Sunday, December 1, 2013

Legion of Super-Heroes Volume 1 - Paul Levitz and Steve Crow

The first volume is the monster manual, giving the usual approximately 60-40 or so hero to villain ratio, but some assorted NPCs.

There's an introduction and timeline of Legion history to the time.  Then the Legion, the villains and the related characters of importance and allies.
A few pages of new powers, some options and a couple of combat options in Parrying and Bracing.  Then a few pages of beasts, including the fabled Lightning variety and the Space Dragons of Imsk. A couple of pages on aliens, law enforcement. The last few pages are a 'GM Section' of the Legion compiled in stat blocks so they are all togethers in alphabetical order sans writeups.  So an even denser great value book if they used that space for more characters, or you count the doubles.

Probably the best value DCH sourcebook.

Antonio Stefannacim --- Amalgamax, Absorbancy Boy, Apollo, 
Brainiac 5, Bouncing Boy, Blok, Beast Boy, R. J. Brande, --- Benn Pares, Bounty, Blackout Boy, Black Mace, 
Cosmic Boy, Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Chemical King, Comet Queen, Controllers, Crystal Kid, Color Kid, Chlorophyll Kid, Celebrand, --- Command Kid, Charma, Computo, Calorie Queen, Chameleon Kid, Chameleon Chief, Cosmic King, Chief Zoltaurus,        
Duo Damsel, Dream Girl, Dawnstar, Dvron, Duplicate Boy, Dartalg, --- Dagon, Deregon, Darkseid [Superman, Shadow Woman, Kalibak, Oan, Orion], Dark Circle Soldier, Dr Zaxton Regulus, Dynamo Boy, Dark Man,     
Element Lad, Evolvo Lad, Elvo, --- Emerald Empress, Esper Lass, 
Ferro Lad, Fire Lad, --- Fenton Pike,
Gigi Cusimano, Gas Girl, --- Golgoth, Grimbor,
Hagga, --- Holdur, Hunter,    
Invisible Kid I, Invisible Kid II, Infectious Lass, Immorto, --- Immune, Infinite Man,
 --- Jungle King, 
Karate Kid, Kid Psycho, Kimball Zendak, --- Khunds [Warlod, Cyber-Warrior,], 
Lightning Lad, Lightning Lass, Life Lass, Lamprey, --- Lazon, Lightning Lord, 
Mon-El, Matter-Eater Lad, Magnetic Kid, Myg, --- Mano, Mist Master, Micro Lad, Magno Lad, Magpie, Mantis Morlo, Mordru, Magnetic Kid, Mystelor,   
Night Girl, Nightwind, --- Neutrax, Nemesis Kid,      
Ornitho, --- Ontiir, Ol-Vir, Omen, Organus, 
Phantom Girl, Polar Boy, Porcupine Pete, Power Boy, Proty II, Psyche, --- Persuader, Phantom Lad, Prophet, Pharox, Pulsar Stargrave,      
Quislet, Quantum Queen, --- Quicksand, Quanto, 
Relnic, Rond Vidar, --- Radiation Roy, Ron-Karr, Resource Raiders, Rogarth,  
Saturn Girl, Supergirl, Superboy, Star Boy, Shrinking Violet, Sun Boy, Sensor Girl, Shadow Lass, Stone Boy, Sensei, Shadow Lad, Shvaughn Erin, --- Sugyn, Silver Slasher, Saturn Queen, Spider Girl, Size Kid, Sadharu, Sden, Starburst Bandits [Bandits' Mounts,], Starfinger, Sun-Eater,              
Timber Wolf, Tyroc, Tellus, Tornado Twins, --- Tharok, Titania, Tarik, Time Trapper, Tyr,    
Ultra Boy, --- Universo,   
 --- Validus, Vibrex,
Wildfire, White Witch, --- Wild Huntsman,
 --- Zymyr,

1.63 Character Density (see notes above)

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