Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mega-City One's Most Wanted - Matthew Sprange

This is a considerably cooler minisupplement.  Old school to go with the d20, having having several pages of GM screen to go with the short book.  So a double use.

Plus, I'm tempted to count Satanus as being worth more than one bad person, no problem. :)  Definitely the real thing artwise, too.

This is one that is worth it if you like the d20 thing.

$4.95 -

Psi-Judge Anderson, --- Pa Angel, Mean Machine Angel, Link Angel, Junior Angel, Fink Angel, 
 --- Chopper, Cursed Earth Desperado,
Judge Dredd, --- Galen DeMarco,
Chief Judge Hershey,
 --- Jonni Kiss,
 --- Stan Lee, 
 --- Max Normal, Martial Artist, Master Martial Artist,
 --- Otto Sump, Satanus,
 --- Travis Perkins, 

0.26 Character Cost
0.56 Character Density

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