Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fantastic Four Compendium - David E. Martin

The first family finally got their monster manual with the advent of the [thing=45410][/thing], with allies and enemies in large numbers throughout.  These advanced team focused mixed collections are excellent.  Although the FF are always the third in line as a smaller team with fewer relationships and hence a smaller cast around them.  The FF are written up in more detail each due to having the space, there's a mini adventure at the end and after the first 75 pages of characters it details all the strange and wonderful places the FF might adventure in:hence entries in the below list for Kestorian, etc.

Julie Angel, Aquarian, Alpha Primitives, Atlanteans, --- Attuma, Annihilus,
Black Bolt,  --- Basilisk, Blastaar, Burners,
Crystal, Crusader, Chosen,  --- Elspeth Cromwell, Clobbers,
Dorrie Evans, Dorma, --- Doctor Doom [Doomsman, Robot, Guardian Robot, Killer Robot, Victor Von Doom II, Doctor Doom II, Zorba,], Darkoth the Death Destroyer, Diablo [Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Transmutant,], Doctor Sun, Dragon Man,
 --- Eliminator, Ego, 
 --- Frightful Four [Wingless Wizard, Trapster, Sandman]
Dr Jacob Grimm, Dr Petunia Grimm, Guardsman, Gorgon, Giganto, --- Galactus [Galactus Cat, Punisher I, Silver Surfer, Air-Walker, Air-Walker Automaton, Firelord, Destroyer, Terrax, Nova II,], Gormuu,
Human Torch II, Agatha Harkness, H.E.R.B.I.E., Phineas Horton, High Evolutionary, Her, --- Hate Monger, Hate Monger III, Head Brothers,
Invisible Woman, Impossible Man, Inhumans,
Karnak, --- Krang, Kestorian,
Luna, Lockjaw, --- Lava Men, Living Computers of Xandar,
Mister Fantastic, Medusa, Ms Marvel II, Alicia Masters, Maya, Lorrie Melton, Maximus, --- Mephisto, Miracle Man, Mole Man, Molecule Man, Moloids, 
Namorita, --- Nicholas Scrarch, New Men,
Red Ghost,
Power Man, --- Psycho-Man, Peotor, Puppet Master, Pseudo-Skrulls,
Quasar, Quon,
Frankie Raye,
She-Hulk, Sharon Selleck, Stingray, Spinnerette, Sub-Mariner, ---  Skrulls, Super-Skrull, Skrull-X, Super-Apes, Salem's Seven [Brutacus, Gazelle, Hydron, Reptilla, Vakume, Thornn, Vertigo,], Terminus, Mad Thinker [Android, Human Torch I], 
Thing, Tattletale, Tarianna, Thundra, Triton, 
Wyatt Wingfoot, Watcher,  Adam Warlock, --- Wendy's Friends, Winged Flyers,

1.21 Character Density

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