Monday, December 2, 2013

The New Titans Sourcebook - John J. Terra

A second edition DC Heroes sourcebook, this goes through the various incarnations of the Titans up until the start of the 90s and ends with 30 odd pages of their enemies.

This goes through the teams in various incarnations, presenting variants of the characters as they appear in different eras.  There's an around 20 page intro and timeline to preface this.

Aqualad, Aqualad, Aquagirl, Arella, Azrael, --- Antithesis, 
Bumblebee, Beast Boy, Brain, Brother Blood [Blood's Troops], Blackfire,   
Changeling, Cyborg, Danny Chase, Cheshire,
Dove I, Dove II, Steve Dayton, --- Doctor Light, Deathstroke,       
Flash, Flamebird,
Golden Eagle, --- Gargoyle, Gizmo, General Zahl, Godiva, 
Hawk, Herald, Harlequin, Hawk, --- Houngan,  H.I.V.E. [Mistress, Mercenary, Security Guard,], Hybrid [Gorgon, Harpi, Pteradon, Behemoth, Scirocco, Touch-N-Go,] 
Jericho, --- Jinx, 
Kole, Kid Flash, Kid Flash, Frances Kane,
Lilith, Terry Long, Lightning,
 --- Mr Twister, Mad Mod, Mr Esper, Mammoth, Madame Rouge, Monsieur Mallah, Mother Mayhem,      
 --- Psimon, Phobia, Plasmus, Prometheus, 
Raven, Robin II, Robin the Boy Wonder, Robin the Teen Wonder, Red Star, Robin III, --- Ravager,  
Starfire, Speedy, Speedy, Speedy, --- Shimmer,   
Troia, Thunder, --- Trigon, Terra, Trident,  
Wonder Girl, Wonder Girl, Adeline Kane Wilson, --- Warp, Wildebeest,   

0.66 Character Density

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