Friday, December 6, 2013

Classic Enemies - Scott Bennie

I know someone with this one :- [thing=50731][/thing] for the same list?

Teams of villains, then individuals.  With an index and a section on Stronghold and keeping villains in jail, etc. at the end.

Beamline, Black Claw, Black Diamond, Black Paladin, Black Mamba, Blowtorch, Bulldozer, 
Conquerors [Neutron, Arc, Ankylosaur, Wyvern,],
Dr Destroyer [Low-End, High-End, Low-Agent, High-Agent,], Dragon Master, Dark Seraph, Dreadnought, 
Eurostar [Fiacho, Bora, Durak, White Flame, Le Sone, Mentalla, Whip, Pantera, ], Earthmaster, Esper,
Foxbat, Firewing, Fox of Crime, Freon,
Gremlin, Griffin, Grond,
Halfjack, Herculan, Hideous,
King Cobra,
Lady Blue, Ladybug, Lazer, Leech, 
Mechassassin, Menton, Mongoose, Monster,
Panda [Raccoon,], Project Sunburst [Radium, Ray, Sunburst,], Power Crusher, Plague, 
Raiders [Bullet, Big John, Starseer,], Rainbow Archer, Ripper,
Shamrock, Slug, Sparkler,  
Terror Incorporated [Professor Muerte, Scorpia, Giganto, Feur, Agent, ],
Thunder [Lightning,], Thok, Timemaster, Thunderbolt, 
Ultimates [Binder, Plasmoid, Slick, Blackstar, Charger,], Utility,

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