Thursday, February 28, 2013

Court/Ship Preview - J. R. Blackwell

Louis the XIVth courtly setting. Add an alien invasion of the 'land in rocky thing from space and terrorise' variety. Also suggests adding the supernatural. Which is all good and the title is a play on words of course. Not much spaceship in this..a bit beyond the capabilities of this tech level to deal with if suddenly getting strafed with huge enemy beams, anyway. The alien invasion part needs a fair bit more work here I think, or changed to be 'multigenre Louis XIV setting possibilities'. Needs more polishing than the others so far for the gonzo part of the setting. Some sample encounters/short adventure guide? More ok as the quick suggested one off there. However, enough here that a romance/political intrigue game if people favoured that. "Oh, yes, those monster reports...believe some sort of musketeers dealt with, an alliance with that were saying?" 3 out of 5

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