Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Croc and the Fox - Eve Langlais

A very tongue in cheek sfnal shapeshifter shenanigans story. Rescues and tails and bad jokes all over the place. "“This is FUC headquarters.” “A sex place?” She said it on a squeak. “No,” he hastened to correct. “FUC as in the Furry United Coalition. We are a group of shifters working to aid our kind against crime as well as discovery by the humans.” “Everyone here can shift?” she asked, glancing up at him with round eyes. “Every single one.” “But there’s so many.” She took a sniff. “And the flavors… I never knew so many kinds existed. How marvelous you all work together.” “This is just a fraction of our population. There are shifter communities all around the world, as well as FUC offices. We’ve integrated so well with society, we even work and live among the humans.” “They don’t know our secret?” “The humans? No. Although, some do suspect. Most though, treat the possibility of our existence as a joke.”" 3 out of 5

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