Thursday, May 9, 2013

Supernatural Roleplaying Game - Jamie Chambers

Supernatural is horror action as the rules say. Complete with a list of classic rock tracks for a soundtrack at the end. The book itself is rather less emo and soulful gaze than the tv show it is based on. Written in an offhand, black-humoured style it is quite well done. Details even a variety of campaign types, road tripping, stay at home, so interesting. The NPC list of standard types has 'barfly' and 'creepy old lady' as archetypes, so funny, making the book attractive to read. It includes some photography from the tv show and is a quite attractive publication. Only saw a couple of seasons, due to brotherly love/concern/deaths annoying overload. This is definitely better! Usual sort of stats, but the ratings are in 'dice'. The person who came up with this system really and truly loves their polyhedra. Might have even slept with their dice bag or tin under their pillow given the stat ratings are d4/d6/d8/d10/d12 etc. An ability+skill vs difficulty type mechanic. Plenty of the milieu from what I recall having seen is included, so pretty much 100% USA focused. 4 out of

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