Monday, December 2, 2013

Most Wanted Volume 1 - Jack Herman


Very solid value. 30 bad people, a list of pregenerated thugs, some minions and a sheet of character counters.  Goes all Edgar Rice Burroughs with the files of CHESS as told to Jack Herman, now publicist.

$4.00 -

Yes, you will be pleased to know that Jaws indeed does have shark powers!

Bandit, Beekeeper, Buzzard, Boogeyman, 
Ebony Angel, 
Leo the Lion,
Madame Frigia, Marutukku, Mirage, Mother Superior, Motivator, Mountain Man, Mystico,
Od [Avant Guards,],
Samhain, Shadowjack,
Simon Shrew, Snow Man, Spyder, Stigmata,
Tank Gunner, Tengu, Trickshot,
Vibron, Vindicator, Thugs, 

0.13 Character Cost
0.28 Character Density

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