Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another 13 Shades of Darkness - John Polojac and James Thomson

Average PDI Agent, Elijah Al-Alim [Commando X],
Black Phantom, Borderers,
Code Name Wifebeater, Cretin [Captain Valiant], Cryptic Star, Mr Chiang,
Discarded, Delirium, Angelica De Lynn, Malcolm Deckerd, Dr Moloch PHD,
Goop, Generic Security Goon,
Horrible Thing, Donna Hopewell, Heavy Brother,
Eileen Kowalski-Wright, Epsilon,
Longing Dead, Lash Lightning,
Mary Blood [Mary's Brood, Van Helsing Foundation Vampire Killer], Misery [The Black Skull, Army of the Black Skull, Lady Justice,], M'aal'iss'ha, Maiden,
Dr Natalia Noble, Eric Noble [Project Paragon MK],  
Penitent, Professor Purgatory, Necro-Wyrms
Rage Angels [Megan, Taylor,], Regiment [Dr Groovy, Vile Frog Monster From 30 Million AD,],
Sweet Adeline, Sister Tranquility, Sister Splendor, Hector Sandovar, Dr Shock, Stink-Wortle the Imp, Scrivener Demon,   
Violator Red, Vore Dogs, Voracious Legion, Captain Valiant,
X-Hort the Converted,

This supplement says 13 villains...but it is 233 pages, which does cause you to wonder.

As you can see, a lot of other characters included under there.  The major thirteen get several pages of backstory writeup, plus there are adventures, spells, gear and assorted supporting characters, aliens and monsters

You could do a campaign with this book.

So call it 50 odd characters or so for $14.99 -

How about character cost CC is price per character and character density CD = characters per page.

The lower the density the more other material there is, or other formatting.

0.28 Character Cost
0.23 Character Density

3.5 out of 5

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