Thursday, December 5, 2013

Villains Unlimited - Kevin Long and Kevin Siembieda

No digital version of this one either for some reason.

An add-on book with rules, weapons, etc.  Usually dodgy sort of organisation and writing, too.  One part on weapons says if you throw yourself on a grenade you are dead, no questions asked.  Doesn't matter.  Not that any 6 year old could name a handful of heroes (or villains) in minutes that could survive that....

An ok illustrated collection of bad, though. I like the Masters of Speed all speedster supervillain team.

Aggressor [Onslaught,], Aviatrix,
Brotherhood of Armageddon [Adolf Hoffmeijer, Death Witch,], Besieger, Black Scorpion,
Chiang Six, Circuit Board, Cremator, Devil's Knight, Eclipse, Earthmover [Verdant,], Chang Tsu,
Dark Tribunal [Divine Master, Phantom Panther, Gemstone, Holo, Plexor, Grand Inquisitor, Quo, Big Gun, Average,], Dread Micro Wizards of Chaos [Billy, Bobby, Bud, Mikey, Big Goobler, Little Foobie, Debbie Lou, Terlin,], Doctor Morrisey,
Electrocutioner, Evil Eye, Emilio the Mouse,
Fabricators Incorporated [Drop Team Human, Drop Team Super, Liaision, Fabricator, Damon Lazaris, Voltaic, Bellicose,], Facade, Freak Maker [Iron Golem, Winston Jeffries, Mark Cranston,],
Ghost, Glaciator, Glorioso, Golden Rod, Golock, 
JP Gang [Jackhammer, Ping, Pong, Reader,],
Lethalis [Ricky,],
Masters of Speed [Hell-bent, Cheetah, Fullbore, Whiplash, Whirligig, Blur, Slo-Mo, Comet, Spike the Monkey,], Medusa [Razor,], Mighty Static Man, Mr Plague,
Negator, Nightwalker [Lady Dracula, Vampires, Timothy Poutney,],
Protector - Pestilence, Pinpoint, Poseur, Primal Force [Magno, Magna,], Psike-Out, Psionic Zombies [Cindy, Dion, Mark, Thugs,]
Sentinels of Liberty and Justice [Patriot, Constitution, Flagwaver, Minuteman, Stars, Stripes, Robert Fitzgibbons,], SWAT Officer, --- S.C.R.E.T. [Agent, Team Leader], Soundwave,
Toogarth Aliens [Commander Gryybkk, Sgt Toocarth,], Triple Threat [Merlin Spellstone, Stanley Livingstone, Larry Mindstone,], Tyrano-Rex [Vukubbu,],
U235, Undertow, Usurper [Super Officer, Mark II Vanquisher, Mark I Destroyer, H. D. Android,],

0.56 Character Density

3 out of 5

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