Sunday, May 5, 2013

Adventure! Tales of the Aeon Society - Andrew Bates and Bruce Baugh

The best of the Aeon setting games. This is a 1920s pulp action game, with the appropriate flavour. It even talks about that in the running a game section. It shouldn't be noir, it shouldn't be camp. So that part is well done, and overall they do indeed have the tone. There's a long introductory section of background material from various adventurers and chronicles and newspaper clipping...the venerable Aeon institution come to life in sources. Then it gets into the gaming, Storyteller style. 'Inspiration' is what you use for extranormal abilities here. That even suggests the tone to you, compared to other Storyteller settings or even Aberrant. Suggestions of types of characters, super science, Z-Ray madness, some history and special powers and skills round this out nightly. Even stats for your giant carnivorous plant. 4.5 out of 5

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