Monday, May 6, 2013

Spirit of the Century: A Pulp Pickup Roleplaying Game - Fred Hicks and Leonard Balsera and Rob Donoghue

Where Thrilling Tales follows more along the lines of Daredevils, Spirit of the Century is definitely a successor to Adventure. The Century Club and the Aeon Society could have an entertaining crossover christmas party adventure, I am sure. There's no 100 page backstory introduction here, this FATE 3.0 incarnation game gets to the game straight away bringing in the use of FATE points and aspects. The print version is available from the Book Depository again (as is the novel series). The Evil Hat shop has a great deal of print and get free digital, but the postage to Australia is more than the book unfortunately. Same goes for all the other indy press deals for us, the postage these days with the nuts US Post Office is going to be more than the books from a small vendor, so not worth it. DriveThruRPG does have an excellent priced digital version where you get a standard PDF, a Landscape PDF and epub and mobi versions. A great thing! Character creation is clever...each of these player characters has a Planetary or Jenny Sparksesque flavour, being century babies, born at the start of the 20th century. The superheroes of the Century Club...ultracompetent pulp heroes though, not world shaking superhumans like The Authority. Much as in Adventure! Each character stars in their own Pulp and crosses over with other characters in their group as you make them up. Also what they were up to in World War I, assuming the game is in the standard earlier 20th century setting. There's an epic stunt and skill information list. Maybe too epic. A cheat sheet/screen for this bould be beneficial. A few NPC Centurions are mentioned...also characters in the fiction along with being used as game examples throughout. FUDGE dice and ranks and over the top aspects work very well in heroic and superheroic games. A state of the art game both in content and design, even with old fashioned simpler retro type cover design for flavour. 5 out of 5

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