Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cold City - Malcolm Craig

A game set in post WWII Berlin about officers in a special police force that deal with monsters, whether created by nazi experiment, supernatural or from Beyond Space and Time. A multinational force - Britain/USA/Soviet/French. Because only the Northern Hemisphere is crazy enough to 1) Start World Wars and 2) Summon Elder God entities. Simple d10 pool mechanics with three attributes physical/social/mental and various character traits/aspects written down. With positives and negatives. Suggestions that it could be run as pulp...e.g. Hellboy...the movie being listed in the bibliography as an inspiration along with Ultraviolet, the RPGs Sorcerer and Dogs in the Vineyard and Charles Stross' Colder War story. Also noir, dark horror or black comedy. The middle two would seem to fit better and the mechanics are simple enough you could use it as a sourcebook. Lots of non-fiction in the bibliography too of horror,war, atrocity and crazy zero point experiments. That is, replace it with say, Night's Black Agents or Call of Cthulhu if you kept the more modern roleplaying trait/aspect parts....or FATE of course. In fact so much so that the actual game mechanics etc. need more highlighting, perhaps with examples at the end/GM screen/reference type devices to point them out. With the consequences, d10 dice pools etc. These are simple enough for anyone to understand quickly...and d6 could presumably be used too. The idea is a group of characters would all be Reserve Police from different countries with secret agendas and different trust levels and stereotypical tensions and problems based on these to begin with. All the while trying to avoid being eaten by mutant werewolf killer type monsters that you are investigating. Or just nasty spies and criminals and military types all out to get you. So a useful intro game for those whom a cop or spy thriller or horror story would work for, too. 4 out of 5

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