Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Alien Enemies - Scott Heine

Champions 4

This is of the 'they come to Earth' flavour, with organisations and an adventure.  Complete with a Starjammers style group.

Aquarian Sea Beasts, Aquarians,
Cerebraeum, Champ, Case 39,
Specs [Gizmo, Slick, Bruiser, Trekkie,],
Infinite Man,
Ever-Eating Karrg,
Galactic Marauders [Star Galleon, Captain Richaal, Synthre, Chaikayan, Phinress, Doctor Zeinert, Tarchoss, Masq,],
Midnight Society [Org: Automaton Shell, Orb: AI "Computer" Brain, Arcane, Leatherwings, Gremlins,]
Orion the Hunter,
Pantheon [Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Luna, Mercury, Bacchus,]
Spores From Space,
Tyrixx [Warrior, Worker, Thinker, Warship,],
METE [Orrad, Marie Dumont, Diana Ingraham, Dr Bill Elam, Lyle Harrison, Dr Ellen Robinson, Otto Wyndham, Howard Esterhaus,]

0.80 Character Density

This is solid.

3.5 out of 5

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