Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Crooks! - Erik Mona and Kyle Hunter and Sean Glenn

Says over 50 in the blurb, underselling itself a bit, given the ordinary joe "vampires, superspies, robots" etc. as it mentions.  Will definitely pay those given the work put in.

Aliens [Broan, Skoviak, Waloran,], Antag Agents [Technician, Officer,], Atomic Brain, 
Beholder, Bestiary [Behemoth, Chimera, Manticore, Undine, ], Black Diamond, Blitz,
Combots [Trainer, Pawn, Knight, ], Cultists [Initiate, Adept, Trusted Sibling, Highest Among Equals, Most Holy,], Carrion Queen, Choke Chain, Clique [Boy Toy, Crush, Jawbreaker, Other Woman, Pixie, Wallflower, ], Czar, 
Demons [Enforce, Nemesis, ], Dr Dungeon,
Goblins [Henchling, Gremlin, ],
Iron Cross,
Johnny Reb,
Kalak the Mystic,
Mechanauts [Thunder, Armageddon], Military Personnel [Soldier, Snip[er, Officer, ], Miss Martian, Moodswing, Moonquake, Mountain King, Murder Man [Butcher Boy, ],
Ninjas [Gray, Red, White, Master of Nine Winds, ], Neutronik, Nihilist,
Player 2,
Redhawk, Rose Monk [White Lotus Clan Monk], 
Security Agents [Rent-a-cop, Bodyguard, Security Expert], Sky Pirates [Wingman, Rocket Jockey], Stellar Guardsman, Superspies [Secret Agent, Archive Agent, ], Singularity, Sister Blister, Sovereign, Spasm, Sulemain,
Terrorists [Martyr, Revolutionary,], Thugs [Goon, Boost-Boy, Assassin, ], Tag Team [Burner, Tag, Toykiller,], Toreador, 
Unitrol Mediators [Officer, P.H.S.T., ], Unifier,
Vampires [Bystander, Elite Fanglord, ], Vagabond [Aphex Key,],
Werewolves [Bystander (masked), Bystander (lupine), Soldier, ], Wasphawk, Waymaker, 
Zombies [Bystander, Bystander (ravenous dead), Soldier,],     

So, pretty good, but very cheesy cartoony artwork for a more than fair share of psychopaths et. al.  Pretty good overall.

$14.00 -

0.12 Character Cost
0.87 Character Density

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