Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Spider-Man's Guide to New York - Mike Cmero

The name is perhaps misleading. This is really a Character Sourcebook Monster Manual the same as the other two the produced, as opposed to a travelogue and city guide or campaign setting.

In between the Avengers and X-Men books for number of characters (I think) from hazy memory of flicking through them way back when.

A little different to the X-Men and Avengers books as no team organisation advice and lists and more GM/Adventure hook stuff.  Otherwise quite similar, introduction, two coloured hero/villain sections, some gear.

Arana, Aegis, --- Atlantean Warrior, A.I.M. Operative,
Black Widow, Blade, Bolt, --- Boomerang, Basilisk,
Cage, Cloak, Cardiac,
 --- Calypso, Carnage, Carrion, Chameleon, Cyclone,
Dagger, Darkhawk, --- Dreadnought Robots,
 --- Electro, Ezekiel, Eel, 
Frog-Man, FBI Agent, --- Foreigner,
Ghost Rider, --- Green Goblin [2, 3, 4, Hobgoblin 1, 2, 3, Demogoblin, Grey Goblin,], Gang Leaders, Gangster,
 --- Hammerhead, Hydra Agent, Hand Ninja, Hydro-Man,
Iron Fist,
Jessica Jones, --- Jester, Jigsaw, Jackal, Joystick,
 --- Kraven,
 --- Lizard, Lizard-Men,
Moon Knight,
 --- Mad Jack, Madame Web, Morbius, Morlun, Mr Fear, Mysterio, Molten Man,
Namorita, Night Thrasher, Nova,
 --- Owl,
Puma, --- Prowler, Purple Man,
Rage, Rocket Racer, --- Rhino,
Spider-Man [Classic, Six-Armed, Lizard, Cosmic, Hulk, Infinity War, Scarlet, Manspider, Ultimate, Current,], Shang-Chi, Speedball, Spider-Woman, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, SWAT Officer, Silhouette,
 --- Sandman, Shathra, Silver Sable, Speed Demon, Stilt-Man, Shriek, Swarm,
Timeslip. --- Tarantula, Tombstone, Turbo, Typhoid,
 --- Vermin, Vulture,
Werewolf, White Tiger, --- White Dragon, 

0.94 Character Density

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