, ], Deathbird, Destiny, Destiny I, Deviants [Cro, Reject, Karkas, Ghaur,], Diablo [Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Trans-Mutant,], Doctor Demonicus, Doctor Doom [Doctor Doom II, Doomsmen, Guardian Robots, Guardbots, ], Doctor Octopus, Doctor Pym [Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, ], Doctor Sun, Dormammu, Dracula, Dragon Man, Dreadknight, Dreadnought,

0.79 Character Density

Freedom's Most Wanted - Steve Kenson

A nice looking book, with super-teams and then individuals.  Hooks and ideas for the various bad guys are extensive.  One page OGL and a table at the end that gives as well as power levels a phrase summary of each character - a fine idea.

There are clearly a lot of very bad doctors in Freedom City.

$14.50 -

Adamant, Alien-Gator, Alpha-Centurion,
Bear-Knuckle, Bres, Bola, Balor, Beast of Kilimanjaro, Black Anubis, Blackbird II, Blackthorn, Bear and Wildflower, 
Count Zero, Cerberus, Coda, Conqueror Worm, Counter-Clock Culture,
Doctor Zero,  Dr Noman, Doctor Twilight, Dwarfstar, Daddy-O-Long-Legs, Doc Holiday, Dr Mayhem,   
Fomorian, Fly-Boy, Firebug, Fear-Master I,
Glacier, Goanna,  
Heavyweight, Hollow Men, Headmistress, Hellhound, Huckster,
Ivan "Killjoy" Korcek, King Cole I, King Cole II,
Will "Happyface" Larue, Lethal Lolita, Looking Glass, Legion the Mind-Virus, Lenord, Luna Moth, 
Magnifico the Magician, Marionette, Mistral, Mad Maple, Madame Zero, Magician, 
Nocturne, Negator, Nero, 
Recall, Red Death II,
Matthew Sorensen, Shadowbox, Stompzilla, Sandstone, Scrounge, Silver Hyena, Sky Lord II, Syzygy, 
TKO, Tom Cyprus, Talon, Talona, Tick-Tock Doc, Trawler II,
Alister Usher,   
Weather Mistress,

0.20 Character Cost
0.58 Character Density

Freedom City Street Level Archetypes - Steve Kenson

Pretty much the same as the other Freedom City Archetypes pack, in terms of content type

Apparently for PL 6-8


Armed Citizen
Da Sihing
Emerging Mutant
Enduring Guardian
Farsider Emigrant
Field Researcher
Superpowered Orphan
Technology Geek
Transformed Bystander
Zoom Survivor

0.50 Character Cost
0.77 Character Density

Freedom City Archetypes and Legacies - Steve Kenson

These :-

$4.95 has

1 page of OGL in this case

Champion of Light
Freedom Eagle II
Lor Star-Captain
Rogue Grue
Scarab Reborn, Shambala Master, Star Knight
Ultiman Exile, Utopian Envoy
0.50 Character Cost
0.71 Character Density

The Algernon Files 2: The Fires of War - Aaron Sullivan

A BlackWyrm Golden Age supplement - with the moment chosen as being 1942.  It includes a timeline and several pages of optional rules and what happened to some of the characters, where appropriate, postwar.

This is of similar quality and value to the first.

Anthem, Amadeus, American Eagles [Angelo "Jackie" Benzetti, Cassandra "Cassie" Jennings, Samuel Lincoln, Percy Tidwell,], --- Abraxas, Alchemist, Amazon, Atlanteans, 
 --- Blut [Eisen,], Baron Brass,      
Cagliostro, Cogito,
Doc Steel, Doc Epoch, --- Donner, Dagon, Dr Diablo, Dr Prometheus, Dr Scarab,
 --- Element of Crime, Emperor of Heaven, Evergreen, 
Fearless Five [Malachite the Magician, Pathwork Man, Queen of Hearts, Tommy Triumph, El Toro,], --- Falken, Feuerzahn, Dr Veronika Von Frankenstein [Die Shocktruppen,], Fantasia,
Glorianna, Gryphon, Gunslinger, --- Grendel, Gilgamesh,
Quincy Harkness, Avery "Red" Hawkins, --- Hachiman, Hag,
 --- Iron Skull,    
Jack B. Quick, John Bull, --- Jaegerin, Jotun,
Kid Galahad,  --- Kamikaze,
Quentin "Kid Congo" McKenzie, --- Madrigal, Malice Afterthought, Maximus Rex, Morpheus,
 --- Needle, Nic Time,  
Old Glory, Orphans [Juliet, Hans, Otto, Ferdinan, Andrew,], --- Oni 
Pendragon, --- Parzifal
 --- Requiem, Rex Mundi,
Silent Knight, Sea Devil, Scorpion, --- Schreckmaker, Schwarzenritter, Spinne, Saurian Dominion [Shocktroops, Counselors,], Salamanca, See Hexe, Simple Simon,    
Thunderbird, Tom Thumb, Timesavers [Archimedes Jones, Samson Smith, Matthew Tangent, Folding Dragon, Zara the Dinosaur Slayer,], --- Dr Ernst Thule [Valkyrie, Acolytes,], Tetsujin, Terrible Triumvirate [Esmerelda Griffith, Harcourt Jeykll, Etienne Moreau, Beast Men,],
Ultranaut, --- Ungeneur
Watchman, Jackson Wilde, Laurel Wilde, --- Wunderkind
 --- Zeitgeist, Zavier Zodiac,

Both the M&M and Hero versions are $14.95 -

0.14 Character Cost
0.81 Character Density

Fantastic Four Compendium - David E. Martin

The first family finally got their monster manual with the advent of the [thing=45410][/thing], with allies and enemies in large numbers throughout.  These advanced team focused mixed collections are excellent.  Although the FF are always the third in line as a smaller team with fewer relationships and hence a smaller cast around them.  The FF are written up in more detail each due to having the space, there's a mini adventure at the end and after the first 75 pages of characters it details all the strange and wonderful places the FF might adventure in:hence entries in the below list for Kestorian, etc.

Julie Angel, Aquarian, Alpha Primitives, Atlanteans, --- Attuma, Annihilus,
Black Bolt,  --- Basilisk, Blastaar, Burners,
Crystal, Crusader, Chosen,  --- Elspeth Cromwell, Clobbers,
Dorrie Evans, Dorma, --- Doctor Doom [Doomsman, Robot, Guardian Robot, Killer Robot, Victor Von Doom II, Doctor Doom II, Zorba,], Darkoth the Death Destroyer, Diablo [Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Transmutant,], Doctor Sun, Dragon Man,
 --- Eliminator, Ego, 
 --- Frightful Four [Wingless Wizard, Trapster, Sandman]
Dr Jacob Grimm, Dr Petunia Grimm, Guardsman, Gorgon, Giganto, --- Galactus [Galactus Cat, Punisher I, Silver Surfer, Air-Walker, Air-Walker Automaton, Firelord, Destroyer, Terrax, Nova II,], Gormuu,
Human Torch II, Agatha Harkness, H.E.R.B.I.E., Phineas Horton, High Evolutionary, Her, --- Hate Monger, Hate Monger III, Head Brothers,
Invisible Woman, Impossible Man, Inhumans,
Karnak, --- Krang, Kestorian,
Luna, Lockjaw, --- Lava Men, Living Computers of Xandar,
Mister Fantastic, Medusa, Ms Marvel II, Alicia Masters, Maya, Lorrie Melton, Maximus, --- Mephisto, Miracle Man, Mole Man, Molecule Man, Moloids, 
Namorita, --- Nicholas Scrarch, New Men,
Red Ghost,
Power Man, --- Psycho-Man, Peotor, Puppet Master, Pseudo-Skrulls,
Quasar, Quon,
Frankie Raye,
She-Hulk, Sharon Selleck, Stingray, Spinnerette, Sub-Mariner, ---  Skrulls, Super-Skrull, Skrull-X, Super-Apes, Salem's Seven [Brutacus, Gazelle, Hydron, Reptilla, Vakume, Thornn, Vertigo,], Terminus, Mad Thinker [Android, Human Torch I], 
Thing, Tattletale, Tarianna, Thundra, Triton, 
Wyatt Wingfoot, Watcher,  Adam Warlock, --- Wendy's Friends, Winged Flyers,

1.21 Character Density

Eugenics Brigade - Mike Lafferty and Charles Rice

Here's a good value minisupplement at at $2.00 price
in which you too can have nazi supersoldiers and zombie dobermans after you

Count Fenris,
Dr Eugenik, Donnerschlag,
Kampfgruppe Eugenik,
Schlagring, Streitaxt, 
Traumfrau, Thule Sorcerer,
Uberfallkommando, Uberkrieger, Ubermensch,

Three pages of OGL at the end, too, in this one.

0.13 Character Cost
0.83 Character Density

Enemies of San Angelo - Steve Kenson and Mark Arsenault and Patrick Sweeney

Most of the bad guys here have a significant associated normal that they tie into the background and possible uses, so I will count all those...they all get stats etc as well as writeups.  Nicely done and a little more cosmopolitan than some it seems.

Blaze, Blight [Ebony Clarke, Frederick Mason,],
Covert, Chill [Takashi Nomura,], Chrome [Thomas Spinelli,],
Deadweight [Sheila Buckman,], 
Eradicator [Patricia Fitzgerald,],
Ferret [Max Heffler], Firefly [Derrick Garwood,],
Glamour [Sasha], 
Harpy [Margaret Taylor,], Haze,
Impulse [Ryan Gardner,], Inazuna [Tosabo,],
Jaunt [Christine Washam,],
Mastermind [Steve Willet,],
Professor Klein, Kaleidoscope [Barbara Sun,]
Panacea [Jennifer Matthews,], Pelegro [Miguel Perreira,], Prometheus, Phosphorus [Daniel Chen,],
Quartz [Timothy Connor,], Quick [Jay Brenner],
Ram [Kevin Rockhauer,], Reflec [Kelly Norcross], Riptide, 
Seer [William Sutherton,], Salvo [Zachary Belmont,], Senora Del Oro [Wanda Seitz,], Shatter [Pietri Stanovich,], Speed Freak [Sharon Westmore,],
Dr. Talos [Charlie Regan,],
Vamp [David Roberts],  

0.60 Character Density

Enemies Revised - Steve Peterson and George Mac Donald

Right, thanks.  Pretty sure it would have been just the first one way back when I have seen.  Will have to see what I can find.

This is the one I meant :-

Champions - Enemies Revised 1982 [thing=52760][/thing]

26 Pages of boxes :)

Ankylosaur, Avar-7,
Binder, Black Mamba, Blackstar, Blowtorch,
Charger, Cobra,
Dragon Master,
Fox, Frisbee, Firewing,
Herculan, Hideous,
Leech, Lazer, Ladybug, Lightning, Lady Blue, 
Minuteman MK-V, Mongoose, Mindslayer, 
Panda, Plasmoid,
Raccoon, Ray,
Slick, Shamrock, Sunburst, Sledge, 
Thok, Thunder,

1.35 Character Density

DC Adventures Universe - Steve Kenson

This has more than you would expect in it, having rather good Character Cost and solid enough character density...much more description spent on the various areas of the universe as opposed to characters, too.

Over 1/3 are of the villainous variety.

$20.00 -

Arion, Amazon Warrior, Atomic Knight, Accomplished Perfect Physician, August General In Iron, Amon Hakk, Alley-Kat-Abra, Amethyst, --- Whisper A'Daire, Kyle Abott, Artemiz, 

Black Pirate, Bat Lash, Harvey Bullock, Director Bones,  Brainiac II, Bounder, Brainiac III, Broot, Batman Beyond, Bruce Wayne, Blok, --- Blackrock, Bernadeth, Black Beetle,

C.A.P., Checkmate Knight, Cameron Chase, Celestial Archer, Commander Ciji, Captain Carrot, Coluan Technician, --- Jim Corrigan, Controller, Crystal Creature, Catwoman, Cyberpak,
Dan Turpin, D.E.O. Agent, Doc II, Doctor Occult, Doctor Thirteen, Daxamite, Durlan Spy, --- Darkstar Envoy, Doctor Diehard, Dreamslayer, Dominator Soldier, Dark Circle Clone Soldier,
Enemy Ace, Elu, Earth-Man, --- Epoch,

Fastback, --- Faceless Hunter,

James Gordon, G. I. Robot, Gorilla City Guardsman, Ghost Fox Killer, Ghosts of the Wicked, Garv, Gates, --- Gorgon,
Hawk Wingman, Highfather,

Imperial Guardian Lion, Immortal-Man-In-Darkness, --- Intergang thug, Infinite Man, 

Knight, Kilowog, Kamandi, Khund Cyber-Soldier, --- Koolar Warrior,

Liberty Belle [Jesse Chammbers, Libby Lawrence Chambers,], Lady Quark, --- Lord Havok, Lashina,   

Josie Mac, Mother of Champions, Maxima, Mister E, Metron, --- Bruno Mannheim, Manhunter Agent, Manhunter Android, Mercury Monster, Monguls, Mantis, Mad Harriet,

Naltorian Seer,
Pig-Iron, --- Psion Researcher,

Rocket Red, Ryan D'R, Rubberduck, --- Religion of Crime cultist,

Johnny Thunder, Thunderbolt, Jakeem Thunder, Tellus, --- Time Commander, Time Trapper,    

Scalphunter, Sgt Rock, Sasha Bordeaux, Special Crimes Unit, Maggie Sawyer,   
Unknown Soldier, Solovar, Squire, Seven Deadly Brothers, Shaolin Robot, Socialist Red Guardian, StrataLady Quark, Starman, Shade the Changing Man, Science Police Officer, --- Sonar, Lady Styx, Superboy-Prime, Stompa, Steppenwolf, Shadow Demons,
Thundermind, Tribulus, Tigorr, Titanian Refugee, --- Tracer, Thunderers of Qward, 


Vartox, --- Virman Vundabarr,


Yankee Poodle,

Wildstar, Waverider, --- White Martin,  Wood King,

0.14 Character Cost
0.63 Character Density

DC Adventures Heroes & Villains Volume 1 - Steve Kenson

The DC Adventures books are the GHOTMU for the 21st century. A great deal and even have he heroes and villains colour coded with plenty of sub-entries.  So over 300 characters etc. of note in this one.

Adam Strange, Agent Libery, Air Wave, Animal Man, Aquaman [Dolphin, Mera, Aqualad, Tempest,], Arsenal, Atom [Al Pratt, Ray Palmer, Ryan Choi,], Atom Smasher, Aztek, Azrael, --- Abra Kadabra, Amazo, Ambush Bug, Ares, Atomic Skull, Atrocitus,

Batgirl [Stephanie Brown], Batgirl [Cassandra Cain], Batgirl [Barbara Gordon], Batman [Lucius Fox, Alfred Pennyworth, Dr Leslie Tompkins,], Batwoman, Beast Boy, Big Barda, Birds of Prey [Lady Blackhawk, Misfit], Black Canary [Dinah Drake Lance], Black Canary [Dinah Lauren Lance], Black Lightning, Blackhawks [Andre Blanc-Dumont Chuck, Blackhawk, Olaf, Hendrickson, Weng Chang, Stanislaus], Blue Beetle [Dan Garrett], Blue Beetle [Ted Kord], Blue Beetle [Jaime Reyes], Blue Devil, Blue Devil [Original Version], Blue Lantern Corps [Brother, Sister], Booster Gold [Rip Hunter, Skeets,], Brainiac 5, Bronze Tiger, --- Bane, Bizarro, Black Adam, Black Hand, Black Manta [Manta-Men], Blackfire, Blaze, Blockbuster [Roland Desmond, Mark Desmond, Lady Vic], Bolt, Brainiac, Brainiac [Milton Fine], Brother Blood [IX], Brother Blood [VII and Blood Cultist], Brotherhood of Evil [Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Houngan, Gemini, Phobia, Plasmus, Warp,],

Captain Atom, Captain Comet, Captain Marvel [Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior,], Challengers of the Unknown [Leslie "Rocky" Davis, Kyle "Ace" Morgan, Matthew "Red" Ryan, Walter Mark "Prof" Haley, June Robbins,], Colossal Boy, Congorilla, Congo Bill, John Constantine, Cosmic Boy, Creeper, Crimson Avenger [Lee Travis, Unknown,], Cyborg, --- Calculator, Captain Boomerang [Digger Harkness], Captain Boomerang [Owen "Boomer" Mercer], Captain Cold, Catman, Catwoman, Chameleon Boy, Cheetah [Barbara Minerva, Priscilla Rich, Sebastian Ballesteros,], Chemo, Cheshire, Chronos [David Clinton, Walker Gabriel], Circe [Bestiamorphs,], Clayface [Matthew Hayden, Basil Karlo, Preston Payne, Sondra Fuller, Cassius "Clay" Payne, Dr. Peter Malley, Todd Russell, Johnny Williams,], Copperhead, Count Vertigo, Crime Syndicat [Johnny Quick, Owlman, Power Ring, Superwoman, Ultraman, Barracuda, Blood Eagle, White Martian,], Cyborg Superman,

Damage, Dawnstar, Deadman, Demon [Jason Blood,], Doctor Fate [Fate,], Doctor Light, Doctor Mid-Nite [Dr Pieter Cross, Charles McNider,], Doom Patrol [Chief, Elasti-Woman, Mento, Negative Man, Negative Woman, Robotman, Celsius, Tempest,], Dream Girl, Duplicate Damsel, --- Darkseid [Parademons, Desaad, Granny Goodness, Kalibak,], Deadshot, Deathstroke, Demons Three, Despero, Doctor Light, Doctor Polaris, Doctor Psycho, Doctor Syvana, Doomsday,

Element Lad, Elongated Man, Enchantress, Eradicator, --- Eclipso, Evil Star,

Fire, Firestorm, Flash [Barry Allen, Iris Allen, Jay Garrick, Wally West, Linda Park], Freedom Fighters [Firebrand [Andre Twist], Doll Man [Lester Colt], Human Bomb [Andy Franklin], Phantom Lady [Stormy Knight], Black Condor [John Trujillo]], Red Bee [Jenna Raleigh, Robot Drone,], Miss America, Neon [Lanford "Happy" Terrill], Miss America, --- Fatal Five [Emerald Empress, Mano, Persuader, Tharok, Validus,], Fearsome Five [Psimon, Gizmo, Jinx, Shimmer, Mammoth, ], Felix Faust, Floronic Man,

Geo-Force, Giganta, Green Arrow [Connor Hawke], Green Arrow [Oliver Queen], Green Lantern Corps [Power Ring, ], Green Lantern [Guy Gardner], Green Lantern [Hal Jordan], [Tom Kalmaku, Jillian "Cowgirl" Pearlman,], Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner], Green Lantern [Alan Scott], Green Lantern [John Stewart], Guardian, Gypsy, --- General, Generaal Immortus, General Zod, Gentleman Ghost, Giganta, Gorilla Grodd,

Harbinger [Monitor, Anti-Monitor, New Monitors,], Hawk, Dove, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Jonah Hex, Hitman [Natt "the Hat" Walls], Hourman [Rex Tyler], Hourman [Rick Tyler],  Hourman [Matthew Tyler], Lucas "Snapper" Carr, Timothy Hunter, Huntress, Ice, Indigo Lantern Corps [Power Ring, Indigo-1,], --- Harley Quinn, Heat Wave, Hector Hammond, H.I.V.E. [Master, Councilor, Recruit, Trooper, Queen Bee, Damien Darhk,],      

 --- Injustice Gang of the World [I.O., I.O. Gang Member,], Injustice Society [Blackbriar Thorn, Icicle, Shiv, Thinker [AI Version], Tigress, Wizard], Isis [Osiris,],
Jemm Son of Saturn, Jade, Johnny Quick, Justice League of America, Justice Society Headquarters [Amazing Man, Lightning, Mathilda "Ma" Hunkel, Mister America,], JSA All-Stars [Citizen Steel, Cyclone, Judomaster [Sonia Sato], King Chimera, Tomcat,], --- Jericho, Joker,
Karate Kid, Katana, Kid Flash, --- Kanjar Ro, Kestrel, Key, Killer Croc, Killer Frost, Killer Moth, Kobra [Bestowed, Lanceheads,],
 --- Libra,


0.07 Character Cost
0.95 Character Density

Crooks! - Erik Mona and Kyle Hunter and Sean Glenn

Says over 50 in the blurb, underselling itself a bit, given the ordinary joe "vampires, superspies, robots" etc. as it mentions.  Will definitely pay those given the work put in.

Aliens [Broan, Skoviak, Waloran,], Antag Agents [Technician, Officer,], Atomic Brain, 
Beholder, Bestiary [Behemoth, Chimera, Manticore, Undine, ], Black Diamond, Blitz,
Combots [Trainer, Pawn, Knight, ], Cultists [Initiate, Adept, Trusted Sibling, Highest Among Equals, Most Holy,], Carrion Queen, Choke Chain, Clique [Boy Toy, Crush, Jawbreaker, Other Woman, Pixie, Wallflower, ], Czar, 
Demons [Enforce, Nemesis, ], Dr Dungeon,
Goblins [Henchling, Gremlin, ],
Iron Cross,
Johnny Reb,
Kalak the Mystic,
Mechanauts [Thunder, Armageddon], Military Personnel [Soldier, Snip[er, Officer, ], Miss Martian, Moodswing, Moonquake, Mountain King, Murder Man [Butcher Boy, ],
Ninjas [Gray, Red, White, Master of Nine Winds, ], Neutronik, Nihilist,
Player 2,
Redhawk, Rose Monk [White Lotus Clan Monk], 
Security Agents [Rent-a-cop, Bodyguard, Security Expert], Sky Pirates [Wingman, Rocket Jockey], Stellar Guardsman, Superspies [Secret Agent, Archive Agent, ], Singularity, Sister Blister, Sovereign, Spasm, Sulemain,
Terrorists [Martyr, Revolutionary,], Thugs [Goon, Boost-Boy, Assassin, ], Tag Team [Burner, Tag, Toykiller,], Toreador, 
Unitrol Mediators [Officer, P.H.S.T., ], Unifier,
Vampires [Bystander, Elite Fanglord, ], Vagabond [Aphex Key,],
Werewolves [Bystander (masked), Bystander (lupine), Soldier, ], Wasphawk, Waymaker, 
Zombies [Bystander, Bystander (ravenous dead), Soldier,],     

So, pretty good, but very cheesy cartoony artwork for a more than fair share of psychopaths et. al.  Pretty good overall.

$14.00 -

0.12 Character Cost
0.87 Character Density

Children of the Atom - Kim Eastland

The [thing=45410][/thing] version of Project Wideawake, Children of the Atom called itself the official guidebook to mutants.  That means the good and the bad.  And there is a lot of bad in this one.

Angel, Avalanche, El Aguila, Aurora, --- Ariel, Annalee, Ape, Apocalypse, Arcade, Amphibus, Acanti, Astra,
Banshee, Beast, Binary, --- Black Bishop, Black King, Black Queen [Selene], Black Rook, Blob, Beautiful Dreamer, Burner, Black Tom, Barbarus, Brainchild, Brood,
Changeling, Colossus, Cyclops, Rusty Collins, Cannonball, Cypher, Lila Cheney, Dr Valerie Cooper, Peter Corbeau, Corsair, Ch'Od --- Catseye, Chance, Callisto, Caliban, Joseph "Licorice" Calhoun, Mr Chambers,
Dazzler, --- Destiny, Devil Dinosaur, Darkstar, Diamond Lil, Deathbird,
 --- Empath, Erg, Willie Evans Jr, Equilibrius, Earthquake, Electron,
Firestar, Forge, Sharon Friedlander, --- Alexander Flynn, Frenzy, Flashback, Fenris [Andrea/Andreas Strucker], Fang,
Peter Henry Gyrich, --- Gremlin, Gypsy Moth, Gaza, Gladiators, Gladiator,
Havok, Stevie Hunter, Hepzibah, --- Healer, Cameron Hodge, Hobgoblin, Hussar,
Iceman, --- Imperial Guard, Impulse,
 --- Jetstream, Juggernaut,
Lockheed, Lilandra, --- Lorelei, Leech, Link, Lifter, Legion, Miss Locke, Lady Deathstrike, Living Monolith, Lupo,
Magneto, Mimic, Marvel Girl, Arthur Maddicks, Magik, Magma, Mirage, Moira MacTaggert, --- Mastermind, Mystique, Madrox, Moon Boy, Masque, Mandrill, Mesmero, Magus, Morlocks, Magic, Manta, Mentor, Midget,
Nightcrawler, Northstar, --- Michael Nowlan, Nekra, Nuklo, Nightshade, Nimrod
Phoenix [original], Phoenix [current], Polaris, Professor X, --- Pyro, Piper [Morlock, Plague, Poltergeist, Peeper, Proteus, Piper [Savage Land],
Rogue, Judith Rassendyll, Raza, --- Roulette,
Shadowcat, Storm, Sunfire, Skids, Sunspot, Scarlet Witch, Amanda Sefton, Sikorsky, --- Spider-Woman, Spiral, Siryn, Sunder, Slither, Shocker, Sabertooth, Silver Samurai, Sauron, Smasher, Starbolt, Sidri, Sentinels [Mark I-VI, X, Alpha, Omega,],
Thunderbird (original), Tattletale, --- Tessa, Tarot, Thunderbird [current], Toad, Time Bomb, Tar Baby, Timeshadow, Taskmaster, Larry Trask, Tempest, Titan,
 --- Unus, Ursa Major,
 --- Vanisher, Vanguard, Viper [and agents,],
Mariko Yashida,
Wolverine, Warlock, Wolfsbane, Waldo --- White Bishop, White King, White Queen, Whirlwind, Warstar,

Compare 100 pages of this to 200+ of Champions Worldwide.  Great value character density thanks to the triple column format and simple but descriptive game stats of MSH.  Best value monster manual style supplement I ever came across that wasn't a GHOTMU.

It wasn't just my imagination over the years how good a deal this one was :-

1.84 Character Density [Otherwise know as The Leader]

Champions Worldwide - Steven S. Long and Darren Watts

Autour, Awad, Anvil, Ancantilado, --- A'asifa Rumli, Abd al-Mughni, Atoll, Anathema,
Der Bogenschulze, Bai Hou, Brigade, --- Le Bouc, Beek, Black Tiger,
Chevalier, Corrente, Caracal, Charm Girl,
Disheng Long, El Dorado, --- Dinamo,
 --- Eretsun, Eel, Eclipsar,
Fith of Allah, Fazfa Tel,
Gyeroy Vedun, Gazelle, Giken, ---
Ha'Pele, Harrier,
 --- Ifrit, Ina'akasu, Ironhorn,
 --- Khanjar, Katar, Kazan,
 --- Living Sphinx, Lord of Rats, Lam Kuei, Li Chun the Destroyer, Lightning Man,
Ma'at, Macahuitl, --- Molnya, Monsoon,
Ogun, Orchid, --- Obelisque, Joseph Otana,
 --- Panzer, Pilvi, Pridemaster,
Rashinder, --- Raya de Plata,
Stalnoy Volk, Saba Devatao, Shonen no Kofu, Silverwing, Soaring Eagle --- Der Schwarze Tod, Slun, Survalesh, Strangler, El Sauriano,
Taquiristan, Tetsuronin, --- Technyik, Turs al-Sh'ab, Tetsuryu, Taipan, El Tiburon,
Vulnapyedzka, --- Venin Vert,

200+ pages and a lot of badness here! Good value and not garden variety USA, so good one.

$9.49 -

0.12 Character Cost
0.35 Character Density

Champions Villains Volume 1: Master Villains - Steven S. Long

The first of these :- [thing=88502][/thing] is $28.46 at

These are the big bads..and Doctor Destroyer and Mechanon are still kicking it, it seems.  With epic double page writeups for all the things they can no and their super minions to boot.  A lazy 3669 points for Destroyer, apparently.  Lots of backstory and different flavours of low level minion detailed in this one with short characteristic differences.

Borealis [Augury, Landsman,],
Doctor Destroyer [Destroyer Soldier, Black Talon Agent, Destroid, Gigaton, Rakshasa, Falchion, Meteor, Spectra, Tarantula, ],
Interface [Guardbot,],
Istvatha V'han [D-Soldier, Hovertank, Starship],
Kigatilik [Tilingkoot,] , Kinematik [Blindside, Fossil, Overdrive,] , King Cobra [Ouroboros, Boomslang, Gorgon, Krait, Slither, Coil [Agent,],],   
Mechanon [Head, Avar-7, Mechana, Subeda, Victrian Walker, Type I-37, Type Delta,], Menton, Doctor Phillipe Moreau,
Necrull [Necrullitician,], Baron Nihil [Storm Knights,],
Joseph Otanga,
Professor Paradigm [Avant Guard, Displacer, Tesseract,],
Shadow Destroyer [Terror, Corundum, Oubliette, Shadow, Colossus, Karkaradon Guard, Thresher, Channeler, Disciple, Corrupt One,], Shadow Queen [Dragon, Human,], Skarn the Shaper [Arthon, Torvost, Brell, Hussar,], Slug [Elder Worm,], Slun, Franklin Stone, Sunburst [Helios, Nuke, Phaze, Radium,],  
Takofanes, Teleiois [Soldier,], Tezcatlipoca [Jaguar, Cultist,], Tyrannon [Tree Throne, Lesser Throne, Viceroy, Emissary, Signifier, Thulkos,]
Warlord [Warbird, Warcry, Warhead, Warmonger, Warpath, Soldier, Flying Fortress,], Doctor Yin Wu [Copper Spear, Golden Axe, Iron Whirlwind, Silver Hand,]

0.27 Character Cost
0.37 Character Density

The Belle Reve Sourcebook - Steve Crow

This features the Suicide Squad...and their opposition.  So pretty much all villains with a little antihero flavour occasionally.

Plus support staff, etc.

Black Orchid, Bronze Tiger, Blockbuster, Brimstone, Bernadeth, Badb, Bolshoi,
Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, Chronos,
Deadshot, Duchess, Djinn,
Rick Flag,
Glorious Godfrey,
Javelin, Jaculi I, Jaculi II,
Killer Frost, Koschei the Deathless,
Mindboggler, Mr. 104, Multiplex, Mad Harriet, Manticore I, Manticore II, Manhunters,
Nemesis, Nightshade,
Penguin, Parasite, Plastique, Privateer, Psi, Pravda,
Ravan, Rustam,
Shade the Changing Man, Slipknot, Speedy, Stompa, Sickle,
Weasel, William Hell,

background on the support staff, but no stats

1.16 Character Density

4 out of 5

Batman Source 2nd Edition - Michael A. Stackpole

Second Edition

Mr Atom,
Batman, Batgirl/Oracle, --- Black Spider, Bonecrusher,
Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, --- Cat-Man, Cavalier, Clayface II, Clayface III, Crazy Quilt, Calvin & Clifford Clate, Brain Taylor, Elton Craig,
 --- Deacon Blackfire, Deadshot, John Dolan, Joe Dolan,
Lucius Fox, Fay "Ma" Gunn,
Sergeant Harvey Hainer,
 --- Joker, Shorty Jackson,
 --- KGBeast, Killer Moth,
 --- Mad Hatter, Man-Bat, Mister Freeze,
--- Penguin, Poison Ivy, Alfred Pennyworth,
Robin, --- Reaper, Riddler, R'as Al Ghul,
 --- Hugo Strange, Scarecrow, Charley Stark, Eddie Stark,
Dr. Leslie Thompkins --- Two Face, Talia, Tweedledee, Tweedledum,
Vicki Vale,

The second edition has some adventure, Batcave and Utility Belt diagrams

The [family=366][/family] has a 22 page Character section
Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, Nemesis, Question, Pennyworth, Gordon, Vale
Calendar Man, Cat-Man, Catwoman, Clayface II, , Clayface III, Copperhead, Croc, Doctor Tzin-Tzin, Joker, Kobra, Mad Hatter, Man-Bat, Mikado, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Riddler, Scarecrow, Two-Face

so a couple of others of interest and notable for having more foes than friends

0.47 Character Density

Batman Sourcebook - Michael A. Stackpole

In the first edition one at least, Batman may have had a higher bad guy to good guy ratio than most.

Batman, Batgirl, Harvey Bullock, Black Lightning,
Catwoman --- Clayface II, Croc, Cat Man, Crazy Quilt,
 --- Deadshot,
Lucius Fox,
Commissioner Gordon, Geo-Force,
 --- Joker,
Metamorpho --- Mr. Freeze, Man Bat, Mad Hatter,
Nightwing, Nocturna, --- Night-Slayer,
 --- Penguin, Poison Ivy,
Robin, Julia Remarque, --- Riddler, R'as Al Ghul,
 --- Hugo Strange, Scarecrow,
Talia, Two Face,
Vicki Vale,

0.33 Character Density
4 out of 5

The Bad Guys - James Thomson


Varied Power Levels from 4 to 19...tiny type


Azeraphel, Ace of Wounds,
Big John, Broken Arrow, Black Thunder, Blitzenhammer, Boy Howdy, Bones,  
Captain Valiant, Cimarron Starr, 
Doctor Shock, Death Angel, Doctor Moloch PhD, Doctor Destructor, Double Deuce, Diamond Deuce,    
Executive Solution D, Executive Solution M, Executive Solution Z, Executive Solution X, Executive Solution R, Executive Solution Q, Executive Solution F, Executive Solution Y, Executive Solution D,
Jim Flint [Mr Flint's Bodyguards], Executive Solution D,        
God, Grim Diddle, Grease Monkey,
Helen Damnation, Hammer of Doom,  
Johnny Black, Jim Dandy,
Lone Star Lady, Lady Deuce,
Mano del Muerte, Moebius Man, Mother Moebius, Mr Fist,  
Sicko the Clown, Snow Queen, Der Shreik, Steel Deuce, Mr Smith,
Der Totenkopf, Texas Twister,  
U-Go-Grrrl, Unicorn,
Vampire Girl,
Wolf-Dog,  Woodchuck Man,
Zyclon B, Zelma Zimmer,

0.14 Character Cost
0.35 Character Density

3.5 out of 5

Avengers Roster Book - Michele Carter

Similar idea to the TSR variety, the SAGA roster books weren't as good but are mixed collections of heroes and villains.

3 out of 5

Avengers Coast to Coast - Edward G. Sollers

An expanded Avengers heroes and villains book for the Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Set with more characters and information.

Heroes --- Villains

Ant-Man I, Ant-Man II, --- Absorbing Man, Ares, Armadillo, Arnim Zola, Attuma,
Beast, Black Knight, Black Panther, Black Widow, Byron Justinian Gamble, --- Baron Zemo I, Baron Zemo II, Black Knight [Nathan Garrett], Blackout, Black Talon, Bob Cat,
Captain Marvel, Captain Ultra, --- Collector, Controller,
Drax the Destroyer, --- Deathurge,
Edwin Jarvis, --- Egghead, Enchantress, Enclave [Carlo Zota, Maris Morlak, Wladyslav Shinski, Him,], Executioner,
Falcon, Firebird, --- Fixer,
Guardsman, Giant-Man I, Goliath I, Goliath II, Ghost Rider [Hamilton Slade], --- Goliath, Grandmaster, Graviton, Grey Gargoyle, Grim Reaper,
Hellcat, Hulk, Henry Pym,
Iron Man [Tony Stark, James Rhoades: Mark II, III, IV armours, --- Immortus,
Ka-Zar, --- Kang, Korvac,
--- Lava Men, Living Laser,
Mantis, Moondragon, Ms. Marvel, Mentor, Ms. Marvel, --- Mad Thinker, Maelstrom [and Gronk, Helio, Phobius,], Man-Ape, Master Pandemonium, Melter, Mister Hyde, Modred the Mystic, Moonstone, Metallus,
Namorita, --- Nebula [Gunthar of Rigel, Kehl of Tauran, Levan of Sark, Skunge the Laxidazian Troll,], Nekra,
Rick Jones, Red Wolf, --- Radioactive Man, Rama-Tut, Ronan the Accuser,
Quicksilver, Quasar,
Stingray, Scarlet Witch, Starfox, Swordsman, Shooting Star --- Sentry [Kree], Scarlet Centurion, Shocker, Scourge, Screaming Mimi, Space Phantom, Squadron Sinister [Doctor Spectrum, Hyperion, Nighthawk, Speed Demon], Stankowicz, Spinner, Fabian, Super Skrull, Supreme Intelligence, Spinner, Shadow,
Thor [update], Texas Twister --- Taskmaster, Tiger Shark, Thanos, Titania,
--- Ultron-5, Ultron-6, Ultron-8, Ultron-12,
Yellowjacket, Yellowjacket II,
Whirlwind, The Wrecking Crew [Wrecker, Thunderball, Bulldozer, Piledriver,],

So a good deal as you can see...also has an adventure and The Avengers charter at the start among other things...hence some out of order grouping them to save space in smaller print where the [...] lists boost the bad guy numbers

I believe they leave out people like Captain America as they were in the Judges book...which maybe should get added..and the Thor is an update and Iron Man has various armour versions

1.31 Character Density

4.5 out of 5

Mr Robinson's Valentine - Vanessa de Sade

Soldier assistance.

3 out of 5

No Matter What - Victoria Blisse

Real me.

2.5 out of 5

Save It For the Third Date - Penny Goodweather

Bartender annoyance.

3 out of 5

Polly - Sommer Marsden

Pioneer bacon.
3 out of 5

Clouds Sex and Chocolate - Victoria Blisse

Sponge job
3.5 out of 5

Restoration - Victoria Blisse

Stone artifact.

3 out of 5

Strip the Willow - Justine Elyot

Pole traditions.

3 out of 5

Night of the Hunted - Gerome Asanti

Prey rules.

3 out of 5

A Night In the Country - Kitti Bernetti

Ghost breeches.

3 out of 5

Object of Art - Alana James

Gallery display.

3.5 out of 5

Penny Ink - Alcamia Payne

Seminar talent.

2.5 out of 5

Avengers Assembled - Bruce Nesmith

Another for the [thing=43636][/thing]
This is a sourcebook detailing the Avengers and their enemies, of which many are listed like Kang, Attuma, Graviton etc.
Heroes --- Villains
Ant-Man --- Absorbing Man, Arsenal, Attuma,
Beast, Black Knight, Black Panther, Black Widow,
Captain America, Captain Marvel, --- Collector, Captain Mar-Vell,
Giant Man, Goliath, Goliath II, --- Graviton, Grey Gargoyle, Grim Reaper,
Hawkeye, Hercules, Hulk,
Iron Man,
--- Kang, Klaw,
--- Living Laser, Loki,
Mantis, Moondragon, Ms. Marvel, --- Mad Thinker, Mandarin, Mandroid armor,
--- Ringmaster, Ronan the Accuser,
Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Starfox, Swordsman, --- Super-Adaptoid, Supreme Intelligence,
Thor, Tigra --- Taskmaster,
--- Ultron,
Wasp, Wonder Man --- Whirlwind,
Yellow Jacket,
1.36 Character Density

4.5 out of 5

Avengers Archives - Steven Schend

All the early 90s [thing=45410][/thing] team based update sourcebooks had 60+ page roster books of heroes and villains and this one is no exception.
Ant-Man II, --- Absorbing Man,
Big Bertha, Black Knight III, Black Panther, Black Widow,  --- Baron Zemo II, Beetle, Black Talon,
Captain America, Captain Marvel II, Crystal,
Dinah Soar, Doorman, Doctor Druid, Doctor Pym, --- Doctor Demonicus, Dragon Man
Flatman, Falcon, Firebird,
Giant-Man II, Gilgamesh, - G'haarak, Goliath III, Graviton, Grey Gargoyle, Grim Reaper,
Hawkeye, Hellcat, Hercules, Hulk, Human Torch I,
Iron Man I, Iron Man II,
Jocasta, Rick Jones,
--- Kang, Klaw,
--- Leader, Living Laser, Living Lightning, Loki,
Machine Man, Mr Immortal, Mantis, Mockingbird Moon Knight --- Master Pandemonium, Modam, Moonstone,
--- Nitro,
--- Orka,
Quasar, --- Quicksand,
Rage, Red Wolf II, --- Radioactive Man, Rampage,
Scarlet Witch, Sersi, She-Hulk, Shroud, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Starfox, Stingray, Sub-Mariner, -- Sandman, Sons of the Serpent, Space Phantom, Sunstroke, Super-Adaptoid,
Thor I, Thor II, Tigra, --- Taskmaster, Tiger Shark, Thanos, Titania,
US Agent,
Wasp, Wonder Man, --- Whirlwind,
Yellowjacket II,
1.22 Character Density

4.5 out of 5

The Shisha - Kitti Bernetti

Belly dancer surprise.

3 out of 5

Another 13 Shades of Darkness - John Polojac and James Thomson

Average PDI Agent, Elijah Al-Alim [Commando X],
Black Phantom, Borderers,
Code Name Wifebeater, Cretin [Captain Valiant], Cryptic Star, Mr Chiang,
Discarded, Delirium, Angelica De Lynn, Malcolm Deckerd, Dr Moloch PHD,
Goop, Generic Security Goon,
Horrible Thing, Donna Hopewell, Heavy Brother,
Eileen Kowalski-Wright, Epsilon,
Longing Dead, Lash Lightning,
Mary Blood [Mary's Brood, Van Helsing Foundation Vampire Killer], Misery [The Black Skull, Army of the Black Skull, Lady Justice,], M'aal'iss'ha, Maiden,
Dr Natalia Noble, Eric Noble [Project Paragon MK],  
Penitent, Professor Purgatory, Necro-Wyrms
Rage Angels [Megan, Taylor,], Regiment [Dr Groovy, Vile Frog Monster From 30 Million AD,],
Sweet Adeline, Sister Tranquility, Sister Splendor, Hector Sandovar, Dr Shock, Stink-Wortle the Imp, Scrivener Demon,   
Violator Red, Vore Dogs, Voracious Legion, Captain Valiant,
X-Hort the Converted,

This supplement says 13 villains...but it is 233 pages, which does cause you to wonder.

As you can see, a lot of other characters included under there.  The major thirteen get several pages of backstory writeup, plus there are adventures, spells, gear and assorted supporting characters, aliens and monsters

You could do a campaign with this book.

So call it 50 odd characters or so for $14.99 -

How about character cost CC is price per character and character density CD = characters per page.

The lower the density the more other material there is, or other formatting.

0.28 Character Cost
0.23 Character Density

3.5 out of 5

Alien Enemies - Scott Heine

Champions 4

This is of the 'they come to Earth' flavour, with organisations and an adventure.  Complete with a Starjammers style group.

Aquarian Sea Beasts, Aquarians,
Cerebraeum, Champ, Case 39,
Specs [Gizmo, Slick, Bruiser, Trekkie,],
Infinite Man,
Ever-Eating Karrg,
Galactic Marauders [Star Galleon, Captain Richaal, Synthre, Chaikayan, Phinress, Doctor Zeinert, Tarchoss, Masq,],
Midnight Society [Org: Automaton Shell, Orb: AI "Computer" Brain, Arcane, Leatherwings, Gremlins,]
Orion the Hunter,
Pantheon [Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Luna, Mercury, Bacchus,]
Spores From Space,
Tyrixx [Warrior, Worker, Thinker, Warship,],
METE [Orrad, Marie Dumont, Diana Ingraham, Dr Bill Elam, Lyle Harrison, Dr Ellen Robinson, Otto Wyndham, Howard Esterhaus,]

0.80 Character Density

This is solid.

3.5 out of 5

The Algernon Files 2.0 - Aaron Sullivan and Dave Mattingly

Basically, an entire superhero universe/campaign from Black Wyrm games.  A nice layout, with groups and independents and gear and even a several page timeline to finish.  Illustrated, in colour.

A good hero to villain balance, to boot.

Algernon, Anthem, Nkebo Achebwe, Lady Absinthe, --- Adonis, Assembly,
Rosalyn Berkowitz, Blackheart, Blackbird, Brimstone, Best Man, --- Bellerophon, Bloodstar, 
Jasper Caldwell, Cyberhawk, Umberto Corvaggio, Chronicle, --- Carapace, Carrionette, Cadmus, Charon, Carnelian, Crone [Walking Hut, Lorusski, Vodyanoi, Puzushka, Rusalka,], Crucible,
Emily DaCosta, Dr Rune, Dr Chiropterus, --- Dr Prometheus, Damocles, Dervish,  
Film Noir,  --- Facade, Figment,
 --- Goth, Geryon, Guardian Drones, Golem, Ghoul,
Hardcore, Horus, --- Hauntress, Heartbreaker, 
Iron Angel, --- Ice Queen,
Stan Kirby, Dorian Killgrave [Historians, Soldiers, Magicians, Counterintelligence, Seraphim,], --- Kid Shiva, Krait,  
Dr Ellen Li, Darren Long, Miss Liberty, ---  Lament, Lord of Mirrors,
Minuteman, --- Magog, Mean Machine,
 --- Nemesis, Nergal, Night Archer,  
Onyx, --- Opaque
Peacekeeper,  --- Prodigal, Perdition, Perseus, Phalanx, Platinum Blonde, Praetorian [Time Tower, War Dogs, Bloodhawks, Battle Sphere, Stridermechs,], Sepulchre, Serpent Queen [Pit Vipers, Initiates of the Hidden Coil, Divine Form of the Snake,], 
Quantum Mechanic,
Raptor, Roc,
Doc Steel, Dr Ramohan Shakar, Sebastian Arcane [Nicodemus,], Speed Demon, Spoil Sport, Sundance, Sabbath, --- Sanguine, Seventh Son, Singularity, Smog, Speed Metal, Stiltskin, Surefire,
Matthew Trasker, Technomancer, Troll, Think Tank, Templar,
US Steel, ---  Terminal Velocity, Telemachus, Tiresias, 
Wildflower,  Wendy Wildstar, Wraith,

Excellent numbers below, too.  The M&M version is $14.95 and is the one I was looking at :-
The Hero version is more...licensing, more work? at $19.95

I am quite impressed by this book.

0.13 Character Cost
0.80 Character Density

Adventures Into Darkness - Kenneth Hite

Heroes --- Villains

The American Eagle, Ace Buckley, --- Arsenath the Body Snatcher,
--- Baron von Jundt: The Black Scholar, Blitz,
Captain Future, The Cavalier,
"Doc" Strange, The Dreammaster, --- Dagon, Devilfish,
The Fighting Yank, --- Professor Fenton,
The Ghost,
--- Henry Akeley,
Kara: Jungle Princess, --- Keziah the Witch,
The Liberator, --- Lucifuge,
The Mask, Mystico: the Wonder Man,
The Night Terror, Nodens,
The Oracle, --- Outer Ones, The Ooze,
The Scarab,
--- The Yellow Lama,

So some Public Domain fun and games here.  I have the PDQ version.  There is a M&M too as well as Hero System.

$9.95 -

0.34 Character Cost
0.63 Character Density

Adepts of the Arcane - John Polojac

Characters from Big Finger's creation Infiniverse, apparently.  These of the magical variety.  12 mentioned but there are a few antagonists scattered throughout extensive character backgrounds and adventure hooks.

Armageddon Girl [Kid Apocalypse,], Aspirant,
Carmody the Rebel, Cold Comfort [The Bride,],
Magister, Midnight Edition,
Nether [Red Monk,],
Prime-Mortal [Batrachian Hybrids,], Patriarch
Sweet Synn,

$8.24 -

0.52 Character Cost
0.19 Character Density

2.5 out of 5

Great Bridge - John P. Adams

The first of a look into the files of Department 88 to check out the bad guys they have in the database.

$4.00 -

A pity they didn't call these 1 and 3, not blank and 2. :)

Anyway, Japanese bad people with manga style art.  Being V&V there are two pages of counters of the main characters and some supporting generic agents, too, so a nice add-on making in-reading character density higher, so to speak.

Great Bridge

Kumagi, Korusu,
Stingray, Sonya, Sparky, Agent Stone,
Tadashi, Tanken, Takumi, Tetsuo,

0.21 Character Cost
0.83 Character Density

3.5 out of 5

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Superhero 2044 Breakdown

Superhero 2044

A short game for sure.


Traces the development of the game growing out of cross-genre science fantasy campaigns.


Covers the first couple of pages and gives some brief gaming advice.
The 2044 World Almanac Excerpt is on page 2...Shanter Island, Inguria, Population 243,000 in 2040, 523 square km and runs on the NWC Pseudodollar.  Has a volcano.  It gives the history where a spaceport was opened in 2001 after the Indian-Australian war zone until the six-day war in 2003.  Escaped destruction and renamed itself in 2029, joining the New Whole Commonwealth of Nations.

Ingurian supers [Uniques] spearheaded relocation of Fomaulhaut aliens in 2023 when signals were received.  Teleporters!  So the setting has advanced alien hybrid technology but a ban on atomic power.  More background follows, including 'to compete with other media, newspaper became computerised.'

Fomalhautians need energy pills and can't eat Terran food.  Bipedal humanoids from a 1.4g world and have grey body hair.

Then a background of Inguria and Bloomberg with maps through 5-6.  Details of some organisations through 8 including the Science Police.

Page 9 has The Superhero Shop, run by the severely injured member of an old Unique group.  Where it is suggested to the GM that anything can be had needed for a plot.  Underdog would be set if he can out.

Character Design

Starts on page 10 with the note about the local team and the destruction of the prior Freedom League in 2042 by Doctor Ruby who suffered the good old perished in a volcano problem. You have to patrol 25 hours a week and maintain a locate and prevent score of 8 to be in the IPSP.  Patrol rules.  Free healthcare and a stipend if you do.


Vigor - health and physical susceptibility
Stamina - includes HTH fighting and running ability
Endurance - ability to withstand punishment

Three Classes

Uniques - Have actual superpowers far beyond etc. [Superman is the example]
Toolmaster - High Tech [Iron Man is the example]
Ubermensch - Utmost Training [Tarzan is the exaple]

Prime Requisite Points

140 to divide among the 7, with a minimum of 1 in each.

Ubermensch -20 Men, +20 End, Vig, Sta, Dex
Toolmasters +20 Men, -10 Vig, Sta, End
Uniques +20 Cha

The book suggests less than 10 is a bad idea.

At GM discretion, up to 50 points may be added to represent an ability or skill.  Like 50 points of bullet soaking.  Unique powers are done like this with 50 points of transformation or a mental attack.  Some powers are problems to adapt it says, so make up other ways to do it.  Weaknesses get extra power.  Players should _not_ know what is needed to gain extra points by experience! Gives examples of three characters, Apollyon a Ubermensch, Avenging Knight a toolmaster and Charmer a Unique.

Page 12 has the tables for the abilities and starts with the Weekly Planning Sheet you have to fill out.  In the future, they still have timesheets unfortunately.  There's a form to copy, Patrol, Rest, School, Practice, Research and other.  Location, Prevention.  Space for money and prime requisites.  Patrol results by the referee.

Combat starts on page 16.

Move twice, attack twice or move and attack.  Highest Dex first.

Four attack types: Physical, Transformation, Mental, Projectile (all distance).

Universal Combat Matrix

Compares attack ability to Ego or Stamina and gives a 3d6 die roll (high).

Treatment for injuries, a basic weapon damage table, with class of weapon and also a four modification tables based on manoeuvres, circumstance and ability and class for each of the four attack types.

Four hit locations, which each have half of the total Vigor points.  Out of Vigor in your head = dead, Jim.

A projectile weapons table, a movement table and we are on page 18.


Crime prevention type ratings given by the GM.  1-10 in Prevent, Locate, Stop, Capture, Convict, Leads and Damage.  Timesheets and KPIs rule in Inguria.

Page 19 is an example Handicapping scenario for Captain Gravity, a Unique.

Page 20 has Patrol rules, crime density, areas and calculations.

Then a character sheet and Page 21 and 22 crime frequency and data tables printout sheets.  Patrol finishes on 23.

Salaries, litigation, insurance, costs, gear and vehicles etc. go to page 26.

Solo rules on 27 and 28.

Optional training rules on 29.  Hiring people up to 31 with more combat rules to specify things a bit more than the really simple generic ones.  Transformation saving through for a Human is 12, but other Sentient Being is 6. Note, d20 saving throws.  Percentage dice stuff in here too.  Character bits, thug morale, supervillain crime data sheet through 35.  A supervillain character and planning sheet on 36.

Two Uniques given on page 37, Sunburst and Multiplex.  A Zocchi dice ad and the back cover is a fun superheroes playing a game homage/parody.

So as I think Christian Lindke also said, this groundbreaker had some good ideas and an interesting setting in an unplayable game system without a lot of work.

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The Fate of Villains & Vigilantes: Random Happenings

That V&V rulebook packed it in.  "If the GM still can't decide what to set up for his players to do, the following random table may be used...everyone gets a mental block now and then"

Roll 4dF

-4  Revoltin' Development
-3  Supernatural
-2  Extraterrestrial
-1  Natural Disaster
+0  Ordinary Crime
+1  Organised Crime
+2  High Technology
+3  Supernatural
+4  Revoltin' Development

FAE: Star Trek Approaches



You have to play 5 dimensional chess with an Arcturan Megadonkey or he'll hole your spaceship
 Roll Spock.

James T. Kirk

+3 Kirk
+2 Chekhov, Uhura
+1 McCoy, Scott
+0 Spock


+3 Spock
+2 Scott, Chekhov
+1 McCoy, Uhura
+0 Kirk

FATE: Enchantress of Venus

FATE: Enchantress of Venus

Or, a little more Planetary Romance for your life thanks to Leigh Brackett

Draft 1.0 April 11, 2013 - Blue Tyson


Old Venus. Lush, dangerous jungles where the air can be too thick and heavy and mysterious, misty seas beyond which lie dangerous outposts of the primitive and ancient. Like on Mars, immigration from Earth is driving back the older native populations, sometimes violently.


Stark's friend the barbarian prince Helvi is missing!
What the hell is going on in Shuruun, the pirate city?


Eric John Stark

N'Chaka, Man-Without-a-Tribe
Outlaw of Mars and Earth
Wild Man of Mercury
Very Bad Girl Magnet
Fights For the Oppressed

F: Incredible +4
A: Remarkable +3
S: Excellent +2
E: Remarkable +3
R: Good +1
I: Incredible +4
P: Incredible +4

Resources Typical (+0)
Popularity -Excellent (-2)

Other Skills

Amazing (+5) Alertness, Sword, Spear
Incredible (+4) Intimidation, Survival
Excellent (+2) Contacts, Investigation, Ride, Swim
Good (+1) Guns, Stealth


Barbarian prince of Yarell
Friend of Stark
Lost His Brother Tobal to Lhari Slavery

F: Excellent +2
A: Good +1
S: Good +1
E: Good +1
R: Typical +0
I: Typical +0
P: Good +1

Resources Excellent (+2)
Popularity Good (+1)

Other Skills

Amazing (+5) Alertness, Sword, Spear
Incredible (+4) Intimidation, Survival
Excellent (+2) Contacts, Investigation, Ride, Swim
Good (+1) Guns, Stealth


Ship Captain
Secret Slaver For the Lhari
Would Even Sell His Daughter Into Slavery

F: Good +1
A: Good +1
S: Good +1
E: Good +1
R: Good +1
I: Good +1
P: Good +1

Resources Excellent (+2)
Popularity Excellent (+2)

Other Skills

Remarkable (+3) Sail
Excellent (+2) Deceit, Intimidate
Good (+1) Leadership

Mike Larrabee

Lame Earthman stuck in Shuruun
Known for the Royal Venus Bank Job

F: Typical +0
A: Poor -1
S: Typical +0
E: Good +1
R: Typical +0
I: Good +1
P: Typical +0

Resources Poor (-1)
Popularity Typical (0)

Other Skills

Remarkable (+3) Burglary
Good (+1) Leadership, Sail


Young Daughter of Malthor
Too Brave For Her Own Good
More Honest than Dad Would Like

F: Poor -1
A: Good +1
S: Typical +0
E: Typical +0
R: Typical +0
I: Typical +0
P: Good +1

Resources Feeble (-2)
Popularity Typical (+0)

Other Skills

Excellent (+2) Rapport, Stealth


Lhari Matriarch
Hugely Massive and Fat

F: Awful -3
A: Awful -3
S: Typical +0
E: Poor -1
R: Excellent +2
I: Excellent +2
P: Remarkable +3

Resources Remarkable (+3)
Popularity -Remarkable (-3)

Other Skills

Remarkable (+3) Intimidate, Leadership


Lhari Falconer
Not Keen on Marrying Egil
Would Rather Like Most of Her Relatives Disposed Of

F: Good +1
A: Good +1
S: Good +1
E: Good +1
R: Excellent +2
I: Excellent +2
P: Excellent +2

Resources Excellent (+2)
Popularity -Excellent (-2)

Other Skills

Remarkable (+3) Falconry


Lhari Cruel Wannabe
Really Wants To Marry Varra

F: Good +1
A: Good +1
S: Good +1
E: Good +1
R: Typical +0
I: Typical +0
P: Typical +0

Resources Excellent (+2)
Popularity -Remarkable (-2)

Other Skills

Good (+1) Guns, Leadership


Lhari Cruel Double Wannabe
Egil's brother

F: Good +1
A: Typical
S: Good +1
E: Good +1
R: Poor -1
I: Poor -1
P: Poor -1

Resources Excellent (+2)
Popularity -Remarkable (-2)

Other Skills

Good (+1) Guns, Leadership


Lhari Useless One and Not Sad About It
Happy To Be Out of the Spotlight, She Is

F: Typical +0
A: Typical +0
S: Typical +0
E: Typical +0
R: Good +1
I: Good +1
P: Good +1

Resources Excellent (+2)
Popularity -Remarkable (-2)

Other Skills

Remarkable (+3) Falconry


Young Lhari

F: Typical (+0)
A: Good +1
S: Typical +0
E: Good +1
R: Typical +0
I: Typical +0
P: Typical +0

Resources Good (+1)
Popularity -Good (-1)

Other Skills

Excellent (+2) Reptile Handling


Deformed Llari
Deferential But Different

F: Poor (-1)
A: Poor (-1)
S: Typical +0
E: Typical +0
R: Excellent +2
I: Good +1
P: Typical +0

Resources Good (+1)
Popularity -Good (-1)

Other Skills

Excellent (+2) Lore, Mysteries


Displaced ancient race of overoptimistic crazed slave rulers with a Frankenstein complex.  Only a few remain thanks to past follies.

Nerve Gun (+3)

The Lhari weapon can be set to cause paralysis or death.

Lhari guards

Treat these as Good (+1) minions if doing important duties, Typical (+0) if not, armed with Nerve Guns and swords.

Lost Ones

Poor (-1) Overworked undersea slaves. In normal health, or those not worked too hard yet will be Typical +0 Venusians in general.  Lhari tech lets them work, but not for too long.  Housed in a camp and barracks and kept under control by collars and guards with Nerve Guns.

Slave Collar

Nerve Charge (+3)

This attacks a slave who tries to cross an invisible energy barrier, or electric eye in effect. It will continue to do so if they persist.


This could be run for one player, using Stark or their own equally highly capable character with Warrior skills. The story sequence then will likely be as the short novel in general.


1. Stark takes sail across the Red Sea to try and find his friend Helvi. Malthor the ship captain gives him far from the full story.

2. Thrown overboard, Stark is on his own to attempt to swim back to land and make his way through jungle and town to Shuruun.

3. Stark manages this without much effort and Malthor's daughter seeks him out. He learns of the Lhari, the Lords of Shuruun and decides to boldly pay them a visit, front door style.

4. He meets the family of rulers and Very Bad Girl Magnet attracts Varra, which displeases Egil enough to shoot him with his nerve paralysis gun after he has had some discussion with the matriarch.

5. Stark is put into slavery with the rest of the Lost Ones and is reunited with Helvi and Zareth. He begins to plan. Varra and her infatuation will be useful if he can make a deal with her. A deal is definitely what she wants. Stark killing the relatives she despises in return for an end to slavery.

6. Malthor sets a slave up with a weapon to ambush Stark. Despite losing against Stark himself it is just a knife. Malthor is unarmed. Malthor is not remotely a match for Stark. All part of Egil's machinations. Zareth has followed and attacks Egil who is forced to shoot at her, not Stark. She is mortally wounded.  Egil becomes another no contest that Stark will have no mercy about in a Taken Out scenario.

7. Stark investigates with Treon's input, deciding to look into the super science that the Lhari are interested in. They find a thought-recording of the ancients detailing their Frankenstein quest and downfall. Treon is able to find a machine that restores him to normal Lhari stature. Effectively raising all his physical attributes one rank, removing the monster taint.

8. Stark and Treon come across guards on the slaves and fight them, the guards possessing superior weaponry and Treon lacking skill.

9. They free the slaves. There are over an hundred and twenty guards. Less of each after the unavoidable confrontation. No guards left, only high double figures of slaves if you don't want to waste time rolling. These twenty guards were of the Typical (+0) variety and only had swords.

10. Treon shows Stark a secret tunnel and way back to the Lhari courtroom.

11. It is Llari, Stark, Helvi and 90 odd slaves vs Llari and around 50 guards. Then Mike Larrabee and the ordinary townspeople (Typical (+0 Mob) arrive. Once Larrabee's leadership gets them involved in the fight it is quickly over. End of Lhari, guards and half the slaves.

12. Of course they didn't kill Bors pet dragon. Eveyone loves a smart pet lizard. Stark or the locals can free it or give it a new home as preferred.


If a group of two or three wanted to play Stark and friends then Helvi and Zareth could be used as PCs. If any PCs had met Stark previously and worked with them he would be happy to accept their help in travelling to Shuruun on an adventure. He'd be happy to trade such service in return, never being much in the way of cashed up. The inserting of extra competent opponents means using enough guards or of Malthor's underlings to dump them into the sea. Several for each, as a suggestion. With surprise, likely to be accomplished. If any possess Alertness like Stark's they may get the chance to fight back. Either way, two choices, swim or ship to get to sthore.


Stark has gone off to look for Helvi and has left the PCs a message about his intentions and the possibility that the pirate city of Shuruun will be rough. Another of Malthor's captains can provide transport and similar impromptu swimming if they learn of the character association with Stark. Then the PCs must follow in Stark's footsteps. Do they confront the Lhari, try raiding the slave camp? If they end up enslaved, things happen as per the story sequence in general. If they manage to free Stark, Helvi and Zareth then the final confrontation gets moved up most likely and the super science investigation after the corpses are cleared.


Being a big Marvel Super Heroes fan from way back, this is how I like to think:

Value    Adjective

+13 Cosmic 5 (Class 5000)
+12 Cosmic 3 (Class 3000)
+11 Cosmic 1 (Class 1000)
+10 Legendary Z (Shift Z)
+9   Legendary Y (Shift Y)
+8    Legendary X (Shift X)
+7    Unearthly (Epic)
+6    Monstrous (Fantastic)
+5    Amazing (Superb)
+4    Incredible (Great)
+3    Remarkable (Good)
+2    Excellent (Fair)
+1    Good (Average)
+0    Typical (Mediocre)
-1    Poor
-2    Feeble (Terrible)
-3    Awful 0 (Shift 0)
-4    Abysmal

FASERIP - basic human attributes

Physique is split compared to Core, into a Strength component and an Endurance component, the latter of which should be used for the Stress track. Reason is native intelligence.

Fighting (Fight)
Agility (Athletics)
Intuition (Notice)
Psyche (Will)


Popularity is a measure of charisma, reputation and public influence. If you like, bad people can have a negative popularity ladder equivalent. Supervillains, mass murderers, ruthless thugs in The Ball, etc.



Short Novel


Leigh Brackett (ology)