Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lockdown - Lucien Soulbank

This is an adventure base in the main, with scenarios designed to be used based around the town and the private superhuman prison itself.  The introduction gives a lengthy US prison history overview just to start with.  Then there are details on the layouts, levels and setup.  The middle chunk is the bad people and the end is the adventure hooks and suggestions.

Note that it mentions possibilities for Meta-4 and Freedom City bad people being a crossover 1st Edition supplement redone for 2nd Edition.  That is, a private prison can appear and start operating as it likes.

About 40 characters with others mentioned and given that it is explicitly for dealing with bad people worth including I think.  Definitely better off getting this for 12 than Gen-Pop for 5!

$12.00 -

Berlin Betty, Belladonna, Blackcroft,
Carbonari Soldier,   
Devin Creed, Chet Cogan, Crimson Justice, 
Duke Nefarious, Deacon,
Golden Marvel, Grayve,
Maggot, Mooks [Blowtorch, Icekill, Powerstar, Silly Putty, Mongol Horde,],
Paladin Suit SOU Guard [MT Suit,], Psiklops,
Reg-Force Guard, Red Scare, Raven,
SOU Guard, Strafe, Skab, Shadow Bandit, Siegemaker,   
Tech-Officer, Freeman Thane, Tentacles of the Unspoken's Remains,
Utgoth Minions,
Warboss, Wight Bishop, 

0.32 Character Cost
0.35 Character Density (see notes)

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