Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Batman Sourcebook - Michael A. Stackpole

In the first edition one at least, Batman may have had a higher bad guy to good guy ratio than most.

Batman, Batgirl, Harvey Bullock, Black Lightning,
Catwoman --- Clayface II, Croc, Cat Man, Crazy Quilt,
 --- Deadshot,
Lucius Fox,
Commissioner Gordon, Geo-Force,
 --- Joker,
Metamorpho --- Mr. Freeze, Man Bat, Mad Hatter,
Nightwing, Nocturna, --- Night-Slayer,
 --- Penguin, Poison Ivy,
Robin, Julia Remarque, --- Riddler, R'as Al Ghul,
 --- Hugo Strange, Scarecrow,
Talia, Two Face,
Vicki Vale,

0.33 Character Density
4 out of 5

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