Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cryptworld - Daniel Proctor and Tim Snider

A refreshing later edition to some degree of a book that goes for an old school eighties horror movie flavour in the main, along with an eighties style length. Designed as a generic people vs monsters game Cryptworld gives suggestions for running games from camp to cosmic horror, with different theme advice as well. Skills are a little different...where in Basic Roleplaying like Runequest and Call of Cthulhu you start off as being really bad at things, the range of d100 skills in Cryptworld is 26-80. Abilities are rolled on 3d10. You then double it and add 20 to get that middle of the range band, so the average is a bit over half. Untrained skills are based on Abilities but the three levels of specialised skill bonuses give you an extra +15/30/55 to the skill rating. Skills are often the average of two abilities...if these were both a standard 56 or thereabouts, adding +15 gives you an initial specialised Skill level of 71. A bit better than Rurik the Restless trying to read. There's a section of various types of monsters and an adventure, all in 90 odd pages. Resolution is on a Universal Table type mechanic, where how much you succeed by determines the severity column...so a two stop procedure that perhaps could be simplified, but is certainly different. Cryptworld definitely retains its charm. 3.5 out of 5

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