Monday, December 9, 2013

Wild Cards - Steve Kenson and John Joseph Miller

This is a campaign book...and a really great one. Again the combination of author and game designer does wonders.  There are quite a lot of characters detailed. Even though a setting it is still right in the middle as far as density value goes.

There's an introduction, over and timeline up to page 50.  Alien races to 63 and then the Wild Cards profiles.  More background starting at about 190 with organisations and some campaign suggestions on the lower powered and deadlier nature of the Wild Cards games....showing the Superworld origins there.

There's a fun random generation section shortly afterwards...which Wild Cards powers generally are in the setting.  More on making it deadlier, some powers, skill and combat extras. 

A book series overview and series chronology and references to finish.

Wild Cards fans should love it, but also good for the 'superpowers added to real world' flavour of games.

Jay Ackroyd, Astronomer, --- Aevre,
Bagabond, J. Robert Belew, Black Eagle, Black Shadow, --- Leo Barnett, George G. Battle, Blaise, Bloat, Bludgeon, Butcher Dagon,
Cameo, Captain Flint, Cap'n Trips [Aquarius, Cosmic Traveller, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Moonchild, Starshine, Monster, Radical,], Cordelia Chaisson, Chrysalis, --- Crypt Kicker, John "Red Jack" Czenik,
Hannah Davis, Xavier Desmond, Detroit Steel, Digger Downs, Dr Tachyon, --- Deadhead, Demise,
Father Squid, Dr Bradley Latour Finn, John Fortune, Fortunato, --- Fadeout,
Golden Boy, Zoe Harris, Highwayman, --- Greg Hartmann, Herne the Huntsman,
J. C. Jayewardene, Jetboy, --- Jube the Walrus,
Kahina the Seer, Kid Dinosaur, --- Kondikki [Worker, Guardian, Consort, Godqueen,],
 --- Ly'bahr [Legionnaire], Lazy Dragon,
Midnight Angel, Mr Nobody, Modular Man, --- Morakh, Mackie Messer, Cash Mitchell, Rosemary Muldoon,  
 --- John Nighthawk, Nur Al-Allah,
Peter Pann, Peregrine, --- Kien Phuc, Georgy Vladimirovich Polyakov,
Quasiman, --- Quinn the Eskimo, 
Billy Ray, --- Rhindarian, Pan Rudo, 
Danny Shepherd, Sleeper, Sewer Jack, --- Swarm [Killer Mollusk, Pack Carnivore, Ophidian Millipede, Leaping Spider, Killer Carpet, Flapper, Second-Generation Swarmling, Third-Generation Swarmling,], Sayyid,
Topper, Great and Powerful Turtle, --- Ti Malice,
Blythe Van Renssaeler,
Water Lily, Will O' Wisp, Hiram Worchester, Wyungare, Wyungare, --- Warlock,

0.23 Character Cost
0.39 Character Density

5 out of 5

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