Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Super-Crooks and Criminals - Ken Cliffe

Again similar to the other three Villain sourcebooks for Villains & Vigilantes in size and content.

$3.92 -

Garbage Man is a fun idea.

Blackjack, Bluegill, Blue Max,
C.R.I.M.E. [Black Orchid, Kill-Bird, Siren, Stallion,]
Concrete Savages [Scourge, Rampage, Spoiler,]
Fleur de Lys,
Four Riders of the Apocalypse [War, Famine, Death, Plague,]
Garbage Man,
Highwayman [Rogues,],
Professor Polarity,
Ramses, Red Fury [Ship's Crew,],
Shillelagh, Sister Indigo, Stuka,
Weasel, Wereworg, Whiteout [Bora,], Wonder Boy,

0.12 Character Cost
1.18 Character Density

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