Monday, December 2, 2013

The Metropolis Sourcebook - Fred Jandt

The elusive Superman Monster Manual for the DC Universe game.

It begins with an overview and introduction of places.

Then the middle part adds the people, the end is rules, gadgets and gear and adventure notes and scenario.

Alpha Centurion, Atomic Skull,
Bibbo, --- Bizarro, Brainiac 2.5,
 --- Conduit, Cyborg,  
Simone DeNeige, --- Doomsday, 
Eradicator, --- Morgan Edge, La Encantadora, 
Gangbuster, Cat Grant, Guardian, --- Gog, 
Professor Emil Hamilton, Chief William James Henderson,
 --- Imperiex Probe, Intergang [Boss Moxie, Noose, Rough House, Mike Gunn, Ginny McCree],
Martha Kent, Jonathan Kent,
Lois Lane, Lucy Lane, Lana Long, Lori Lemaris, --- Lex Luthor,
Misa, --- Mercy [Hope], Maxima, Metallo, Mongul, Mxyzptlk,
Newsboy Legion,
 Jimmy Olsen,
Contessa Erica Alexandra del Portenza, --- Parasite, Prankster, 
Project Cadmus [Mickey Cannon, Dabney Donovan, Dubbilex, Serling Roquette, Colonel Adam Winterbourne, Project Cadmus Guard, Typical Project Cadmus Beast, ],
Senator Peter Ross, --- Riot, Rock,
Major Bradford Sackett,  STAR Labs [Dr Karen Faulkner, Scientist, Security Officer,], Special Crimes Unit [Inspector Maggie Sawyer, Inspector Daniel Turpin, SCU Officer,], Steel, Strange Visitor, Superboy, Supergirl, Superman, Supermen of America [Brahma, Loser, Outburst, Pyrogen, White Lotus,], --- Silver Banshee [Siobhan McDougal, Lacy MacElwain], Superman Robots,
Thorn, Ron Troupe, --- Toyman, 
Perry White,

0.82 Character Density

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