Thursday, December 5, 2013

DC Adventures Heroes and Villains 2 - Steve Kenson

The second of these epic tomes again tops the 300 mark - there are a few no stat organisation listings, some buildings like Titans Tower, and Trigon had no abilities...entity version I suppose.

Artwork from comics through, color-coded heroes and villains, plus an NPC section at the end with animals, various professions and criminals, ninja, soldiers, robots, zombies, monsters.  So pretty cool. And Krypto.

A really great value book.  Really, you can't get any better except by doing a nice multiformat version with no limitations.

$20.00 -


Legion of Super-Heroes [Bouncing Boy, Mon-El, Phantom Girl, Polar Boy, Sensor Girl, Shadow Lass, Shrinking Violet, Tyroc, Lightning Lad,], --- Lady Shiva, League of Assassins [Alpha, David Cain, Doctor Moon, Merlyn, White Ghost,], Lobo, Maxwell Lord, Lord Satanus, Lex Luthor [Mercy,],

Madame Xanadu, Magog, Major Disaster, Manhunter [Kirk DePaul], Manhunter [Paul Kirk], Manhunter [Kate Spencer], Martian Manhunter, Max Mercury, Metal Men [Will Magnus, Gold, Iron, Tin, Mercury, Lead, Platinum, ], Metamorpho [Java, Sapphire Stagg, Simon Stagg], Miss Martian, Mister Miracle, Mister Terrific [Michael Holt], Mister Terrific [Terry Sloane], --- Mad Hatter, Magenta, Major Force, Man-Bat, Manhunters [Manhunters, Highmaster,], Metallo, Metamorpho, Mirror Master, Mist [Nash], Mist, Mr Freeze, Mister Mind, Mr Mxyzptlk, Monarch [Forerunner,], Mongul, Mordru, Morgaine Le Fey, Multiplex [Duploid, ], Murmur,

Nemesis, New Gods [Lightray], Nightshade [Shadow Homunculus], Nightwing, --- Nekron, Neron,              

 Obsidian, O.M.A.C. [Cyborgs, Earth-51], Oracle, Orion [Sturmer,], Outsiders [Faust, Grace, Halo, Indigo, Looker, Technocrat, Thunder,], --- Ocean Master, Orange Lantern Corps [Construct, Larfleeze,],

Peacemaker, Phantom Stranger, Pied Piper, Plastic Man [Offspring,], Power Girl,  --- Parasite, Penguin, Per Degaton, Plastique, Poison Ivy [Tree,], Prankster, Professor Ivo, Prometheus, Psycho-Pirate,

Question [Vic Sage, Richard Ragon,], Question [Renee Montoya,], --- Queen Bee [Drone Swarm],   

 Ragman, Ravager, Raven, Ray, Red Devil, Red Robin, Red Star, Red Tornado, Robin, --- Ra's Al Ghul [Talia, Ubu,], Red Hood, Red Lantern Corps [Dex-Starr,], Reverse-Flash [Zoom,], Riddler, Rogues [Girder, Plunder, Tar Pit, Top, Roulette, ], Royal Flush Gang [Professor Amos Fortune, Ace III, Ace Android II, Jack II, King II, Queen II, Ten II,], Seven Soldiers of Victory [Bulleteer, Shining Knight [Ystina], Vanguard, Frankenstein, Klarion, Teekl,],

Saint Walker, Sandman [Sanderson Hawkins, Sandy,], Sandman [Wesley Dodds,], Saturn Girl, Shadowpact [Detective Chimp, Nightmaster, Warlock's Daughter,] Shade [Shade,], Shining Knight, Silver Swan, Spectre, Speedy, Star Sapphire, Star Sapphires [Fatality, Miri, ], Starfire, Stargirl, Starman [Ted Knight, Jack Knight, Mikaal Tomas, David Knight,], Starman [Thom Kallor], Steel [Vaporlock, ], Suicide Squad [Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, ], Sun Boy, Superboy, Supergirl, Superman [Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent, ], Swamp Thing [Abby Holland, --- Sabbac, Scarecrow, Secret Six [Dwarfstar, Jeanette, King Shark, Rag Doll, Scandal Savage, Knockout, Parademon, Black Alice,], Shade, Shadow Thief, Shark, Shrapnel, Silver Banshee, Sinestro, Sinestro Corps, Siren, Solomon Grundy, Johnny Sorrow, Starro [Starrophytes, Conqueror,],  

Teen Titans [S.T.A.R. Kilotrax, Aquagirl, Bombshell, Kid Eternity, Zachary Zatara, ], Thorn, Timber Wolf, Traci Thirteen, Donna Troy, --- T. O. Morrow [Android,], Tattooed Man, Terra, Terra-Man, Toyman [Robot, ], Trickster, Trident, Two-Face,

Ultra Boy, Uncle Sam, --- Ultra-Humanite, 

Vigilante [Greg Sanders, Vigilante,], Vixen, --- Vandal Savage,    

Warlord [Jennifer Morgan, Machiste, Shakira, Mariah, Tara, Tinder], Wildcat, Wildfire, Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman [Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, Artemis, Hippolyta,], --- Weather Wizard,

Young All-Stars [Dyna-Mite, Flying Fox, Fury, Iron Munro, Neptune Perkins, Tigress, Tsunami, ], Young Justice [Arrowette, Empress, Secret,],

Zatanna, Zauriel, --- Victor Zsasz,

Animals, Cultists [Acolyte, Initiate, Adept, Master,], Demons [Imp, Warrior, Brute, Tempter,], Dinosaurs, Monsters, Ninja [Novice, Adept, Master,], Robot [Small, Medium, Large,], Soldier [Green, Veteran, Elite], Thugs [Goon, Bodyguard, Hitman], Undead [Zombie, Skeleton, Mind-Controlled Zombie,],

Hero Animals [Krypto, Streaky, Rex,],

5 out of 5

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