Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Algernon Files 2.0 - Aaron Sullivan and Dave Mattingly

Basically, an entire superhero universe/campaign from Black Wyrm games.  A nice layout, with groups and independents and gear and even a several page timeline to finish.  Illustrated, in colour.

A good hero to villain balance, to boot.

Algernon, Anthem, Nkebo Achebwe, Lady Absinthe, --- Adonis, Assembly,
Rosalyn Berkowitz, Blackheart, Blackbird, Brimstone, Best Man, --- Bellerophon, Bloodstar, 
Jasper Caldwell, Cyberhawk, Umberto Corvaggio, Chronicle, --- Carapace, Carrionette, Cadmus, Charon, Carnelian, Crone [Walking Hut, Lorusski, Vodyanoi, Puzushka, Rusalka,], Crucible,
Emily DaCosta, Dr Rune, Dr Chiropterus, --- Dr Prometheus, Damocles, Dervish,  
Film Noir,  --- Facade, Figment,
 --- Goth, Geryon, Guardian Drones, Golem, Ghoul,
Hardcore, Horus, --- Hauntress, Heartbreaker, 
Iron Angel, --- Ice Queen,
Stan Kirby, Dorian Killgrave [Historians, Soldiers, Magicians, Counterintelligence, Seraphim,], --- Kid Shiva, Krait,  
Dr Ellen Li, Darren Long, Miss Liberty, ---  Lament, Lord of Mirrors,
Minuteman, --- Magog, Mean Machine,
 --- Nemesis, Nergal, Night Archer,  
Onyx, --- Opaque
Peacekeeper,  --- Prodigal, Perdition, Perseus, Phalanx, Platinum Blonde, Praetorian [Time Tower, War Dogs, Bloodhawks, Battle Sphere, Stridermechs,], Sepulchre, Serpent Queen [Pit Vipers, Initiates of the Hidden Coil, Divine Form of the Snake,], 
Quantum Mechanic,
Raptor, Roc,
Doc Steel, Dr Ramohan Shakar, Sebastian Arcane [Nicodemus,], Speed Demon, Spoil Sport, Sundance, Sabbath, --- Sanguine, Seventh Son, Singularity, Smog, Speed Metal, Stiltskin, Surefire,
Matthew Trasker, Technomancer, Troll, Think Tank, Templar,
US Steel, ---  Terminal Velocity, Telemachus, Tiresias, 
Wildflower,  Wendy Wildstar, Wraith,

Excellent numbers below, too.  The M&M version is $14.95 and is the one I was looking at :-
The Hero version is more...licensing, more work? at $19.95

I am quite impressed by this book.

0.13 Character Cost
0.80 Character Density

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