Monday, May 6, 2013

Nova Praxis - Mike McConnell

This is indeed an Augmented PDF, with clever navigation giving it almost a software type feel...and centring the information in a style that also makes it easier to read, so this part is indeed very well done. This will be brilliant for using to find gameplay stuff for GMS and players with its navigation and tab setups. It goes up to 11 if you like for findability and useability. Click on a menu tab to the left and you get a bunch of subselection possibilities along the top. People could contract stuff out to here I think, it is so well done. Also an interesting background and use of a post-singularity scenario (dystopian, of course). Corporate royalty dystopia, even. A simpler game than Eclipse Phase and thankfully FATE based for ease of play. Specifically the Strands of FATE flavour, modified to be FATE Coreish perhaps, so more detailed than some. Also shorter. Plenty of readable material on the Solar System. Not quite-as-cutting edge SF to be found here, but still pretty good compared to the 'stuck in 1974' of Traveller, etc. Transhumanity, galactic exploration, cyberpunk, nanomachine horrors. Conflict between posthumans and others, post-scarcity, new tech. Definitely one of the best SF games around. 4.5 out of 5

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