Friday, December 6, 2013

Enemies At Large - Stewart Wieck and Steve Wieck

You thought publishing was slow enough...this apparently was supposed to come out in 1987 - made it in 2011.  Dr Midas has lots of minions and they added the Wieck's characters in at the end.

Cabbie gets you with the paralysis field in his dodgy taxi and inflicts his French poodle on you.  Truly evil!

$4.00 -

A.C.E., Army Ant,
Billy the Kidder, Brightshade,
Cabbie, Couatl, Condor,
Darc Warp, Dart, Dr Micron, Dolphin,
Jeremy [Warlords,],
Lethe, Lightning Bug,
M.A.K.E.R., Manipulator, Matador, Mr Midas [Psychom, Deceptor, Ox, Defensor, Striker, Slice, Boltron, Chrodon, 3-Pro,],
Old Yeller, Omega,
Ranger 423rd,
Rattler, Rhonda,
Sien-Sun, Styx, Shadowlord,
Talas Baum, Torrera, Trick, Twister,
Viking [Men],
Wasp, Water Wizard, Wilderbeast,  

0.09 Character Cost
0.38 Character Density

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