Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2995: The Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook - Tom Bierbaum and Mary Bierbaum

The same length as the other DC Heroes 2nd edition supplements detailed so far, but with more characters than the Titans book and fewer the JLA.  A lot fewer than the 30 page shorter LSH Volume one for DC Heroes 1st Edition...but that did have two books to make that easier.

A different style, too, as the background for the various is given in correspondence and documentation of the 5 year gap era.  Complete with some Giffen illustration.

Trivia: another LSH supplement with actual comic writers involved.

An excellent book.

Brainiac 5, Bouncing Boy, Blok, Bion, R. J. Brande, 
Cosmic Boy, Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Chemical King, Crystal Kid, Chlorophyll Kid, Color Kid, Calamity King, Cosmic Boy, Catspaw, Computo, Circe, Calorie Queen, --- Caress,   
Dream Girl, Dawnstar, Dragonmage, Dev-Em, --- Darkseid [Dark Circle Agent,],  
Element Lad, Echo, --- Evillo, Emerald Empress,
Ferro Lad, Fire Lad, --- Flare, 
Gossamer, Grinn, Dr Gym'll, --- Glorith,
Laurel Gand, Lightning Lass, --- Lobo,
Invisible Kid I, Invisible Kid II, Impulse, Infectious Lass, Ivy, --- Infinite Man, 
Karate Kid I, Karate Kid II, Kid Quantum, Kono, King Jonn,  
Lightning Lad, Live Wire, Loomis, --- Leland McCauley, Lightning Lord, 
Matter-Eater Lad, Magnetic Kid, Celeste McCauley, Matter-Eater Lad, Marte Allon, --- Mano, Mordru,
Night Girl,
Devlin O'Ryan,
Phantom Girl, Princess Projectra, Polar Boy, Porcupine Pete, --- Persuader,
Reflecto, Rond Vidar, --- Roxxas, Anton Relnic, Ron-Karr, 
Saturn Girl, Star Boy, Shrinking Violet, Sun Boy, Shadow Lass, Superboy, Stone Boy, Shrinking Violet, Shvaugn Erin, Shadow Kid,  Science Police Officer, --- Starfinger III, Spider Girl, Sade, Saturn Queen, Sugyn,    
Triplicate Girl, Timber Wolf, Tyroc, Tellus, Triad, --- Tharok, Time Trapper, 
Ultra Boy, --- Universo,   
Valor, --- Validus, Vrykos,
Wildfire, White Witch,

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