Saturday, December 7, 2013

Arcane Adversaries - Dean Shomshak

Another 5th Edition book that says it is an Enemies book for Champions.

This one is $8.50 at Paizo -

and $13.50 at Drivethru -


Fewer than Evil Unleashed...a supplement designed for those with a more mystical campaign that want more magical adversaries than the percentage in the other books, apparently.  Same quality, same price, similr length lower density again than Evil Unleashef.

Black Fang, Bromion,
Circle of the Scarlet Moon [Archdruid Airetach, Martika Duquesne, Roger Duquesne, Wicker Man, ]
Devil's Advocates [Demonologist, Golem, Golem Animated Statue, Gyre, Kapilasa, Tartarus, Vilsimbra], Doctor Teneber,
Evil Eye,
Harpy, Hell Rider [Brimstone,],
Kings of Edom [Vulshoth, Hand of Deizzhorath, Tappan Arkwright, Angler, Mind Thief, Spawn of Vulshoth, Squrm, ],
Mother Gothel,
Sylvestri Clan [Patriach, Bocal McFarlane, Astralle, Cornelius Liefeld, ],
Tezcatlipoca [Nagual Cultist,],
Vandaleurs [Adrian, Eduard, Anais, Chatoyant, Tobias, ],

0.20 Character Cost
0.35 Character Density

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