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Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews

Atlantan werepeople European vacation.

In which politics are discussed, naked wereprincess are discussed, pointy-ended flirting is discussion already and grumpy partners defend a joint attacked by more esoteric monsters.

Blood and souls for my lord...
oh, wrong book

but Kate powers up, becomes more comfortable with such.

3.5 out of 5

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G-Core Deluxe Superhero Roleplaying - Jay Libby

G-Core Deluxe Superhero Roleplaying - Jay Libby

71 Pages

Table of Contents - Page 2

Foreword - Page 4 - Reminiscences by Bob Cram

What is a Game - Page 5 - Some general advice

Character Creation Flow - Page 7 - Steps to Follow

1: Type
2: Origin
3: Assign Points to Physical and Mental stats
4: Pick your powers and assign points
5: Pick your Special Focus...assign points to careers and Power Stunts
6: Pick Flaws or Weaknesses
7: Determine your Resources
8: Buy any extras. Armor, gear, weapons.
9: Personal description.

Then a sample character generation, Mr Tinker.


There are several, from Cop to Student to Genius and some Cosmic Hero types that have varying point totals to assign to Physical and Mental Abilities in 10 point blocks.  They have different Special Focus and Flaws.

Modelling Nightblack again we'll take Vigilante, Physical pool 60 and Mental Pool 50, Special Focus, Martial Arts or Weapon +10.  So that works.

The FASERIP abilities here are Rumble, Agility, Might, Moxie, Smarts, Perception, Spirit.  Doubling adjective start letters not so good perhaps.

R: 20
A: 10
M: 20
M: 10
S: 20
P: 10
S: 10

ORIGINS - Page 11

Alien, Android, Demi-God, Experiment, Cosmic, Evolutionary, Sentient Robot, Human, Human: Accident, Human: Cursed, Human: Cyborg, Human: Experiment, Human: High Tech, Human: Psychic.

Make him Evolutionary.  50 Power Points, 10 Gear Points, 30 Free Points.  Starting Popularity is -10.  1d10 free points of 3 for 30.

R: 50
A: 20
M: 20
M: 30
S: 20
P: 10
S: 10

Darkness Generation: 50
Health = 120
Wild = 40


1d10 * 10 is the roll used to add to statistics and compare to Static Difficulties or Opponent rolls.  Easy task is 25 and a Super Task is 100.

Wild - Page 16 - can be added to rolls in multiples of 10.  It refreshes between sessions.

Damage - Page 17 - also Stacking two people's.

Finally some tables. Popularity, statistic benchmarks, and then descriptions following.


Cosmic Powers - Page 39  - with ranks - Cosmic 2 Terraform can affect a Whole Planet.

Magic - Page 43 - with tables for necessary Spirit and Intelligence.

Vehicles, Armour and Weapons - Page 46+

With the relevant statistics and point costs.

GENERICS - Page 49

A list of NPC statistics for use.  Cops, crooks, kids, alligators, sharks, rats, etc.  Also an environmental effects table for breathing, fire, radiation, weather and that sort of thing.

Experience - Page 56

How to get it.

Villains and how to use them.

Levels of Game Play -

Street - Abilities up to 30
Classic Comic - Abilities up to 50
Super - Abilities up to 100 with a Major Weakness
Pulp - Only one over 30

Power Failure - Page 60 - Overloading and what happens when you do it.

Character Worksheets - Page 61

Genre Suitability: Any.  Street level is perhaps the weakest point for FASERIP games and would need the most tweaking, but this point buy version might handle those slightly better.  Colourful heroics are fine. There are rules in here for the really Cosmic as well.  So should be able to take a crack at that.
Artwork: Poor computer modelled variety.

0 0ut of 10 Price (lower is cheaper per page)
3 out of 10 Length (lower is shorter)
5 out of 10 Complexity (lower is easier)
6 out of 10 Playability
1 out of 10 Artwork

5 out of 10 Overall

This takes the Marvel Super Heroes FASERIP game and gives it a 4CS inspired redo.  With point-buy by character and origin type which is an interesting mix and match idea. 

With eye-battering fluro green borders and somewhat messy layout raising the decipher the difficulty level. Using a d10+Ability opposition or target difficulty check to do away with the Universal Table, further diverging from the source. For an amateur production is understandably written and you can definitely play it. It could use some early table summary use when some game concepts are introduced and also perhaps as included handout/printout separate pages at the end.  There is only one included character for use.

A playable game, but it isn't easy being bright green when reading, so have to mark it down for layout.

2.5 out of 5

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Metahuman Mystics & Supernatural Supers 3 - Steven Trustrum

Is the last of them.

$1.65 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/24023/Metahuman-Mystics-%26-Supernatural-Supers-3?term=metahu&it=1

Big Gary [Gremlins],
Dr Freak [Little Gary],
Earthbound Deity [Divine Raven, Divine Steed],
Freak Maker [Freak Assistant],
Montu, Moonclaw,
Rita Sanchez,

0.15 Character Cost
0.35 Character Density

Zenith Comics Presents Supervillains! - Andrew Caddy

Four different systems - nice work.

Good value too - 10 villains for 99c - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/99880/Zenith-Comics-Presents-Supervillains-%28V%26V-21%29


Black Shroud,
Green Gargoyle,
Jackie Frost,

0.10 Character Cost
0.26 Character Density

4 out of 5

Circle Seven - Butch Curry

$1.50 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/23422/Circle-Seven?it=1

A supervillain metal band!  Just might have to get that one.  Seven characters plus roadies it says. 17 pages.


An entertaining Metallica parody.  Definitely worth grabbing...have to use some version of this lot.  Maybe with another band as an archenemy.

Billy Z. Bubba, Baalial,
Black Callie,
Winston Fontaine,
Nigel Laporte,
Jorgen Stross, Simon St Simone,
Alice Tears,

0.17 Character Cost
0.53 Character Density

4.5 out of 5

Moreau-1 Files - Mike Lafferty and Dan Houser

$1.00 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/86982/Moreau-1-Files-%28ICONS%29

The eugenically obsessed android himself.  And an elephantman.


0.50 Character Cost
0.17 Character Density

Capes, Cowls And Villains Foul Breakdown Review - Barak Blackburn

Capes, Cowls And Villains Foul Breakdown Review - Barak Blackburn

$5.99 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/104477/Capes-Cowls-and-Villains-Foul

163 pages

Opens with a comic page or two.

Chapter 0

Introduction - Page 5

Genre, Nuts and Bolts.

First! - A resource based game with traits diminishing over time.  Declare action with a trait and link others to the Primary Trait for a higher value before rolling. You have to record when one is used, power, skill or whatever.  Bookkeeping alert.  Characters will likely have 5-12 traits.  Traits refresh between scenes.

Second! - Setback tokens, not hit points. They represent taking a girder to the chin and wincing in pain!?  Yes, you have detected that the designer's grasp of English is a bit shaky. They are fatigue, hit points!? and exhaustion and frustration.

Chapter 1

Character Design

Traits, Complications, Editorial Control, Factoids.

One way - write down all the traits they might have in a big list.  Then narrow.
No, not my ideal way to do things, really.  Obviously very open-ended and descriptive this game.

Editorial Control?  That's from the Energy Supply school of naming boredom.

Suggested Design Points 100 for street and beginners to 200 for Big Guns.

Three tiers of Ranks: Human 1-4, Superhuman 5-8, Cosmic 9-12. Page 12 has the Trait Cost table. 1 for Human, 2 for Superhuman, 4 for Cosmic.

Modifiers - bonuses like Hint and Auto-Defend, Incapacitate, Link and Power-Up.  Also Restrictions like Situational Setback.

Page 22 gives a cost table with some of these.

Page 23-25 Has a few Trait suggestions and Trait design hints.

Editorial Control - Page 27 - the use of the Hero Points in this game.  Includes a Random Table for stuff that can happen.

Complications - Page 32 - Archenemies, weaknesses, etc.

Factoids - Page 36 - Character Quirks

Sample Characater Design - Page 38 - Afterburn

Plus and Play Templates - Page 42 - for 100, 150 and 200 points characters.

HEROES & VILLAINS - Page 48 - Hero and Villain color coded examples.  Very good.

Boy Frog, [Frog-Man could have a sidekick? :)]
Deathstalker, Doctor Moonlight, --- Deadeye, Death Star,
G33k Girl,
--- Lillith,
Monolith, Moon Girl, Muse, --- Mathemagician, Mime,
--- Professor Prestige,
Red Phoenix, --- Rat King,
Superball, --- Scarab, Slavedriver, Supermodel,
Terrapin Man, Tiger Lord,

CHAPTER 2 - Page 72

The System

CC&VF In Action

d12 exclusively.  Apparently they don't get enough love. Roll d12 and add Trait and compared to opposed Trait Roll or difficulty.  Apparently no kickbacks from d12 manufacturers to these guys, either. Ties give players the advantage.

When you use a Trait, mark it off.  You get Detriment Dice and they get less effective.

Combat example - Page 75 and 76 has a Combat Synopsis

Scenes - Page 77 - Three types, Action, Extended, Contested.
Initiative - Page 80
Difficulties and Penalties - Page 83 - from fastball specials to multi-attacks.

CHAPTER 3 - Page 92


They get Editorial Control from the Narrator - 6 plus the number of players.

Traps, speeches, C-Listers.

CHAPTER 4 - Page 98


Editorial, Fleeing, Team-Ups, Training, Injuries, LARPing.

Too Many Dice - Page 109 - As written, CC & VF is guilty of the Death Spiral Effect. Yes, we know that when Traits were defined as getting worse by use...so options to avoid this and bookkeeping is that they only ever get 1 Detriment Die worse.

Experience gaining ideas.

CHAPTER 5 - Page 114

Example of play

CHAPTER 6 - Page 140

Creating Issues

Adventure design and pacing and construction, with some samples.

APPENDIX - Page 152


Another superhero game?

A longtime superhero rpg fan and GM decided that the others weren't working exactly how he wanted and were too absolute.

GLOSSARY - Page 153

MISCELLANEOUS CHEAT SHEET - Page 157 - Combat options
BLANK CHARACTER SHEET - Page 158-159 - second page is for Usage

INDEX - Page 160

Genre Suitability: Good guys win heroics of the lighter four-colour variety is the designer's intent. That would be my opinion, too. Doc Savage types or Silver Surfers should be ok as long as that is the aim.
Artwork: Colour, quite reasonable tending to the top heavy.

3 0ut of 10 Price (lower is cheaper per page)
6 out of 10 Length (lower is shorter)
5 out of 10 Complexity (lower is easier)
5 out of 10 Playability
7 out of 10 Artwork

5.5 out of 10 Overall

The layout is attractive, the writing isn't but is understandable.  Needs some editing.  Not sure what comics the author reads where heroes get continually less effective with all their abilities as they are used?  Sounds more boardgamey, that one.

The design your own approach is one some will like, but needs more space on character creation guidance and less on play examples given it is a bit different.  Creating a couple as these rules went step by step would have been helpful.  I am the complete opposite of a novice to this and I probably wouldn't have done one on first readthrough.  Some more templates, too.  Experienced genre fans or players will cope, but not a game for new players as a first go I suggest. Editorial control, factoids, detriment, not really superhero fun Hulk Smash flavour abounding in that lot.

Fans and experienced players of a more narrative ad-libbing style or those with an experienced GM guide may find this one useful.

World Metahuman Factbook: Germany - Charles Rice

$2.25 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/54417/World-Metahuman-Factbook-Germany

The Metahumans profiled include

Mechaniker (the Machinist)
Leichentuch (The Shroud)
Schlächter (the Butcher)
Streitaxt (Battle Axe)
Schmetterlingssamler (Butterfly Collector)

Schwerverbrecher (“Dangerous Criminals”)

0.38 Character Cost
0.46 Character Density

3 out of 5

1985 Rogues - Jay Libby

A 4CS derived game supplement.

9 supervillains for $1.00, here :- http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/89994/1985-Rogues-%5BG-Core%5D

19 pages

Mega Volt, Meltdown, Mutant,
Reaper, Red Thorn,
Star Wraith,

0.11 Character Cost
0.47 Character Density

Bulletproof Blues Breakdown and Review - Brandon Blackmoor


253 Pages

The game is Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 United States Licence except for the Basics part by Greg Stolze and GM Advice.

There is an SRD here :- http://ogc.rpglibrary.org/index.php?title=Bulletproof_Blues

Genre Suitability:
Artwork: Very basic black and white, mostly look like villains.


Page 2 - a rules light game set in the world of the Kalos Comics.  A four colour universe but similar to the real world.  Somewhat dubious about rules light and 253 pages appearing in the same document, however.

Posthumans - Appeared after WWII

Fall of Paragon - Justifiers killed by their former teammate. Atlanta destroyed, Singapore sunk.  Mentioned a non-US place in the first page.  Bonus points for them.  Bulletproof Blues is set just after this crossover.

What is a Roleplaying Game? - Page 4

Why write Bulletproof Blues given many other games.  Wanted something more like The Authority or Planetary... BASH, Capes, Icons are too light for this when the tried them.  That is certainly true.  They tried Mutants & Masterminds and Wild Talents.  A bit odd they didn't try the obvious Hero, GURPS Supers and Superworld...for Authority type brutal.  Or DC Heroes with one more realistic genre rules.  Not 'lite' rules of course any of those three, so that could be why.

Ground Rules - Page 5

Don't abuse the system, common sense, avoid arguments, respect genre conventions, no running out of bullets or cosmic gadget recharges.  Super science doesn't get to the marketplace.

Core Mechanics - Page 7

Roll 2d6, count the dots and add the result to a relevant attribute.  This is compared to a difficulty number...often 12.  A guideline table is given with some probability examples from Impaired Human to Godlike.  Nigh-impossible is 21.

Plots Points - Page 8

Start with one, get more for being entertaining or interesting or when GM goes fiat or makes things more difficult.

Benchmarks - Page 8

Table for lifting, throwing, breaking, moving.  Rank 14 Strength can lift 10 million tons and break Kirbium.  Marvel Super Heroes Unearthly would be 8 on this scale.  100 tons.

Glossary - Page 11

BASICS - Page 13

A Greg Stolze gaming overview about what the RPG thing is.  On what to do, fun, troublemakers, setting, behaviour, etc.

CREATION - Page 25

Making a character...there is a free helper at drivethrurpg.  You can send yours in to their wiki.

Sobriquet - Name/catchphrase 'Smartest Woman in New Zealand'
Background - Personality, Description, History
Origin - Alien, Altered, Artificial, Aspect, Engineered, Equipped, Zenith
Archetypes - Beanstalk, Calculator, Cannon, Clay, Dolphin, Elemental, Gadget, Hammer, Mirror, Rocket, Shadow, Sword, Tank
Motivations - Adventure, Anger, Audacity, Control, Curiosity, Enthusiasm, Faith, Glory, Guilt, Honor, Individualism, Justice, Love, Materialism, Mentoring, Nobility, Passion, Pride, Protection, Rebellion, Responsibility, Serenity, Traditionalism, Vengeance,
Complications - Enemy, Gruesome, Outsider, Uncontrolled Power, Vulnerability

Points and Power Level - Page 43

Characters are made with character points.  Then there's a Power Level table.
Normal Joe is 20 points - Rank 2 benchmark
Global Guardian is 70 points - Rank 8 benchmark ...the Unearthly MSH level from before.
Nightblack would be in the City Defender 50 point range.
Page 45 has a Villain counterpart to this.

Improving - Slow, as per the genre.  Experience is given at the end of a story arc of a few sessions. Gives a table, 1 for playing enthusiastically, 1 for roleplaying, 1 for being clever...and suggests awarding these to different players.

Attributes - Page 46

Brawn, Agility, Reason, Willpower, Prowess [Fighting], Accuracy [Ranged Shots], Endurance

Modelling Nightback, we'd take:
5 Brawn
5 Agility
4 Reason
4 Willpower
6 Prowess
6 Accuracy
3 Endurance

33 points.

Skills - Page 49

Background, Expertise Areas. A Table of Typical skill groups is given, including the associated attribute. Examples like Survival group or Deception group.

Advantages - Page 57

Another game with the in-betweeners like Mental Calculator or Unsettling.

Powers - Page 62

Typical powers, with Activation and Task Roll and Range information with the character creation cost.  It is a quite short list with some generics.

Looking like one of the generics would be used for Darkness if building Nightblack again...and Strike is a Prowess power. Take 5 ranks of Darkness for 15 and one rank of Strike for 1.

So Element Mastery: Darkness and is 3 Character Points per rank.
Strike does mention Sword in the description and does Brawn +1 or the Power Rank whichever is greater.

Powers Modiers - Page 125

Enhancements like explosive effect, area, increased range.  Advice on New Powers you make up and meta roleplay type powers.

Equipment - Page 129

A list of weapons, including a Nausea-inducing pistol and Speech-suppression pistol and a Pacification rifle. Vehicles include Aircraft Carrier and Dirigible.

Actions - Page 133

Time and benchmarks (never seen anyone use a hawksbill sea turtle as a weight benchmark before!), range bands for the various ranks.

When your movement action starts talking about standing up from prone positions and things of that ilk you aren't too light, either.

Four kinds in a round - free, movement, task and roleplay.  Actions also have reactions.

Rolling Dice - Page 142

Unopposed task difficulties and modifiers like trying to hit a fast moving target.

Opposed Task number is 8 plus the defender's relevant attribute, including modifiers.

Tasks can be Extended.  Failure paragraph suggests success at a cost rather than grinding things to a halt if tasks are failed, which is good advice.

Taking the Average and Taking the Max...an automatic 7 roll if under no pressure for difficulty 7 or less tasks and an automatic 12 if you have no time limit.  Either require no penalty for failure.  Don't be boring add-ons...very good.

Extreme Success if if you beat the Task Number by three or more.  If fighting, you may take it as an Overwhelming, Smashing or Staggering bonus.

Combat - Page 147

This is simulataneous, basically and depends on what makes sense...where determination is needed, use Perception, Agility and Willpower in order to break ties.  Then the usual Delay, Attack, Combining attacks into one to increase damage and Co-ordinating to asssist someone with an attack to make it easier.  Good rules to have.  Some other manoeuvres as well, Ram, Slam, Taunt, Distract.  Defensiev as well like Block and Dodge.

Damage - Page 155

What if it is explosive, penetrating, stunning or that sort of thing.  Protection ratings, recovery and death.  A rating of the negative of your current Endurance is likely dead, with a more four-colour possibility for return than something like The Authority.

Plot Points - Page 157

Automatic success, Inspiration, Power Boost, Power Stunt, Rally, Retcon.

The Environment - Page 160

Breathing and not, burning, the usual. Darkness, Dehydration.  Earth's core is hot Rank 14.  Pathogens and Poison for if you want to know what Rank VX Nerve Agents are.  Pressure, Radiation, Sleep, Starvation. Vacuum.


Part of a larger Kalos multiverse.  Earth-0, this one.  To shorthand its existence in 196,883 dimensional space.

Atlantis and Lemuria, Extraterrestrials.

Posthumans - Page 170

Fewer than 800 posthumans worldwide.  200 in North America. 100 in the USA. Let's see, 300 million of 7 billion. 4-5% of the world population and 12.5% of the lot.  That's a much greater than slightly more average tendency to migrate to the USA.  No reason for which is given?

Corporations - Page 171
Governments - Page 174
Subversive Organisations - Page 176 - Aegis, ASGARD, GORGON, Jade Moon Society, Project Genesis
Technology - Page 180 - Armour, Energy, Genetics, Time/Dimensional Travel,
Magic & the Supernatural - Page 182

GM ADVICE - Page 185

Again by Greg Stolze, hence not being Creative Commons again.
Basic Duties, Plot, The Hook, Rising Action, Paper Tigers, Climax, Falling Action, Conflict, Keeping the Villain Alive, Rules Resolution, Character, Description.

GM's Advanced Duties - Page 200

Tone Control, Leadership, Fair Conflict,

Characters - Page 203

A few to get you started.  Always a good idea to get into a game straight away.

Manticore, Monolith,

Villains - Page 218

Chthyra, Crocolisk,
Karen X,
Master Sin, Miasma (and the Fume Troopers),

Creative Commons License - 240
OGL - 242

INDEX - 244-249

Genre Suitability: A wide variety of superheroics from Mystery Men to Cosmic.  Suggests that it is going for The Authority or Planetary.  There's isn't really any in-game evidence to support that this is the specific frame of reference.  The Kalos Universe appears to be a standard US four-colour slightly more modern setting.  Doesn't remotely read Titans punching the heads off despots in the way that Brave New World does.  This is an absolutely good game for running any of the usual variety of superhero games...you could Wildstorm tweak it if you wanted, certainly.  Maybe they will have some genre rules or suggestions in their upcoming mentioned second edition.  Bulletproof Bumblers, Brawlers, Blues, Bastards, etc. or something like that. For a range form comedy through to nasty.

The name definitely suggests more of a downer than you get when reading it.
Artwork: Colour, sparse, basic with a little public domain.

2 0ut of 10 Price (lower is cheaper per page)
8 out of 10 Length (lower is shorter)
7 out of 10 Complexity (lower is easier)
8 out of 10 Playability
5 out of 10 Artwork

8 out of 10 Overall

This is an attractively designed game, Creative Commons with a great value price.  Any fan of superhero games can certainly risk their not quite 5 bucks and be very happy with the results.  I don't agree with the rules light mention.  Neither is it overly complex though.  Somewhere right around DC Heroes with benchmarks and target numbers with some additional rules on top of that.  I'd call it moderately complicated.  The rules section takes up the first 160+ pages but the Kalos setting has a little in it, too.  You get a feel that is somewhere between DC Heroes and Marvel Super Heroes with the ranks and tables I think.  The example setting would be useful for someone new to the type of game.

Definitely recommended for those that like the moderate level of gaming complexity or crunch a la Villains & Vigilantes, Super Squadron, Golden Heroes/Squadron UK, Icons, Marvel Super Heroes, DC Heroes, Brave New World etc.

Fans of superhero games in general will definitely find it a worthwhile and very cheap investment.

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Superworld - Steve Perrin


$12.07 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/82099/Superworld-Roleplaying

The box set has 3 books and game aids.

Superheroes Book


What is a game, dice.

Page 4 - Handwritten character sheet for Stormbolt.
Page 5 - Superhero creation.  Secret identity, yearly income roll including details of professions. Origin.

Characteristics - Strength, Constitution, Size, Intelligence, Power, Dexterity, Apperance.  Roll heroes and villains on 2d6+6.  Normals use 3d6.

You get skill points based on the average of the characteristics.  Her total is 86.  The average of which is 12ish.  Hero points is this total of 86.  You can reroll lowest characteristics until you get 91, but we won't worry about it.

The most important Superpowers are Energy Supply and those listed under Super Characteristics.  Powers are in the Superpowers book not the Superheroes book though.  You can take Power Advantages, Disadvantages and Handicaps.

Characteristic Rolls - Idea (INT * 5), for working stuff out.  Luck (POW * 5) and Agility (DEX * 5)

Let's generate one. How about :

Indira Nguyen, Plumber. 27.  Not on the list of sample occupations.

STR 15
CON 11
SIZ 10
INT 11
POW 14
DEX 12
APP 13

Currently Indira has a Damage Bonus of +1d6 from STR+SIZ that costs 3 EP to use.
Action Ranks are based on Dex.  Hers are 12 and 2.

Being a BRP game if you make a critical roll you check the thing and you might get an increase.  Additional Hero Points can be gained by experience and can be spent as above.

Let's give her
Gas Projection - the ability to summon toxic Sewage gas.  4d6 at 9 metres radius is 20 points.
Poison - Killer sewage - 7 levels is 21 points.
Extra Hit Points - 10 levels is 20 more hit points.  Plumbers are tough, here.
Energy Supply - 25 points.  Gives 250 energy points to use on powers, extra.

Personal Energy is CON + POW or 25 and PE/10 is the Recharge Rate for Resting.

The Sewer

Indira Nguyen, Plumber. 27.

STR 15
CON 11
SIZ 10
INT 11
POW 14
DEX 12
APP 13

HT 33
PE 275
RR 2.5


20 Gas Projection - 4d6 at 30m with 9m radius
21 Poison - Killer sewage - 7 levels
20 Extra Hit Points - 10 levels
25 Energy Supply - 10 leves

Skills Increases

Plumbing - 99%
Drive - 49%


Time, tactics and actions in rounds. Melee Round, Full Action, Semi-Action, Quartermove and Instantaneous varieties.  Page 18 has the resistance table, that is Characteristic 10 Active vs Characteristic 10 Passive is a 50% chance.

Crucial Rolls - special, critical, fumble.
Boosting - spend extra energy to do more with powers.
Damage - surviving asphyxiation, combat, electricity, fire, etc.
Lifting and Throwing - impact damage.
Breaking Things - Material resistance and SIZ table. SIZ 100 is 159 tons.

COMBAT - Page 25

Movement - three types
Quartermove - which is only 1/5 for flight!
Normal - 3/4 of movement is a semi action.
Straightline - no deviation and you can go 4 times as fast!

Flight - Harder to manoeuvre in air apparently as very little friction.  Use agility rolls to determine it actually says when the statistic is Dexterity.  Oddball physics more than usual in Superworld.

Attack - manoeuvres, weapons, crucial rolls.  Shockwaves and Stomps, Hulk. Passing attacks. Aura Attacks - Social type intimidation but : Youth - If you are a teenager you get POWx1% bonus to a resistance roll.

Defending and Danage.  Knockback.

GLOSSARY - Page 31 then Character Sheet and Contents.



Overview of breaking down each power type and Energy type.

Page 4 - Superpowers Tables
Page 8 - Superpowers Descriptions
Page 25 - Power Advantages
Page 29 - Skills table
Page 30 - Skills Description
Page 35 - Power Disadvantages - sure, why not have skills in the middle of Advantages and Disadvantages?!
Page 37 - Handicaps - like bad luck, clumsiness, psychological problems, etc. Gaining Hero Points.


You also get an Operatives Control sheet in this box and a Character Control Sheet and an Action Rank sheet. Along with Errata and Notes and various character sheets.  And GM Screen type reference sheets with powers, weapons, etc and the useful Resistance Table, SIZ, Impact, Action Times, that sort of thing.

Page 3 - Introduction

GM Obligations - Screening and overhauling heroes, Campaign Control - Incomes,

Various short note sections on these :-

Organizations - details of FORCE and Omega, briefly.
Law - Several pages on felonies and misdemeanours by Dee and Herman.
Animals - Something more useful and less boring than the above.  Includes an allosaurus.

Page 17 - Adventure - Deadly Devices of Doctor Dread

For 3 to 8 new superheroes.  Cut back if fewer than 5 it tells the GM.


 --- Absorber,
 --- Blackflash, Black Maria, Brainwave,
Captain Wonder, --- Cerebella,
 --- Dynaman, Doctor Dread Snatch Team, Doctor Dread,
Fury, --- Fire Operatives,
 --- Killer Bee,
Maestro, --- Mighty Mauler,
 --- Pile Driver,
 --- Rapidfire,

Page 34 - Adventure - The Haunting

For 3 to 5 beginning superheroes.

 --- Arch-Ghoul,
 --- Dark Spawn,
 --- Seeker,
 --- Poltergeist,
 --- Leviathan,

So these adventures give at least a few heroes for people to use and some opponents done up as examples.

Genre Suitability: Lower level and powered games and certainly Wild Cards and the more brutal or lethal subgenres of superheroes are better suited to this system with too many holes.  See Runequest or CoC.  Can be dead super types aplenty, here. Realistic/real world + powers.
Artwork: Very basic black and white, mostly look like villains.

6 0ut of 10 Price (lower is cheaper per page)
5 out of 10 Length (lower is shorter)
7 out of 10 Complexity (lower is easier)
4 out of 10 Playability
4 out of 10 Artwork

5 out of 10 Overall

There are certainly some WTF bits and pieces in here and the organisation isn't very good.  I doubt you've ever heard anyone say: the superpower I'd most love to have is Energy Supply.  And it is necessary as you otherwise have mostly Deuces in a Wild Card sense who will get one or two shots and be exhausted.  And if using multiple powers? If you love Basic Roleplaying this may be for you.  Otherwise there are better games.  You could nick the skill system for another game using the appropriate attributes for that one for those that don't have them as such.

Amazing Stories of WWII: Pearl Harbor December - Charles Rice

There are [thing=84935][/thing] and [thing=124804][/thing] versions as well, all the same price.

$2.00 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/87693/Pearl-Harbor-December-Villains-of-WWII-%28BASH%29

A bunch of Japanese supervillains.

Kaibutsu, Katanamochi, Koegoejini, Kojiki,
Shinjuwan Juunigatsu,

0.33 Character Cost
0.75 Character Density

BASH Ultimate Edition Breakdown Review - Chris Rutkowsky

BASH Ultimate Edition Breakdown Review

$9.99 - 137 pages http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/65882/BASH-Ultimate-Edition


The overview gives the motivation and changes. No more energy points and changes to range and area. Key terms are defined again.

Chapter 1

Character Creation

Scale has been added into the point buy system...so suggestions for 20 point Mystery Men or 60 point Cosmic Heroes.

The three statistics are still from 0-5 and tables give benchmark descriptions for the levels.

Then power costs, levels and types, Skills and Descriptions, Advantages & Disadvantages with longer desciption.

Hero points and setbacks and mental malfunctions!

Chapter 2

Page 15 explains the 2d6 dice mechanic where if you roll a double you roll an extra d6 and add it to your total.  If you have a triple, do it again, etc.  Difficulty numbers and Hero Point use brings up the fact that rolls and numbers should be transparent to encourage their use.  Then explains the multiplication by statistic in more detail listing modifiers and hindrances on a dice penalty level.

Basic Combat Rules

Per panel actions, appropriately comic flavoured titling. Move, attack, all that sort of thing. For example: Run, Spring, Swim, Climb, Jump, Creep.  Not your usual heroic adjective.  Unless your name is Jack Ryder.  Half movement rate sneakiness possible speed that one.  Knockback rules, which are always fun.  Damage taken reduced by how tough you are and a multiplier.


The Narrator has points to use in the Hero Point economy as well.  Some characters have them at creation but the Narrator gets two per Hero per issue to be used against any character.  Earning Hero Points and the use of Hero Dice is also detailed...basically a Big Hero Point that has a variety of uses in a DC Adventures type fashion, automatic roll success number, recover damage, dodge, etc.

Special Rules

Called shots, wrestling, throwing people, teamwork and more advanced manoevures and tactics.  Again, collateral damage and weapons appear as per the first edition.  With tables for when you want to look up what whacking someone with a monkey wrench will do for you. Or with an evil monkey in the Improvised Weapons section.

Beyond Combat

Healing, exetended actions like inventing or social repartee, noticing, environmental conditions for when things get extremely toasty.  Vehicles and headquarters.

Chapter 3


Starting on page 36, Limitations, Costs, Enhancements etc. Guidelines on Reading Descriptions in a table.  Then you get the breakdown by type such as Movement and the details for each.  Several times longer than the original edition this one.

Narrator's Section

Chapter 4 Starting on Page 59

Running a Campaign advice, including let the players help. Setting, scale, created vs established.

More specifically, then Focus of the Issue: Mysteries, Brawls or subplots.  With advice for each.  Then Random Events table.  Apparently people enjoy this sort of thing.  Where you might even have a Monster Movie being filmed.  Guidelines for your own random tables.


Motivation and type breakdowns, advantages.  Villains have Villain Points.  Minions have nada.  No luck for them.  A special use for villain Dice: Deus Ex Machina.  This is a good one, actually codified as a rule for what it is for the miraculous escape move.

Minions and Gangs

Always useful for the Narrator, rules for use singly and together.  Even if Eldritch Horrors.  Includes some animal favourties as well.

Chapter 5

Detailing various settings and tropes.

Pulp Heroes, Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Super Teens, Science Fiction, Fantasy.

Cosmic - The other settings are as expected, giving archetypes and notes of usefulness.  The Cosmic setting gets more inventive. It includes rules for high levels of statistics and power and the multipliers.  Cosmic Knock-Back!  How far you go if hit in space by someone with Cosmic Might. Using grid ranges at this level. Excellent flavour.  How many Hits can a planet take?  Moving Planets.  Any superhero GMw ould like to take a quick look at this if interested in this setting.

There are also notes on scale crossover.


Page 108 gives Hero & Villain Archetypes by scale.  So you can quickly make Barbarian Warrior Mystery Men level to World Class Amazons or Cosmic Harbingers of Doom.

Appendix A

Page 128 gives Alternate Game Mechanics. Cards, d12, d10, d6 pools, Fudge Dice for BASH! which involves changing multiples to modifiers.

Map & Miniature alternatives...using hexes instead of squares.  Ranges.  Advantges & Disadvantages and Static Defenses & Soaks.

Fame - how to put in a popularity rating and use it.  Plus Experience Points.

Index - 2 pages

Character Sheet

BASH Quick Build Sheet for character scope and creation.

Genre Suitability: Many, see settings. Nasty and brutal is not its thing though. Definitely for brighter heroics.
Artwork: Colour, cartoon. Danilo Moretti shares a style with Dan Houser here.

5 out of 10 Price (lower is cheaper per page)
5 out of 10 Length (lower is shorter)
5 out of 10 Complexity (lower is easier)
6 out of 10 Playability
7 out of 10 Artwork

7.5 out of 10 Overall

I could even go towards 8, this is really a quite charming Advanced update. With a couple of innovations and four-colour flavour. This is somewhere between Villains & Vigilantes and Marvel Super Heroes Advanced I suppose in terms of difficulty.  And length, too although considerably larger font style than either there.  The artwork style certainly friendlier fun heroes compared to a later Champions or Heroes Unlimited variety in the original game. Lacks a random generation system that wouldn't be hard to do at a basic level. Lacks any completely done and named characters, just having numerous archetypes.

In fact, speaking of Marvel, they have a table at the beginning for resolution lookup to prevent people who are multiplication challenged from having problems.  This is definitely Universal Table Style with the resolution having a bit of the Pacesetter (Chill etc) with the extra check for the column instituted.

Overall well done and would also be a useful introductory game but also enough depth that people that like the style should be happy with it for ongoing play.

3.5 out of 5

BASH Original Edition Breakdown Review - Chris Rutkowsky

BASH Original Edition Breakdown Review

$1.99 - 30 pages http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/19178/BASH-Basic-Action-Super-Heroes-%28Original-Edition%29?it=1


The overview says it was designed to be a game for kids, but others liked it too. Key terms are defined.

Character Creation

On page 3, assign 7 points between Brawn, Agility and Mind, get extra by taking a weakness or fewer powers.  Ranked from 1-5.

Spend 9 points on powers or vary by changing with stats as above. Choose an origin and a power limitation to make them cheaper if you desire.  Or power enchancments, which make them more expensive.  You can take a bad weakness.

Types of Powers

Listed on Page 4-9 - a short but reasonable selection.


Starting on Page 9, a list of other things characters can do.


From Page 11, even a short game like this has this nebulous other section.  Things like Appeal, Celebrity, Contacts, Dumb Luck.  Then the Disadvantage counterparts on page 13 and 14.

Dice Mechanic

Page 15 details the 2d6 multiplied by ability mechanic, trying to beat a difficulty number from 10 (easy) to 50 (nigh-impossible).  With a tweak that if you roll doubles, you roll another d6 and add to your original 2d6.  If you then have a triple, roll another one,e tc.

Combat Rules

Highest agility wins initiative and heroes win ties.  All except Mental attacks are Agility vs Agility.  Not a good sign when a writer can't use loose and lose correctly, generally but this is better than the usual left-end of the curve type, thankfully.  Damage is based on Brawn and you make a defense roll similarly.  If the attack is higher than the defense, then damage.  A bit Tunnels & Trolls style, but even simpler perhaps.

Page 16 is detailing what actions you can do, movement, attack, wrestling, knock-back. Energy points are spent on powers a la Villains & Vigilantes or Champions.  A simple number in that heroes have 10 and different powers have different cots. Then rules for falling, water, shooting and blowing up, improvised weapons, collateral damage and chase scenes on 17-18 with the Vehicle list on 19.


Ratings and rules on page 20, with a listing that follows, cops, ninjas, robots, aliens.

Sample Story Arc

The Gauntlet on page 22 to 25.  Sample characters on pages 27-28.

Advice for Running Bash

A page on this, experience and more powerful characters with a character sheet on the final page.


Genre Suitability: Four Colour Heroics
Artwork: Black and White

5 out of 10 Price (lower is cheaper per page)
2 out of 10 Length (lower is shorter)
2 out of 10 Complexity (lower is easier)
4 out of 10 Playability
6 out of 10 Artwork

3 out of 5 Overall

This is a solid, deliberately short and even old school type game that would indeed make a decent introduction for people. Also it would be quickly put together and explained one-shot.  Somewhere in the area of the original Marvel Super Heroes Basic Game. Definitely good for kids.

People that want a bit more granularity and variety and options are likely to quickly become bored. There is certainly room to build a BASH Advanced though.

3 out of 5

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hero Pack 2 - Dan Houser

Hero Pack 2

Some fan created characters again it seems and illustrated by the prolific Mr Houser in fine style.

$8.00 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/90474/ICONS-Hero-Pack-2

Again with standups for each.

One example of a background:

The Secret Origin of Gravedigger :-
"Abandoned by his parents at birth, the freakish Gravedigger was taken in by a local undertaker, Mr Burgess. An avid comicbook reader he quickly resolved to use his powers and mighty shovel to fight evil: because evil is bad."

Obviously, he shovels very well.

Adaptor, Alchemist, Alien Mastermind,
Cancer, Clocker,
Darkness, Dark Pharaoh,
Gravedigger, Guardian,  
Kid Calamity, Kumbakarna, Kyudo Yumi,
Mayet, Mook,
Peer, Prestigio,
Queen Malevola,
Ragged Jack, Rockette,
Scarlet Sabre, Selene, Sephirah Eleven, Shadowform,

0.27 Character Cost
0.46 Character Density

3.5 out of 5

GURPS Supers Wild Cards - John J. Miller

--- Blaise Andrieux, Astronomer, Aevre,
Bagabond, Black Eagle, --- Leo Barnett, Bludgeon, John F. X. Black,
Captain Trips [Jumping Jack Flash, Moonchild, Cosmic Traveler, Starshine, Aquarius,], Carnifex, Cordelia Chaisson, Chrysalis, Cyclone, --- Chickenhawk,
Xavier Desmond, Doctor Tachyon, Digger Downs, Charles Dutton, --- Deadhead, Demise,   
Elephant Girl, Envoy, Captain Angela Ellis, --- Ezili-Je-Rouge,
Fortunato, Father Squid, Dr Bradley Latour Finn, --- Fadeout, Fantasy,
Gimli, Golden Boy, --- Rosa Maria Gambione, Glabberian,
Harlem Hammer, Howler,
J. C. Jayewardene, --- Jube the Walrus, Judas,
Kid Dinosaur, Detective Second Grade Harvey Kant, --- Kien Phuc, Kahina, Kim Toy, Kafka, Kondikki,
 --- Lazy Dragon, Loophole, Linetap, Ly'bahr, 
Modular Man, --- Mackie Messer,
Mr Nobody, --- Nur-al-Allah, 
Peregrine, Popinjay, --- Puppetman,
Quasiman, Dr Victoria Queen, --- Quinn the Eskimo,
 --- Revenant, Rhindarian,
Sewer Jack, Sleeper, Sayyid, Swarm, --- George Steele, Suia Ma,  
Dr Maxim Travnicek, The Great and Powerful Turtle, Troll, --- Ti Malice,
Water Lily, Hiram Worchester, Wraith, Wyungare, --- Warlock, Whisperer, Wyrm,

0.65 Character Density

4 out of 5

DC Universe Roleplaying Game - Fred Jandt & Nikola Vrtis

This game was pretty light on for characters in the main book, only 60 odd including the few sample character designs written up like others.

Acrobat, Aquaman,
Batman, Harvey Bullock, --- Bane, Black Adam [Theo Adam,], Blockbuster,
Cut-Lass, Catalyst, Captain Marvel [Billy Batson,], Mickey Cannon, --- Catwoman, Cheetah, Circe, The Cyborg,
Discuss, Contessa Erica Alexandria del Portenza, --- Darkseid, Deathstroke, Dr Light, Dabney Donovan,
Flash, Lucius Fo,
Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Commissioner James Gordon,
Hitman, Mattie Harcourt,
 --- Joker,
Lois Lane, --- Lady Shiva, Lex Luthor,
Morningstar, Martian Manhunter, Renee Montoya, --- Mirror Master, Mist,
Nightwing, --- Neron,
Barry O'Dare, Hope O'Dare, Mason O'Dare, --- Ocean Master, Matt O'Dare,
Alfred Pennyworth, LInda Park, 
Robin, Serling Roquette, --- Chief Redhorn,
Starman, Superboy, Supergirl, Superman, Helena Sandsmark, Michael Schorr, Leslie Sharp, Inspector Maggie Sawyer, --- Scarecrow,
Inspector Daniel Turpin, --- Trickster, Two-Face, Torque,
Wonder Woman, Perry White, Colonel Adam Winterborne,

0.27 Character Density

4 out of 5

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bold Costumes Black Hearts - Scott Lynch

This is a d20 game.  Lots of DIY games might be written by those whose language skills are more to the left of the bell curve.  Not so with this one, being a production of the writer of the Locke Lamora series. Obviously a comic geek from way back this one is a little more literary.  And way better than I thought it would be, not to mention really excellent value.

$8.95 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/17884/Bold-Costumes-Black-Hearts?it=1&filters=0_0_10010_0_0

It adds some classes (to others in the main book) and gives character examples statted out at various Levels.  You, too, can have multi-classed Rogue/Tyrants, or Wizard/Menace/Tyrant etc.

There are some villain teams and a bunch of solo characters, with some tips on fighting etc. for each.

Minor downside is if you don't like lavender much.

The last 15 pages are Add-Ons of entertaining +3.

Goon Gear and Minion Machinery.

e.g. Assault Purse, Faceless Minion Helmet

Next we have

The Goonmaker

random tables for goons and their style!

Roll for Dressed as :-

2 Beatniks - 1d4: 1-2 they recite poetry for fighting, 3-4: drums are just for show

Strong, Fast, Tough Goon subtables and Feats, skills, armours, leaders, loot.

On top of that goodness:

Random Ninja Generator!

Abilities, Skills, Weapons, Powers.

and a couple of items to note to end with.

This book is worth a look just for the last section.

Wild Cards - Steve Kenson and John Joseph Miller

This is a campaign book...and a really great one. Again the combination of author and game designer does wonders.  There are quite a lot of characters detailed. Even though a setting it is still right in the middle as far as density value goes.

There's an introduction, over and timeline up to page 50.  Alien races to 63 and then the Wild Cards profiles.  More background starting at about 190 with organisations and some campaign suggestions on the lower powered and deadlier nature of the Wild Cards games....showing the Superworld origins there.

There's a fun random generation section shortly afterwards...which Wild Cards powers generally are in the setting.  More on making it deadlier, some powers, skill and combat extras. 

A book series overview and series chronology and references to finish.

Wild Cards fans should love it, but also good for the 'superpowers added to real world' flavour of games.

Jay Ackroyd, Astronomer, --- Aevre,
Bagabond, J. Robert Belew, Black Eagle, Black Shadow, --- Leo Barnett, George G. Battle, Blaise, Bloat, Bludgeon, Butcher Dagon,
Cameo, Captain Flint, Cap'n Trips [Aquarius, Cosmic Traveller, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Moonchild, Starshine, Monster, Radical,], Cordelia Chaisson, Chrysalis, --- Crypt Kicker, John "Red Jack" Czenik,
Hannah Davis, Xavier Desmond, Detroit Steel, Digger Downs, Dr Tachyon, --- Deadhead, Demise,
Father Squid, Dr Bradley Latour Finn, John Fortune, Fortunato, --- Fadeout,
Golden Boy, Zoe Harris, Highwayman, --- Greg Hartmann, Herne the Huntsman,
J. C. Jayewardene, Jetboy, --- Jube the Walrus,
Kahina the Seer, Kid Dinosaur, --- Kondikki [Worker, Guardian, Consort, Godqueen,],
 --- Ly'bahr [Legionnaire], Lazy Dragon,
Midnight Angel, Mr Nobody, Modular Man, --- Morakh, Mackie Messer, Cash Mitchell, Rosemary Muldoon,  
 --- John Nighthawk, Nur Al-Allah,
Peter Pann, Peregrine, --- Kien Phuc, Georgy Vladimirovich Polyakov,
Quasiman, --- Quinn the Eskimo, 
Billy Ray, --- Rhindarian, Pan Rudo, 
Danny Shepherd, Sleeper, Sewer Jack, --- Swarm [Killer Mollusk, Pack Carnivore, Ophidian Millipede, Leaping Spider, Killer Carpet, Flapper, Second-Generation Swarmling, Third-Generation Swarmling,], Sayyid,
Topper, Great and Powerful Turtle, --- Ti Malice,
Blythe Van Renssaeler,
Water Lily, Will O' Wisp, Hiram Worchester, Wyungare, Wyungare, --- Warlock,

0.23 Character Cost
0.39 Character Density

5 out of 5

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Villains Vandals and Vermin - Steven S. Long

Also billed as an Enemies Book For Champions

$26.99 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/28102/Villains-Vandals-And-Vermin---PDF?it=1

60+ villains...it mentions henchmen etc. too, so there will be more characters than that being 133 pages I would think.  Expensive, however, so nowhere near enough for the price.

That price could be a mistake, at e-23 there is the more sensible half that of $13.49 - http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=DOJHERO226, which would seem to be the usual pricing structure.  So get it there.

One Master Villain, some organisations...including a Doom Patrol homage as before in Brain Trust and a bunch of the usual suspect solos.  Quite good.

Ambush, Arachne, Avant Guard, 
Brain Trust [Overbrain, Ape-Plus, Black Mist, Lynx, Mr Zombie,], Basilisk, Blackguard, Blindside, Buzzsaw,
Crimelords [Dreadnaught, Morgaine the Mystic, Starflare, Tiger Lily, Warhammer], Curse,
Entropy, Exo,
Galaxia, Gauntlet, Geos, Grenadier, Grotesque,
Kanrok the Acquisitioner,
Lash, Leviathan,
Magnetica, Mantisman, Megavolt, Mindgame, Momentum,
Onslaught, Orion, Overdrive,
Plague, Python,
Ricochet, Rictus,
Sargon, Sunburst [Helios, Nuke, Phaze], Smoke [Mirrors,], Spirit Dragon, Sunspot, Syzygy [Attack Orb,],
Tiger Squad [Graniteman, Red Bullet, Summer Cloud, Technocrat, Winter Dragon,], Terrayne, Timelapse,

0.22 Character Cost
0.47 Character Density

Vicious Villains 2: Mystical Monsters - Travis Legge

A mini that includes computer program art, ordinary writing, a new power and some advantages - Jury Rigging Artifacts, which sounds pretty entertaining.  Ghost Serpent the Palestinian housewife assassin is an interesting one.

$1.00 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/107885/Vicious-Villains-II-Mystical-Monsters

Arcadian, Auspex, Azmodeus,
Count Erich Grey,
Ghost Serpent,
Tunnel Rat,

0.13 Character Cost
0.47 Character Density

3 out of 5

Moreau-1 Files Third Dispatch - Mike Lafferty and Dan House

Number 3 is [thing=124801][/thing]

$1.00 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/89570/Moreau-1-Files-3rd-Dispatch-%28ICONS%29?term=moreau+files

Same as the second, three bad people.  Attractive but on the more expensive side.  See bundle note though, which would put them on the cheaper side.

Guigonal, Greijak,
Loki Lie-Smith,

0.33 Character Cost
0.25 Character Density

3 out of 5

Misfits & Menaces: DOOM - Steven Trustrum

Another is : [thing=73333][/thing]

$4.48 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/57431/Misfits-%26-Menaces-DOOM

This is longish at 78 pages and is chock full of evil, as they say.  New rules (including Immortal head lopping) and some characters, organisations and archetypes/templates and beasts.  So again pretty good work.

Barzani Demons [Death, Famine, Pestilence, War, Hybrid Template, Demon, Demon Mount, Chain Devil, Dretch, Hellhound,]
Council of Nine [Cultist, Senior Cultist, Dagger, Senior Dagger, Sorcerer, Senior Sorcerer, Senior Cultist Imp,],
Doomsayers [Acolyte, Bone, Cerberus, Chain, Doomspire Golem,],
Deadman [Switch,],
Fallen Angel,
Giant Insect [Ant, Beetle, Wasp, Locus Swarm,],
Immortal Template, Imp Template,
Speed Demon [Human, Demon,],

0.11 Character Cost
0.50 Character Density

4 out of 5

Metahuman Mystics & Supernatural Supers 2 - Steven Trustrum

The second:  is a little longer

Some fun stuff here - new power Confession Burn...save versus your level of evildoing or feel the pain!  Technology Repellent, Slow Learner.
Archetypes and examples for being entity bound, a Magician, etc.

$1.50 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=3591&it=1;&SRC=MisfitStudiosFooter

Bound Entity [Mortal, Entity,],
Crusader, Eva Cross,
Darren "Choir Boy" Sampson,
Then Hangman,
Presto, Primal Theurgist,

Masterminds & Madmen - Rob Hudson

Ok, so an Enemies book for Pulp Hero it says.

So some lower point miscreants and menaces, jungle queens, flyers, nazis, mobsters, evil geniuses, cultists, that sort of thing.  Still with some super powers.

$11.49 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/20513/Masterminds-%26-Madmen---PDF?it=1
$11.00 - https://www.herogames.com/viewItem.htm?itemID=202427

Gilbert Allen, El Azor, Achmed Ben-Ali,
Cabal [Jacqueline Easton, Geoffrey Danielson, General Alfred Scott, Franklin Trebodian, Devon Fellows, Sherman Robertson, Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos,],
Cimba Janakadi, Coletti Mobb [Michael Warren, Carlo Manzoni, Detective Lieutenant Arthur Corgan,], Cult of Nine Degrees [Beelzebub, Prince Python, Prince Belial, Prince Satan, Prince Asmodeus, Prince Merizim, Prince Apollyon, Prince Mammon, Prince Astaroth,], Crimson Wraith [Donald Latham, Enrico Cavalieri,], La Colombe Noir, Il Corridore Note, Ephiphronia Curran,
Doctor Fang Sheng [Li Lian, Ming Wei, Lok Shing, Ying Hu Shi,], Ettiene D'Arques [Vincent,], El Diablo Robotico, Der Dunkeladler,
Sir Jonathan Earle, Electrocutioner, 
Frankenstein Mob [Big Frank, Corpse, Nails, Hunch, Scareyes,], Fafnir, Flambeaux, Colonel Bruce Forsythe, Alejandro Fuentes,
Geistkapitan [Die Undeadmatrosen], Darren Gruner,
Ikeda Hideo,
Iron Claw [Padraig O'Flaherty, Amanda Boyd,],
Doctor Valentine Keene, Maximilian Krieger,
Li-Ming Jade,
Caroline Nefertari Madison, Anezka Mrazovic, 
Nefret Dominant, 
Victor Ivanovitch Petrov, Professor Prospero,
Red Sickle,
Skymaster [Air Marshal Lothar Von Hagen, Airmada Pilot,], Scorpion, Jimmy Selden, Peter Westonbridge Sinclair, Skywayman,
Drisana Varmandali, Volcano Master,
Yellow Scar,  

0.14 Character Cost
0.43 Character Density

Hero High Yearbook - Michael Hammers

Third third mini is an identical format

$4.95 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/50239/Hero-High-Yearbook

Bank Shot,
Gravity Master,

2.5 out of 5

DC Heroes Gamemaster's Manual - Greg Gorden

The First Edition had multiple books.  The Gamemaster's Manual has a chunk devoted to characters, heroes, villains and a quite extensive other/NPC section along with several pages of animals with full stat boxes.

Aellan Scientist, Atom, Aquaman, Aqualad, Alfred, Astronaut, Athlete, 
Branx Warrior, Batman, Black Canary, Beat Cop/Security Guard, --- Black Bison, Black Manta, Brainiac, Brother Blood,
Changralynian Sleeper, Changeling, Cyborg,  Culacao [Male, Female,], --- Catwoman, Cheetah II, Cheshire,
Detective, Doctor, --- Darkseid,
Elongated Man, Engineer,
Grafalloon, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Comissioner Jim Gordon, Gymanst, --- Gordanian Slayer, Gorilla Grodd,
Hawkman, Harvey Bullock,
Jericho, --- Joker,
Karnian Feline, Kid Flash, --- Killer Frost,
Lois Lane, Lana Lang, --- Lex Luthor,
Martian Manhunter, --- Mantis, Mr Mxyzptlk,
Jimmy Olsen, --- Okaaran Warlord,
 --- Penguin, Dr Psycho,
Roguian, Raven, ulia Remarque, --- Riddler,
Starfire, Superman, Soldier, Spy, --- Shark, Sinestro,
Tamaranian Scholar, Terry Long, --- Terminator, Terra, Thief
University Professor [Liberal Arts, Scientist,], U.S. Army Ranger,
Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman, Perry White,
Velorpian, Vicki Vail,

0.83 Character Density

DC Heroes Second Edition Background Roster Book - Ray Winninger

One of the really good things about the second edition was that it actually had a roster book or Background/Roster book as it calls it, somewhat in the style of The Atlas of the DC Universe or the recent DC Adventures Universe.  It goes for 100 pages of over 250 characters good and bad. Making it the second most densely packed character gaming book that I am aware of in Superhero RPG history.

Anthro the Cave Boy, Arion, Amethyst, Atom, Aquaman, Atom, Animal-Man, Abigail Arcane-Cable, Alfred Pennyworth, --- Anti-Monitor, Abel, Ambush Bug, Amazo,

Black Canary, Batman, Big Barda, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Brainwave, Black Orchid, Black Thorn, Blue Devil, Blackhawk, --- Baron Blitzkrieg, Bronze Tiger, Bizarro, Black Adam [Teth-Adam,], Black Manta, Blackfire, Bolt, Brainiac, Brother Blood, Brotherhood of Evil [Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Houngan, Plasmus, Phobia, Warp,], 

John Constantine, Captain Marvel, Creeper [Jack Ryder,], Captain Atom, Changeling, Cyborg, Danny Chase, Checkmate Knight, Comedian, Chunk, Commissioner Gordon, --- Cain, Captain Boomerang, Count Vertigo, Captain Cold, Catwoman, Cheetah [Barbara Minerva,], Chemo, Chronos, Circe, Croc, Coluans,

Demon, Deadman, Doctor Mid-Nite, Doctor Fate, Dove, Deadshot, Doctor Light, Doctor Midnight, Diamondette, Doctor Manhattan, --- Dragon King, Duchess, Darkseid, Desaad, Deathstroke the Terminator, Doctor Alchemy, Doctor Polaris, Daxamites, Dominators, Durlans,  

Enemy Ace, Elongated Man, --- Eclipso, 

Flash, Fire, Flash, Fury, 500Z-Q, Firehawk, Firestorm, Funky Flashman, --- Fearsome Five [Gizmo, Mammoth, Shimmer, Fiddler, Garguax,],  

Guardians of the Universe, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Gnort, Guy Gardner, Green Lantern, --- General Immortus, Godiva, Goldface, Gorila Grodd, Gil'dispan, Gordanians,   

Harbinger, Hawkman, Hourman, Jonah Hex, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Huntress, Hawk, Hourman, Hotshot, Harry Stein, Harvey Bullock, Highfather, --- Hector Hammond,   

Ice, --- Iron Major, Icicle, I..Vampire,  

Jericho, Jade, Jimmy Olsen, Julia Kapatelis, --- Joker, 

Kim Liang, Ma Kent, Pa Kent, --- Killer Frost, Kobra, Khunds, 

Lady Quark, Lana Lang, Lois Lane, --- Lex Luthor, Lady Shiva,  

Monitor, Mister Miracle, Martian Manhunter, Metamorpho, Mister Bones, Microwavabelle, Mister Muscle, Manhunter, 'Mazing Man, Metal Men [Gold, Lead, Tin, Iron, Mercury, Platinum,], Madame Xanadu, Maxwell Lord, Mera, --- Manhunter Androids, Mad Hatter, Major Disaster, Manga Khan, Matter Master, Masters of Disaster [Coldsnap, Heatstroke, New Wave, Shakedown,], Mikado, Mr Mxyzptlk,

Nightwing, Nuklon, Nite Owl, --- Nemesis, Nightshade, Nazi Soldiers,

Obsidian, Ozymandias, Oberon,

Pariah, Phantom Stranger, Power Girl, Private Eyes, Peacemaker, Plastic Man, Perry White, --- Parasite, Penguin, Plastique, Poison Ivy, Psions,
Queen Hippolyte, Johnny Quick, Question,

Rocket Red, Red Star, Rave, Ragman, Robin, Sergeant Rock [Bulldozer, Jackie Johnson, Little Sureshot, Wildman, Combat-Happy Joes,], Rorschach, Rip Hunter, --- R'As Al Ghul, Riddler,  

Swamp Thing, Adam Strange, Spectre [Jim Corrigan,], Sandman, Starman, Speedy, Starfire, Stretch, Suzy, Sandman, Starman, Superman, Silk Spectre, Sarge Steel, Steve Trevor, --- Shade the Changing Man, Shark, Scarecrow, Shrapnel, Dr Sivana, Solomon Grundy,

Johnny Thunder [Thunderbolt,], Troia, Terry Long, Tom Cook, --- Toyman, Two-Face, Thanagarians,   

Unknown Soldier,

Viking Prince, Voice-Over, Viking Commando, Vicki Vale, --- Vixen, Vandal Save,

Amanda Waller, Warlord, Wildcat, Wonder Woman, Wildcat, Wild Dog, Wade Eiling, --- Wizard, Warlords of Okaara,   


2.65 Character Density

Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe 2: Eel through Mad-Dog

The second [thing=48753][/thing] is the next chunk of the alphabet and basically the same size, packed in, two pages a character for ease of reference in a binder.

Elektra, Eternals [Ikaris, Makkari, Sersi, Thena, Mentor, Forgotten One, Khoryphos, Phastos, ],  --- Eel, Egghead, Ego, Enchantress, Enforcers [Montana, Fancy Dan, Ox, Snake Marston, Hammer Harrison, ], Executioner,
Falcon [Redwing,], Firestar, Forge, Dominic Fortune, Frankenstein's Monster, Frog-Man, Nick Fury, --- Fafnir, Amahl Farouk, Fenris [Andreas, Andrea,], Fenris Wolf, Firelord, Fixer, Flag-Smasher, Fly, Foolkiller [I,],

Gaea, Gargoyle, Ghost Rider III, Gorgon, Guardian, Guardians of the Galaxy [Vance Astro, Charlie-27, Yondu, Martinex, Starhawk, Nikki,], Guardsman, Peter Henry Gyrich, --- Galactus, Gardener, Geirrodur, Glorian, Goliath, Grandmaster, Gravitor, Green Goblin, Gremlin, Grey Gargoyle, Grim Reaper, Gypsy Moth,    

Agatha Harkness, Havok, Hawkeye, Hellcat, Hercules, Howard the Duck, Hulk [Bruce Banner,], Human Torch II, --- Hammer [Anvil, ], Justin Hammer, Hangman, Hatemonger [II, III,], Heliopolis [Geb, Horus, Isis, Nut, Osiris, Seth], Hellions [Catseye, Empath, Jetstream, Roulette, Tarot, Thunderbird, ], High Evolutionary, Hobgoblin I, Hobgoblin II, Hulkbusters [General Thunderbolt Ross, Soldier, Armand Martel, Samuel J. La Roquette, Craig Saunders, Carolyn Parmenter, Hideo Takata, Clay Quartermain,], Hydro-Man, Hyperion I,

Iceman, Inhumans, Invisible Woman, Iron Fist, Iron Man [II, Grey, Golden, Space, Silver Centurion, Stealth, ], --- Immortus, Imperial Guard [Astra, Electron, Earthquake, Fang, Gladiator, Hobgoblin, Hussar, Impulse, Magic, Manta, Mentor, Midget, Nightside, Oracle, Quasar, Smasher, Starbolt, Tempest, Warstar, B'Nee and C'Cil,], Impossible Man, In-Betweener, Interloper, It the Living Colossus,

Jack of Hearts, John Jameson [Man-Wolf, ], Jocasta, Rick Jones, --- Jester, Juggernaut,

Jennifer Kale, Karma, Karnak, Ka-Zar, Kid Colt, --- Kang [Growing Man,], Kangaroo, Karnilla, Kiber the Cruel [Android,], Killer Shrike, Kingpin, Klaw, Korvac [Human Form,], Krang, Kraven, Kurse,

Lilandra, Lockheed, Lockjaw, Longshot, Lorelei, --- Leader [Robots,], Legion, Lightmaster, Living Laser [Human,], Living Monolith [Stage I, II, II,], Living Tribunal, Lizard [Curtis Connors,], Llyra, Loki, Lord Chaos,                   

Machine Man, --- Machinesmith, Madame Masque, Madcap, Mad-Dog,

5 out of 5


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Arcane Adversaries - Dean Shomshak

Another 5th Edition book that says it is an Enemies book for Champions.

This one is $8.50 at Paizo - http://paizo.com/products/btpy88pj?Champions-Arcane-Adversaries

and $13.50 at Drivethru - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/29282/Arcane-Adversaries---PDF?it=1


Fewer than Evil Unleashed...a supplement designed for those with a more mystical campaign that want more magical adversaries than the percentage in the other books, apparently.  Same quality, same price, similr length lower density again than Evil Unleashef.

Black Fang, Bromion,
Circle of the Scarlet Moon [Archdruid Airetach, Martika Duquesne, Roger Duquesne, Wicker Man, ]
Devil's Advocates [Demonologist, Golem, Golem Animated Statue, Gyre, Kapilasa, Tartarus, Vilsimbra], Doctor Teneber,
Evil Eye,
Harpy, Hell Rider [Brimstone,],
Kings of Edom [Vulshoth, Hand of Deizzhorath, Tappan Arkwright, Angler, Mind Thief, Spawn of Vulshoth, Squrm, ],
Mother Gothel,
Sylvestri Clan [Patriach, Bocal McFarlane, Astralle, Cornelius Liefeld, ],
Tezcatlipoca [Nagual Cultist,],
Vandaleurs [Adrian, Eduard, Anais, Chatoyant, Tobias, ],

0.20 Character Cost
0.35 Character Density

Evil Unleashed - Steven S. Long

This also says it is an Enemies book for Champions.

$8.49 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/20936/Evil-Unleashed---PDF?it=1

According to the blurb: -

It collects the villains from nearly a dozen supplements - pointing out that it is not all of them...those basically tied to settings like Vibora Bay are not included.

Champions Battlegrounds
Champions Universe
Millennium City
Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth
the Ultimate series
Vibora Bay
Villainy Amok

So sounds like concentrated Monster Manuality.

Not as concentrated as Conquerors, Killers and Crooks as it turns out.  Over half as long but half as many characters but the same price.  Mentions Arcane Adversaries and Champions Worldwide as other books devoted whole or in part to villains.

Josiah Brimstone [Demonsoul Embodied, ],
Cirque Sinister [Amnesia, Cauldron, Flow, Minimax, Bobby Holmes,],
Deadman Walkin', Devastator,
Eclipse, Engineer,
Greem Dragon,
Interface [Guardbot,], Invictus,
Jade Phoenix, El Jaguar,
King Cobra [Boomslang, Firedrake (Dragon,), Gorgon, Krait, Slither, Coil Agent, ],
Mechanon [Head, Teleios the Perfect Man, Chameleon Claw, Cloned Soldier,
Monstersaurus, Piranhgator, ], Merc-Force 1 [Stareye, Piledriver, Cahokian,], Mantara, Morph, 
El Salto, Samhain, Scimitar, Signal Ghost, Snowblind, Steel Commando,
Tachyon, Talisman, Wayland Talos,
Vector, Vixen,
Der Westgote, White Rhino,

0.15 Character Cost
0.44 Character Density

Conquerors Killers and Crooks - Steven S. Long

This is great value.  It says it is an Enemies book for Champions on the inside, but breaks down the sections as Master Villains, Team Villains and Solo Villains in three sections.

At the end for a few pages it gives chart breakdowns by character type, power level, defenses, abilities etc. as a guide.  Also an example of adapting one of the maniacs here into a character that would more suit your own game.

$8.49 :- http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/19544/Conquerors-Killers-and-Crooks---PDF?it=1

Ankylosaur, Anubis, Armadillo,
Black Harlequin, Black Paladin, Blowtorch,  Brainchild, Bulldozer,
Crowns of Krim [Dark Seraph, Bloodstone, Eclipse, Force, Phoenix, Temblor,], Captain Chronos, Cateran, Cybermind, 
Doctor Destroyer [Gigaton, Rakshasha, Agent, Heavy Agent, Destroid, Black Talon, ],
Eurostar [Fiacho, Durak, Feuermacher, Mentalla, Scorpia, Ultrasonique,], Esper,
Fenris, Firewing, Foxbat, 
Gravitar, Grab [Black Diamond, Bluejay, Cheshire Cat, Hummingbird, ], Gargantua, Grond, Guan Di,
Herculan, Holocaust, Hornet, Howler, 
Istvatha V'Han [D-Soldier, Hovertank,],
Lady Blue, Lazer, Leech, Lodestone, Lemurian Constructs [Shirak the Destructor, Golem, Chala-Lion,], Lei Kung the Thunderer,
Menton, Masquerade, Mechassassin, Menagerie, Mirage, Monster, Morningstar,
PSI [Psimon, Hypnos, Lancer, Medusa, Mind Slayer, Torment,], Photon,
Shadow Dragon, Shrinker, Slug [Elder Worm,], Stormfront, 
Takofanes the Undying Lord [Demon Servitor,], Tesseract, Thorn, Thunderbird, Thunderbolt II,
Ultimates [Binder, Blackstar, Cyclone, Radium, Slick, Thunderbolt I, ], Utility,
Warlord [Warbird, Warcry, Warhead, Warmonger, Warpath, Flying Fortress, Flying Fortress Computer, Shadow Army Soldier,],  
Zephyr, Zigzag, Zorran the Artificer,

0.08 Character Cost
0.48 Character Density

Champions: New Millenium Alliances - Steven S. Long

Heroes and Villains for this hybrid based around various organisations, good and bad. There is some errata for the main volume and a few new powers at the end.

Champions New Millenium - Alliances

 --- Avatar,
Brother X,
Colonel Matthew Drake, --- Dark Bolt,
 --- Esper, 
Guard Special Agent, --- Gremlin,
Iceflame, --- Icicle, 
Major Sharon Manet, Captain Dwight MacReady, Magus, --- Brandon Medeiros, Markon,
ORI [Security Guard, Scientist, TORTOISE Robot, Dr Maria Sanchez, Doctor Halston Aarons, Doctor Henry Scott, SAIMON, Doctor Shay Patrick, Doctor Wolf Anders,],
 --- Panstar [Cybertrooper, Tank, Jeremiah Dawson, Dr Simone Duchamps, Dr Francis Camille, Security Force,],
 --- Radion, Richfield Frank,   
Jake Stanton, Sticker,
Trance, Thrasher, --- Target,
 --- Vibron,
Jason Wilder [Fellow, Junior, III, New Hunter,], --- Maxine Waters,

0.49 Character Density

Champions Villains 3: Solo Villains - Steven S. Long

Alchemica, Ambush, Ankylosaur, Anubis, Arachne, Armadillo, Arrowhead, Automaton,
Basilisk, Baykok, Black Fang, Blackguard, Black Harlequin, Black Paladin, Bloodrage, Blowtorch, Brainchild, Josiah Brimstone [Demonsoul,], Bromion, Bulldozer, Buzzsaw,
Cadaver, Cairngorm, Captain Chronos, Cateran, Curse, Cybermind,
Deadman Walkin', Devastator, Doctor Teneber, Double Dealer, Dragonfly, Dreamwitch,
Eclipsar, Eclipse, Engineer, Entropy, Esper, Evil Eye, Exo,
Fenris, Firewing, Fleshtone, Foxbat, Frag, Freakshow,
Galaxia, Galeforce, Gargantua, Gauntlet, Geos, Geothermal, Glacier, Green Dragon, Grenadier, Grond, Grotesk,
Harpy, Hazard, Hell Rider, Herculan, Hornet, Howler, Hurricane,
Jade Phoenix,
Kanrok the Acquisitioner,
Lady Blue, Lamplighter, Lash, Lazer, Leech, Leviathan, Li Chun the Destroyer, Living Sphinx, Lodestone,
Mantara, Mantisman, Masquerade, Mechassassin, Megavolt, Menagerie, Mindgame, Mirage, Monster, Morningstar, Morph, Mother Gothel,
Ogre, Onslaught,
Photon, Plague, Pular, Python,
Reaper, Richochet, Riptide,
El Salto, Samhain, Sargon, Scimitar, Shadowdragon, Shrinker, Signal Ghost, Snowblind, Spektr, Spirit Fist, Stalker, Steel Commando, Stiletto, Stingray, Stormfront, Sunspot, Syzygy [Attack Orb,],
Tachyon, Taipan, Talisman, Wayland Talos, Terrayne, Thorn, Thunderbird, Thunderbolt, Timelapse, Turs Al-Sh-Ab,
Valak the World-Ravager, Vector, Vesper, Vibron, Vixen,
White Rhino, Wildeye, Witchfinder,
Zephyr, Zigzag, Zorran the Artificer,     

4 out of 5

Friday, December 6, 2013

Enemies At Large - Stewart Wieck and Steve Wieck

You thought publishing was slow enough...this apparently was supposed to come out in 1987 - made it in 2011.  Dr Midas has lots of minions and they added the Wieck's characters in at the end.

Cabbie gets you with the paralysis field in his dodgy taxi and inflicts his French poodle on you.  Truly evil!

$4.00 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/90761/Villains-and-Vigilantes-Enemies-at-Large

A.C.E., Army Ant,
Billy the Kidder, Brightshade,
Cabbie, Couatl, Condor,
Darc Warp, Dart, Dr Micron, Dolphin,
Jeremy [Warlords,],
Lethe, Lightning Bug,
M.A.K.E.R., Manipulator, Matador, Mr Midas [Psychom, Deceptor, Ox, Defensor, Striker, Slice, Boltron, Chrodon, 3-Pro,],
Old Yeller, Omega,
Ranger 423rd,
Rattler, Rhonda,
Sien-Sun, Styx, Shadowlord,
Talas Baum, Torrera, Trick, Twister,
Viking [Men],
Wasp, Water Wizard, Wilderbeast,  

0.09 Character Cost
0.38 Character Density

Classic Enemies - Scott Bennie

I know someone with this one :- [thing=50731][/thing] for Fourth...in the same list?

Teams of villains, then individuals.  With an index and a section on Stronghold and keeping villains in jail, etc. at the end.

Beamline, Black Claw, Black Diamond, Black Paladin, Black Mamba, Blowtorch, Bulldozer, 
Conquerors [Neutron, Arc, Ankylosaur, Wyvern,],
Dr Destroyer [Low-End, High-End, Low-Agent, High-Agent,], Dragon Master, Dark Seraph, Dreadnought, 
Eurostar [Fiacho, Bora, Durak, White Flame, Le Sone, Mentalla, Whip, Pantera, ], Earthmaster, Esper,
Foxbat, Firewing, Fox of Crime, Freon,
Gremlin, Griffin, Grond,
Halfjack, Herculan, Hideous,
King Cobra,
Lady Blue, Ladybug, Lazer, Leech, 
Mechassassin, Menton, Mongoose, Monster,
Panda [Raccoon,], Project Sunburst [Radium, Ray, Sunburst,], Power Crusher, Plague, 
Raiders [Bullet, Big John, Starseer,], Rainbow Archer, Ripper,
Shamrock, Slug, Sparkler,  
Terror Incorporated [Professor Muerte, Scorpia, Giganto, Feur, Agent, ],
Thunder [Lightning,], Thok, Timemaster, Thunderbolt, 
Ultimates [Binder, Plasmoid, Slick, Blackstar, Charger,], Utility,

0.79 Character Density

World Metahuman Factbook: Australia - Bill Browne


$2,25 - http://pegasus.rpgnow.com/product/63567/World-Metahuman-Factbook-Australia?filters=600_0_31808_0_0

From the USHER dossiers it seems.

A few assorted superhumans and also some bonus powers and rules for Hate, Fear and Darkness.  Also a new origin in Undead - which basically gives +2 CS to Endurance and Psyche but Resources and Popularity are both zero.

Black Swan,
 --- Eureka,
 --- Mr Big,
 --- Nullius,
 --- Terror Australis,

Australia: amazing! :)

Black Swan,
 --- Eureka,
 --- Mr Big,
 --- Nullius,
 --- Terror Australis,

Wild Cards: Aces and Jokers - Steve Kenson and John Joseph Miller

A two level book - it adds in missed more important characters with Full Stats and gives background descriptions for many, many others.

$11.00 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/83432/Wild-Cards-Aces-%26-Jokers

Really great if you are a Wild Cards GM...also be good for pilfering bios for NPCs in other games, too.

Full Stats

 --- Black Dog,
 --- O. K. Cassady, Charon Cardinal Romulus Contarini
Charles Dutton, --- Devil John Darlingfoot, Durg At' Morakh,
Elephant Girl, --- Ezili-Je-Rouge,
 --- Gimli,
Harlem Hammer, Howler, Hunapu,
 --- Kafka,
Lady Black, --- Edward St. John Latham,
 Mistral, --- Murga-Muggai,
Dr Pretorius, ---
Reflector, --- Roulette,
Sascha Starfin, Straight ARrow, Troll,
Veronica, --- Clara Van Renssaeler,
Dorian Wilde, --- Wyrm


200-300 at varying lengths

0.41 Character Cost [See note re: lots of NPC backgrounds/purpose]
0.28 Character Density

4 out of 5

Thursday, December 5, 2013

DC Adventures Heroes and Villains 2 - Steve Kenson

The second of these epic tomes again tops the 300 mark - there are a few no stat organisation listings, some buildings like Titans Tower, and Trigon had no abilities...entity version I suppose.

Artwork from comics through, color-coded heroes and villains, plus an NPC section at the end with animals, various professions and criminals, ninja, soldiers, robots, zombies, monsters.  So pretty cool. And Krypto.

A really great value book.  Really, you can't get any better except by doing a nice multiformat version with no limitations.

$20.00 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/100237/DC-ADVENTURES-Heroes-%26-Villains-Vol-2


Legion of Super-Heroes [Bouncing Boy, Mon-El, Phantom Girl, Polar Boy, Sensor Girl, Shadow Lass, Shrinking Violet, Tyroc, Lightning Lad,], --- Lady Shiva, League of Assassins [Alpha, David Cain, Doctor Moon, Merlyn, White Ghost,], Lobo, Maxwell Lord, Lord Satanus, Lex Luthor [Mercy,],

Madame Xanadu, Magog, Major Disaster, Manhunter [Kirk DePaul], Manhunter [Paul Kirk], Manhunter [Kate Spencer], Martian Manhunter, Max Mercury, Metal Men [Will Magnus, Gold, Iron, Tin, Mercury, Lead, Platinum, ], Metamorpho [Java, Sapphire Stagg, Simon Stagg], Miss Martian, Mister Miracle, Mister Terrific [Michael Holt], Mister Terrific [Terry Sloane], --- Mad Hatter, Magenta, Major Force, Man-Bat, Manhunters [Manhunters, Highmaster,], Metallo, Metamorpho, Mirror Master, Mist [Nash], Mist, Mr Freeze, Mister Mind, Mr Mxyzptlk, Monarch [Forerunner,], Mongul, Mordru, Morgaine Le Fey, Multiplex [Duploid, ], Murmur,

Nemesis, New Gods [Lightray], Nightshade [Shadow Homunculus], Nightwing, --- Nekron, Neron,              

 Obsidian, O.M.A.C. [Cyborgs, Earth-51], Oracle, Orion [Sturmer,], Outsiders [Faust, Grace, Halo, Indigo, Looker, Technocrat, Thunder,], --- Ocean Master, Orange Lantern Corps [Construct, Larfleeze,],

Peacemaker, Phantom Stranger, Pied Piper, Plastic Man [Offspring,], Power Girl,  --- Parasite, Penguin, Per Degaton, Plastique, Poison Ivy [Tree,], Prankster, Professor Ivo, Prometheus, Psycho-Pirate,

Question [Vic Sage, Richard Ragon,], Question [Renee Montoya,], --- Queen Bee [Drone Swarm],   

 Ragman, Ravager, Raven, Ray, Red Devil, Red Robin, Red Star, Red Tornado, Robin, --- Ra's Al Ghul [Talia, Ubu,], Red Hood, Red Lantern Corps [Dex-Starr,], Reverse-Flash [Zoom,], Riddler, Rogues [Girder, Plunder, Tar Pit, Top, Roulette, ], Royal Flush Gang [Professor Amos Fortune, Ace III, Ace Android II, Jack II, King II, Queen II, Ten II,], Seven Soldiers of Victory [Bulleteer, Shining Knight [Ystina], Vanguard, Frankenstein, Klarion, Teekl,],

Saint Walker, Sandman [Sanderson Hawkins, Sandy,], Sandman [Wesley Dodds,], Saturn Girl, Shadowpact [Detective Chimp, Nightmaster, Warlock's Daughter,] Shade [Shade,], Shining Knight, Silver Swan, Spectre, Speedy, Star Sapphire, Star Sapphires [Fatality, Miri, ], Starfire, Stargirl, Starman [Ted Knight, Jack Knight, Mikaal Tomas, David Knight,], Starman [Thom Kallor], Steel [Vaporlock, ], Suicide Squad [Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, ], Sun Boy, Superboy, Supergirl, Superman [Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent, ], Swamp Thing [Abby Holland, --- Sabbac, Scarecrow, Secret Six [Dwarfstar, Jeanette, King Shark, Rag Doll, Scandal Savage, Knockout, Parademon, Black Alice,], Shade, Shadow Thief, Shark, Shrapnel, Silver Banshee, Sinestro, Sinestro Corps, Siren, Solomon Grundy, Johnny Sorrow, Starro [Starrophytes, Conqueror,],  

Teen Titans [S.T.A.R. Kilotrax, Aquagirl, Bombshell, Kid Eternity, Zachary Zatara, ], Thorn, Timber Wolf, Traci Thirteen, Donna Troy, --- T. O. Morrow [Android,], Tattooed Man, Terra, Terra-Man, Toyman [Robot, ], Trickster, Trident, Two-Face,

Ultra Boy, Uncle Sam, --- Ultra-Humanite, 

Vigilante [Greg Sanders, Vigilante,], Vixen, --- Vandal Savage,    

Warlord [Jennifer Morgan, Machiste, Shakira, Mariah, Tara, Tinder], Wildcat, Wildfire, Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman [Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, Artemis, Hippolyta,], --- Weather Wizard,

Young All-Stars [Dyna-Mite, Flying Fox, Fury, Iron Munro, Neptune Perkins, Tigress, Tsunami, ], Young Justice [Arrowette, Empress, Secret,],

Zatanna, Zauriel, --- Victor Zsasz,

Animals, Cultists [Acolyte, Initiate, Adept, Master,], Demons [Imp, Warrior, Brute, Tempter,], Dinosaurs, Monsters, Ninja [Novice, Adept, Master,], Robot [Small, Medium, Large,], Soldier [Green, Veteran, Elite], Thugs [Goon, Bodyguard, Hitman], Undead [Zombie, Skeleton, Mind-Controlled Zombie,],

Hero Animals [Krypto, Streaky, Rex,],

5 out of 5

Champions Villains 2: Villain Teams - Steven S. Long

The second is the Teams volume at $28.46 :- http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/84910/Champions-Villains-Volume-Two-Villain-Teams

They are still very detailed with relationships between members, things player characters can find out about them and nice stats and powers layouts.  A shorter book with a similar number of writeups than the first.  A lot of mystic types, too, so perhaps a little lacking in variety in that area, but aiming to make it a little more cross genre. 

Nice work, but definitely on the digital expensive side given the midpoint of these so far is on the order of 0.15 per character.  Obviously more detailed at 0.43 when the median there is around 0.75. Color books presumably more expensive for those that like those so something to break out and adjust for later.  Most of the expensive single character deals are like that.

However, that aside, a fine product.

Brain Trust [Overbrain, Ape-Plus, Black Mist, Lynx, Mr Zombie,],
Circle of the Scarlet Moon [Archdruid Airetach, Martika Duquesne, Roger Duquesne, Wicker Man,],
Cirque Sinister [Amnesia, Cauldron, Flow, Minimax, Bobby Holmes,],
Crimelords [Dreadnaught, Morgaine the Mystic, Starflare, Tiger Lily, Warhammer],
Crowns of Krim [Dark Seraph, Bloodstone, Eclipse, Force, Phoenix, Temblor,],
Deathstroke [Requiem, Frost,],
Devil's Advocates [Demonologist, Golem, Gyre, Kapilasa, Tartarus, Vilsimbra, ],
Eurostar [Fiacho, Durak, Feuermacher, Mentalla, Pantera, Scorpia, Ultrasonique, Der Westgote,],
Futurists [Fiend, Morticus,],
Grab [Black Diamond, Bluejay, Cheshire Cat, Hummingbird,],
Merc-Force 1 [Stareye, Piledriver, Cahokian, ],
Psi [Psimon, Medusa, Mind Slayer, Deuce, Hypnos, Soulfire, ],
Red Winter [Soviet Guard, Drago, Hammer, Red Dawn, Sickle, White Wolf, ],
Smoker and Mirrors [Smoke, Mirrors, ],
Sylvestri Clan [Patriach, Astralle, Cornelius Liefeld, Bocal McFarlane, ],
Tiger Squad [Graniteman, Red Bullet, Summer Cloud, Technocrat, Winter Dragon, ],
Ultimates [Binder, Blackstar, Cyclone, Orion, Slick, Thunderbolt, Starbird,],
Vandaleurs [Adrian, Eduard, Anais, Chatoyant, Tobias,],

0.28 Character Cost
0.43 Character Density

4 out of 5

Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game Roster Book - Michele Carter

This card based version has multiple books, with a Roster Book that unfortunately is not as dense as the MSH version...and that was a Judge's Book with other information for GMs etc. in it...this only has a little bit on critters, etc., so more disappointing.

There are two game books in this, the Judge's Book is 68 pages, 20+ or thereabouts is characters including cosmic entities, with some aliens, animals and mooks at the end

 --- Absorbing Man, Annihilus,  
Captain America, Cyclops,
Daredevil, Doctor Strange, --- Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, 
Elektra, --- Electro, 
Giant-Man, --- Green Goblin, Grim Reaper, 
Hawkeye, Hulk, Human Torch, Humanoid Races,
Invisible Woman, Iron Fist, Iron Man,
 --- Juggernaut,
 --- Kingpin,
Luke Cage, --- Leader, Loki, 
Mister Fantastic, --- Magneto, 
Nick Fury, Nightcrawler, Normal Humans, 
Professor X,
Rogue, --- Rhino, 
Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Silver Sable, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Storm, Sub-Mariner, --- Sabretooth, Super-Adaptoid, Super-Skrull,
Thing, Thor, --- Taskmaster,
 --- Ultron, 
Vision, --- Venom, 
Wasp, Wolverine, 

0.79 Character Density

Who's Who In the DC Universe 1 - Ray Winninger

The first of: [thing=63889][/thing] for the third edition converts the first few of the comics series.  This includes listing appearances.  Most entries have a couple of pages with stats, background and gear and costume diagrams.  Heroes first, then villains, then supporting cast, then supernatural...those characters get banished to the end, good or bad.  A geography section...Apokolips, Atlantis etc. with characters and examples.  Also some technology.

A good thing is that it gives examples for the ability ranks like Strength, Intelligence, Body (e.g. 28+ entity level, enough to survive megaton nuclear explosions) and that sort of thing which is rather useful.

The Secret Six even make an appearance.

Alfred Pennyworth, Amanda Waller, Atlantis [Lord Arion, Garn Danuuth, Typical First Age, Mera, Typical Modern,], Amethyst, --- Apokolips [Parademon Captain, Parademon Footsoldier, Dog Cavalryman, Dog Mount, Hunger Dog,], 
Black Racer [Willie Walker,], Blue Beetle, Booster Gold [Skeets,], Brainiac 5, --- Barter [Jadoo,], Brainiac [Milton Fine Hybrid,], Brotherhood of Dada [Mr Nobody, Sleepwalk, Frenzy, Fog, Quiz,], Blaze,  
Challengers of the Unknown [Ace, Rocky, Red, Prof, ], Chunk, --- Changeling, Captain Boomerang, Cheetah, Chronos, Count Vertigo, Cain [Abel,],  
El Diablo, Deadman, --- Darkseid, Deadline, Deadshot, Desaad, Despero, Doctor Polaris, Dominators, Khunds [Soldier, Warlord, Cyber-Warrior, Garlak,],
Fastbak, Fire, Flamebird, Flash III,
Geo-Force, Green Lantern, --- Gorilla Grodd, Granny Goodness, 
Hawk, Human Target, Hawkworld [Byth, Wingman,],
Ice, --- I, Vampire,
Jade, Jericho,
Katana, King Faraday, Kono, Martha Kent, Jonathan Kent, --- Kadaver, Kestrel, KGBeast [NKVDemon,], 
Laurel Gand, Lightray, --- Lightning Lord,
Metamorpho, Metron, Madame Xanadu, --- Manga Khan, Maxima, Mordru, Mudpack [Clayface I, Clayface II, Clayface III, Clayface IV,], Maxwell Lord, 
New Guardians [Harbinger, Gloss, Ram, Extrano, Betty Clawman, Jet, Tom Kalmaku,], Newsboy Legion [Tommy, Gabby, Scrapper, Big Words, Flip, Angry Charlie,], --- Naiad,
Orion, --- Ocean Master,
Phantom Lady, Plastic Man, --- Persuader,
Rebis, Reep Daggle, Rocket Red, Rokk Krinn,
Secret Six [Vic Sommers, Tony Mantegna, Mitch Hoberman, Maria Verdugo, LaDonna Jameal, Luke McKendrick,], Sinbad, Speedy, Starman, Superman, --- Scarecrow, Silver Swan, Sinestro, Spider-Girl, 
Time Masters [Rip Hunter, Jeff Smith, Bonnie Baxter, Corky Baxter, Tony, Dan Hunter,], Troia,
Ultra the Multi-Alien [Ace Arn,],
Vril Dox II, --- Vandal Savage,
Wonder Woman, --- Weather Wizard, Wotan,     

0.78 Character Density

Villains Unlimited - Kevin Long and Kevin Siembieda

No digital version of this one either for some reason.

An add-on book with rules, weapons, etc.  Usually dodgy sort of organisation and writing, too.  One part on weapons says if you throw yourself on a grenade you are dead, no questions asked.  Doesn't matter.  Not that any 6 year old could name a handful of heroes (or villains) in minutes that could survive that....

An ok illustrated collection of bad, though. I like the Masters of Speed idea...an all speedster supervillain team.

Aggressor [Onslaught,], Aviatrix,
Brotherhood of Armageddon [Adolf Hoffmeijer, Death Witch,], Besieger, Black Scorpion,
Chiang Six, Circuit Board, Cremator, Devil's Knight, Eclipse, Earthmover [Verdant,], Chang Tsu,
Dark Tribunal [Divine Master, Phantom Panther, Gemstone, Holo, Plexor, Grand Inquisitor, Quo, Big Gun, Average,], Dread Micro Wizards of Chaos [Billy, Bobby, Bud, Mikey, Big Goobler, Little Foobie, Debbie Lou, Terlin,], Doctor Morrisey,
Electrocutioner, Evil Eye, Emilio the Mouse,
Fabricators Incorporated [Drop Team Human, Drop Team Super, Liaision, Fabricator, Damon Lazaris, Voltaic, Bellicose,], Facade, Freak Maker [Iron Golem, Winston Jeffries, Mark Cranston,],
Ghost, Glaciator, Glorioso, Golden Rod, Golock, 
JP Gang [Jackhammer, Ping, Pong, Reader,],
Lethalis [Ricky,],
Masters of Speed [Hell-bent, Cheetah, Fullbore, Whiplash, Whirligig, Blur, Slo-Mo, Comet, Spike the Monkey,], Medusa [Razor,], Mighty Static Man, Mr Plague,
Negator, Nightwalker [Lady Dracula, Vampires, Timothy Poutney,],
Protector - Pestilence, Pinpoint, Poseur, Primal Force [Magno, Magna,], Psike-Out, Psionic Zombies [Cindy, Dion, Mark, Thugs,]
Sentinels of Liberty and Justice [Patriot, Constitution, Flagwaver, Minuteman, Stars, Stripes, Robert Fitzgibbons,], SWAT Officer, --- S.C.R.E.T. [Agent, Team Leader], Soundwave,
Toogarth Aliens [Commander Gryybkk, Sgt Toocarth,], Triple Threat [Merlin Spellstone, Stanley Livingstone, Larry Mindstone,], Tyrano-Rex [Vukubbu,],
U235, Undertow, Usurper [Super Officer, Mark II Vanquisher, Mark I Destroyer, H. D. Android,],

0.56 Character Density

3 out of 5

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Villainomicon - Steve Kenson

I have only the Icons version.

This is rather good.  Many of the bad guys are charming homages to others, but well presented and given hooks to use as stories.  I was quite impressed with this one.

The first 25 pages or so are advanced rules/rules options and some power information. The Character cost isn't too bad to start with and you get this as well.

$9.99 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/90931/ICONS-The-Villainomicon

(note there's also a bundle with ICONS itself for $15.00, too)

Auntie Social,
Beast Man, Black Flame, Black Hoods, Blonde Bombshell,
Copy Cat, Corsair Queen, Count Malochio, Creeper,
Dark Rider, Dirge, Downsizer, Drusilla White, Doctor Zodiac,
Gorn, Grudge,
Harlequin [Columbina,],
Incognito, In-Human,
Killer Gamemaster,
Little Augie Caesar,
Lord Kisin,
Merry Widow, Mister Mastermind, Monster Mastermind,
Paper Tiger, Patriot, Professor Hominid, Professor Kafka,
Redkap, Rorek the Ice Elf, 
Mr Sandman, Scarecrowe, Skeletron, Smith, Speedsaw, Sock Puppet,
Talion, Tarpit, Tempus Khan,
Warbride [Sister,], Warlock, Wraith,
X: The Unknown,
Yama King,
Zergo, Zero,

0.19 Character Cost
0.41 Character Density

The Uncanny X-Men Roster Book - Jeff Grubb

This campaign guide for [thing=45410][/thing] includes a 100 page Roster book that is quite similar to and pretty much an update of [thing=47565][/thing]

The Campaign Set has multiple books..so the Roster book could be devoted to just that..and it is designed to pack in the characters...multiple columns, entries split over pages if necessary.  Could have used smaller type and headings to fit more in perhaps.

However, there are way over 300 characters here.  Pretty much anyone you could want up to that time, including early and late career versions of the original X-Men, Magneto etc.

Aguila, Angel, Archangel, Vance Astro, Ariel, Auric,
 --- Adversary, Alpha, Alchemy, Ape, Annalee, Apocalypse, Animator, Arcade, Arclight, Avalanche,

Bandera, Banshee, Beast [Original, Transformed, Pestilence,], Binary, Bird Boy, Boom-Boom,
 --- Beautiful Dreamer, Belasco, Berzerker, Big Top, Black Bishop, Black King, Black Rook, Black Queen, Blob, Blow-Hard, Blockbuster, Brood Mutants [Harry Palmer, Blindside, Brickbat, Dive Bomber, Temptress, Lockup, Spitball, Whiphand], Burner, Bushwhacker,

Cable, Cannonball, Captain Britain [First, Interim, Current, ], Lila Cheney, Cloak, Rusty Collins, Colossus,
 --- Caliban [Morlocks, Apocalypse,], Callisto, Black Tom Cassidy, Catseye, Chance, Lourdes Chantel, Concussion, Crazy Gang [Jester, Executioner, Knave, Red Queen, Tweedledope,], Crimson, Crimson Commando, Crucible, Cybelle, Cyclops [Original, Current,], Cypher,

Dagger, Lorna Dane, Darkstar, Dazzler [Original, Current], Laura Dean, Devil Dinosaur,
 --- Deathbird, Destiny, Diamond Lil, Doppelganger, Dragoness,

 --- Eel, Erg, William Evans, Empath,

 Firestar, Flashback,
 --- Famine, Fenris [Andreas, Andrea,], Amahl Farouk, Forearm, Frenzy,

 Gambit, Father Alexi Garnoff, Gateway, Goblyn, Gomi [Bill, Don,], Gossamyr, Peter Henry Gyrich,
  --- Garrokk, Gremlin [Droog,], Gypsy Moth,

 --- Hardcase and the Harriers [Hardcase, Axe, Blindside, Lifeline, Longbow, Piston, Ranger, Shotgun, Timebomb, Warhawk,], Harpoon, Healer, Cameron Hodge,

Iceman [Original, Current,], Iron Curtain,
 --- Infectia,        

  --- Jade Dragon, Jetstream, Juggernaut,

 --- Kamikaze, Krakoa,

Leech, Lilandra, Rebecca Littlehale, Longshot, Lockheed [Nazi-Earth,], 
 --- Lady Deathstrike, Legion, Lifter, Living Monolith [II, III, IV,], Carlos Lobo, Lucifer,

Artie Maddicks, Jamie Madrox, Moira Mactaggart, Magik, Magma, Marvel Girl [Original, Pre-Phoenix, Current,], Meggan, Mentac, Mirage [Original, Current,], Moon Boy,  
 --- M-Squad, Magneto [Original, Current, Robot,], Magus, Malice, Mandrill, Masque, Master Mold [Servitors, Conscience,], Mastermind, Mentallo, Mesmero, Meteorite, Mimic, Mist Mistress, Mister Sinister, Mojo [Major Domo, Minor Domo,], Mole, Monitor, Mystique,       

Namorita, Nightcrawler,
 --- Nanny, N'astirh, Nekra, Noise, Nuklo,

 --- Occult, Orphan-Maker,

Persuasion, Phoenix [Jean Grey, Dark, Rachel Summers,], Polaris, Professor X, Psylocke [Original, Current,]   
 --- Paralyzer, Persuader, Pestilence, Peeper, Plasma, Pipeline, Piper, Prism, Poltergeist, Proteus, Madlyne Pryor [Original, Goblyn Queen, Demons,], Punchout, Pyro,

 --- Quill,

Rictor, Rogue, Roma,
 --- Jennifer Amelia Ransome, Reaper, Reavers [Cole, Macon, Bonebreaker, Prettyboy, Skullbuster,], Riptide, Roulette,

Scarlet Witch, Amanda Sefton, Shadowcat, Siberian Tiger, Silver, Siryn, Skids, Starjammers [Corsair, Ch'od, Hepzibah, Sikorsky, Raza, Waldo,], Storm, Nathan Christopher Summers, Sunfire, Sunspot,
 --- Sabretooth, Sauron, Savage Land Mutates [Amphibius, Barbarus, Brainchild, Equilibrius, Gaza, Lupo, Lorelei, Piper, Whiteout, Worm, ], Scaleface, Scalphunter, Scrambler, Shatter-Box [Galen, Joey,], Sharkskin, Shocker, Sister Salvation, Silver Samurai, Slither, Speed Freak, Spiral, Spyder, Stealth, Stinger, Stonewall, Stryfe, Strobe, Sub-Mariner, Sunder, Sumo, Super Sabre, S'ym [Servants,],

Tattletale, Thunderbird [I, II,], Toro,
 --- Tar Baby, Tarot, Technet [Bodybag, China Doll, Ferro2, Gatecrasher, Numbers, Joyboy, Ringtoss, Thug, Waxworks, Yap,], Tempo, Tessa, Think Tank, Thumbelina, Thunderiders [Marauder, Cowboy, Honcho, R. U. Reddy, Wrench, Georgianna, Wolf,], Ticktock, Timeshadow, Toad, Tommy, Tower, Lawrence Trask, Troll Associates [Phay, Phee, Phy, Plough, Phumm,],

 --- Undertow, Ursa Major, Unus,

 --- Vanguard, Vanisher, Vertigo,

Warlock, Whiz Kid, Wild Child, Wolfsbane, Wolverine,
 --- War, Warhawk, Warwolves [Bowser, Ducks, Scarper, Popsie, Jacko, Unknown,], Whirlwind, White King, White Queen, Widget, Wildside, Wings, Wipeout,

X-Babies [Colossus, Havok, Dazzler, Longshot, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine,],          

 --- Zaladane, Zero,

3.84  Character Density

5 out of 5