Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shadow Sword and Spell: Basic - Richard Iorio and James Maliszewski

Humanist pulp fantasy is part of what they call this. Inspired by Howard and Leiber. Or, otherwise known as Sword and Sorcery. Elf and hobbit free, where all the wizards are people descending into demon and monster abusing madness. The good stuff! An entertaining list of diseases and poison as this game about getting into trouble and blowing your cash manages to capture the flavour of the subgenre quite nicely. It uses d12 and target numbers and 'Hooks' a la FATE Aspects as the resolution mechanics. With the differential from what you needed being the result in a FUDGEY type way. 12 degrees the system is called, so clearly d12 fans the designers. Likely have dodecahedron t-shirts I'd imagine. Also some good advice for running games of this particular flavour and what is here can easily be adapted to other systems. Quite well done and S&S fans should definitely take a look. Print and digital both come out well. This book focuses on new characters and those beginning to gain in skill, ability and fame. 4 out of 5

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