Saturday, December 7, 2013

Conquerors Killers and Crooks - Steven S. Long

This is great value.  It says it is an Enemies book for Champions on the inside, but breaks down the sections as Master Villains, Team Villains and Solo Villains in three sections.

At the end for a few pages it gives chart breakdowns by character type, power level, defenses, abilities etc. as a guide.  Also an example of adapting one of the maniacs here into a character that would more suit your own game.

$8.49 :-

Ankylosaur, Anubis, Armadillo,
Black Harlequin, Black Paladin, Blowtorch,  Brainchild, Bulldozer,
Crowns of Krim [Dark Seraph, Bloodstone, Eclipse, Force, Phoenix, Temblor,], Captain Chronos, Cateran, Cybermind, 
Doctor Destroyer [Gigaton, Rakshasha, Agent, Heavy Agent, Destroid, Black Talon, ],
Eurostar [Fiacho, Durak, Feuermacher, Mentalla, Scorpia, Ultrasonique,], Esper,
Fenris, Firewing, Foxbat, 
Gravitar, Grab [Black Diamond, Bluejay, Cheshire Cat, Hummingbird, ], Gargantua, Grond, Guan Di,
Herculan, Holocaust, Hornet, Howler, 
Istvatha V'Han [D-Soldier, Hovertank,],
Lady Blue, Lazer, Leech, Lodestone, Lemurian Constructs [Shirak the Destructor, Golem, Chala-Lion,], Lei Kung the Thunderer,
Menton, Masquerade, Mechassassin, Menagerie, Mirage, Monster, Morningstar,
PSI [Psimon, Hypnos, Lancer, Medusa, Mind Slayer, Torment,], Photon,
Shadow Dragon, Shrinker, Slug [Elder Worm,], Stormfront, 
Takofanes the Undying Lord [Demon Servitor,], Tesseract, Thorn, Thunderbird, Thunderbolt II,
Ultimates [Binder, Blackstar, Cyclone, Radium, Slick, Thunderbolt I, ], Utility,
Warlord [Warbird, Warcry, Warhead, Warmonger, Warpath, Flying Fortress, Flying Fortress Computer, Shadow Army Soldier,],  
Zephyr, Zigzag, Zorran the Artificer,

0.08 Character Cost
0.48 Character Density

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