Monday, December 2, 2013

JLA Sourcebook - Fred Jandt and Nikola Vrtis

A new DC Universe game and a new JLA Sourcebook.

This one has three sections, as far as Monster Manuals go.

JLA Year One Allies and Enemies

General Allies and Enemies

and Young Justice Allies and Enemies

A fun note: The Doom Patrol and The Brotherhood of Evil are here.

This is a rather nice book overall but the only supplement I saw for this one.

I am presuming the Justice Society sourcebook would be similarly worthy of inclusion.

The latter parts of the book include a section on the Manipulation class of powers, including Speed Manipulation.  This is quite good.  Then a section on making robots...because everyone likes a custom android.  Then it finishes with an adventure.

160 pages of Sourcebook is quite a lot in superhero monster manual terms.  Lots of skills to go with the attributes in d6 games, including the powers, so they aren't the easiest things to read and take in.

Trivia: Steve Kenson is in the lengthy list of designers.

Aquaman, Appellaxians, Aquaman, Aztek, Atom, Arrowette, --- Amazo, Asmodel, Acolyte, Alter-Earth Wally West,
Black Canary, Batman, Barda, --- Brain,
Snapper Carr, Simon Carr, Chief, --- Circe,
Damage, --- Dr Light, Dr T. O. Morrow, Despero, Daxamite,  
Elasti-Girl, --- Extant,
Flash 2, Flash 3, --- Ferak, Donald Fite [Ishido Madd,], 
Green Lantern, Green Arrow 1, Green Lantern, Green Arrow 2, --- General,
Hourman, Huntress, --- Hyperclan, Harm,
 --- Joker, Jemm,
 --- Key,
 --- Locus, Lex Luthor, Lord of Time,
Martian Manhunter, Martian Manhunter, Mary Marvel, --- Monsier Mallah, Madame Rouge, Mirror Master, Mageddon, Match,
Negative Man,
Oracle, Orion, O.R.A.C.L.E., --- Ocean Master,
Plastic Man, --- Prometheus, Prof Ivo, Psyba-Rats [Channelman, Hackington, Razorsharp],
 --- Queen Bee, Quisp,
Robotman 2, Robin, Red Tornado, Ray, --- Rip Roar, 
Superman, Steel, Adam Strange, Secret, Superboy, Starman, --- Sandman, Vandal Savage, Julian September, Star Conqueror, 
Tomorrow Woman, --- Triumph, Timazo, Thanagarian Wingman,
 --- Ultramarines [Warmaker One, 4-D, Flow, Pulse 8,], 
Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl,
 --- Xotar,

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