Sunday, December 8, 2013

Villains Vandals and Vermin - Steven S. Long

Also billed as an Enemies Book For Champions

$26.99 -

60+ mentions henchmen etc. too, so there will be more characters than that being 133 pages I would think.  Expensive, however, so nowhere near enough for the price.

That price could be a mistake, at e-23 there is the more sensible half that of $13.49 -, which would seem to be the usual pricing structure.  So get it there.

One Master Villain, some organisations...including a Doom Patrol homage as before in Brain Trust and a bunch of the usual suspect solos.  Quite good.

Ambush, Arachne, Avant Guard, 
Brain Trust [Overbrain, Ape-Plus, Black Mist, Lynx, Mr Zombie,], Basilisk, Blackguard, Blindside, Buzzsaw,
Crimelords [Dreadnaught, Morgaine the Mystic, Starflare, Tiger Lily, Warhammer], Curse,
Entropy, Exo,
Galaxia, Gauntlet, Geos, Grenadier, Grotesque,
Kanrok the Acquisitioner,
Lash, Leviathan,
Magnetica, Mantisman, Megavolt, Mindgame, Momentum,
Onslaught, Orion, Overdrive,
Plague, Python,
Ricochet, Rictus,
Sargon, Sunburst [Helios, Nuke, Phaze], Smoke [Mirrors,], Spirit Dragon, Sunspot, Syzygy [Attack Orb,],
Tiger Squad [Graniteman, Red Bullet, Summer Cloud, Technocrat, Winter Dragon,], Terrayne, Timelapse,

0.22 Character Cost
0.47 Character Density

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