Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dorsai! The SF Gateway Collection - Gordon R. Dickson

A six book omnibus. Dorsai! The SF Gateway Collection : Dorsai! - Gordon R. Dickson Dorsai! The SF Gateway Collection : Necromancer - Gordon R. Dickson Dorsai! The SF Gateway Collection : Soldier Ask Not - Gordon R. Dickson Dorsai! The SF Gateway Collection : Tactics of Mistake - Gordon R. Dickson Dorsai! The SF Gateway Collection : The Spirit of Dorsai - Gordon R. Dickson Dorsai! The SF Gateway Collection : Lost Dorsai - Gordon R. Dickson One of the elite Dorsai mercenary officers, after a lot of successful military campaigns, and plenty of showing up both on the battlefield and in the political arena, of his opponents realises that he is definitely more than human, and growing beyond his colleagues. He is an 'intuitive superman', with his mind working in ways that are beyond normal humans. 3 out of 5 This is not a direct sequel as such. No zombies, either. A man loses an arm in an accident when he fails to take heed of his 'danger sense'. He then gets involved in an organisation that has 'Alternate Laws' they believe in, and tell him he can regenerate his arm. They have plans for him and his talent, they think they can use him as an agent to destroy the technologically assisted utopia they live in, that is still full of problems. 3 out of 5 This book is a little different, in that the superman depicted is in this case a supervillain. With his basic supermanipulationcharisma abilities he isn't throwing cars around, but can cause some really bad military conflicts. Set in the 23rd century, that are quite a few colonised worlds and a few different cultural/political groupings for him to cause havoc on as the Dorsai and others try to stop him. 3 out of 5 This is set in an earlier time than the last book, and the main character is Cletus Grahame, an ancestor of Donal. The title is the title of a work of what he sees as revolutionary strategy he is currently working on, being crippled and not so useful running around a battlefield. He gradually uses his theories to become a very important man, and later on has increasing mental powers which allow him to heal his injured leg. His theories revolve around making the other guy screw up. 3 out of 5 A collection of two novellas that gives some peripheral background as to what was going on in conflict earlier in the Dorsai saga, and is connected with some linking passages with Amanda talking to Hal. Spirit of Dorsai : Amanda Morgan - Gordon R. Dickson Spirit of Dorsai : Brothers - Gordon R. Dickson Some backstory on Amanda, Hal, Cletus and the Dorsai. 3 out of 5 Charley and looking for Kensie's killers. 3.5 out of 5 Sort of a tweener score this one, you could call it a 3.25. 3 out of 5 A couple of professional soldiers and clients try and work out how best to resolve a situation they are not interested in being in. This ends up involving some pretty hard choices about what and what not to sacrifice, and who can best be used in what role, depending on experience and honour. 3.5 out of 5 3 out of 5

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