Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Enemies Revised - Steve Peterson and George Mac Donald

Right, thanks.  Pretty sure it would have been just the first one way back when I have seen.  Will have to see what I can find.

This is the one I meant :-

Champions - Enemies Revised 1982 [thing=52760][/thing]

26 Pages of boxes :)

Ankylosaur, Avar-7,
Binder, Black Mamba, Blackstar, Blowtorch,
Charger, Cobra,
Dragon Master,
Fox, Frisbee, Firewing,
Herculan, Hideous,
Leech, Lazer, Ladybug, Lightning, Lady Blue, 
Minuteman MK-V, Mongoose, Mindslayer, 
Panda, Plasmoid,
Raccoon, Ray,
Slick, Shamrock, Sunburst, Sledge, 
Thok, Thunder,

1.35 Character Density

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