Friday, December 6, 2013

Wild Cards: Aces and Jokers - Steve Kenson and John Joseph Miller

A two level book - it adds in missed more important characters with Full Stats and gives background descriptions for many, many others.

$11.00 -

Really great if you are a Wild Cards GM...also be good for pilfering bios for NPCs in other games, too.

Full Stats

 --- Black Dog,
 --- O. K. Cassady, Charon Cardinal Romulus Contarini
Charles Dutton, --- Devil John Darlingfoot, Durg At' Morakh,
Elephant Girl, --- Ezili-Je-Rouge,
 --- Gimli,
Harlem Hammer, Howler, Hunapu,
 --- Kafka,
Lady Black, --- Edward St. John Latham,
 Mistral, --- Murga-Muggai,
Dr Pretorius, ---
Reflector, --- Roulette,
Sascha Starfin, Straight ARrow, Troll,
Veronica, --- Clara Van Renssaeler,
Dorian Wilde, --- Wyrm


200-300 at varying lengths

0.41 Character Cost [See note re: lots of NPC backgrounds/purpose]
0.28 Character Density

4 out of 5

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