Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Opponents Unlimited - Stefan Jones

A similar size and number of characters to the Most Wanteds...but a different focus.  Just as entertaining though. A few freelancers to start with, but three organisations are given, too.
B.A.D. and V.I.L.E. [never guess those were bad guys] and The Floop Brothers Mercenaries.  Not a Circus of Crime to go with that name, unfortunately.  Some fun names, Hoopsnake, Rocket Ma'am.

$4.00 - http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/89053/Villains-and-Vigilantes-Opponents-Unlimited?term=opponents+unlimited

Ben, B.A.D. [Auntie Phil, Death Kite, Amazing Kudebuck, Cosmic Zoom, Zairobs, SWARMaster, ],
Floop Brothers [Captain, Blastin' Butch, Whippet, PsiDemon, Lodestone, Rocket Ma'am,],
Orion Operative UIY 2249,
Robotoids, Ronky,
Sirriandor, Shroud, Sargeant Ramble, Tarot Masters [Magician, Fool, Justice Avenger, ]
V.I.L.E. [Proditor Kappels, Doctor Wraithman, R.A.M. 101, Blake Sagle, Jovia, Sir Lemur,  ]

0.12 Character Cost
1.22 Character Density

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