Friday, November 30, 2012

Lightspeed Magazine 25 - John Joseph Adams

Very good issue with some quality originals, very good reprints and interesting excerpts. Lightspeed 25 : The Cosmology of the Wider World 2 - Jeffrey Ford Lightspeed 25 : Existence Excerpt - David Brin Lightspeed 25 : The Killing Moon Excerpt - N. K. Jemisin Lightspeed 25 : Cup and Table - Tim Pratt Lightspeed 25 : My Teacher My Enemy - Kelsey Ann Barrett Lightspeed 25 : Lost - Seanan McGuire Lightspeed 25 : Renfrew's Course - John Langan Lightspeed 25 : The Cristóbal Effect - Simon McCaffery Lightspeed 25 : Contact - Eileen Gunn Lightspeed 25 : A Plague of Zhe - Maggie Clark Lightspeed 25 : The Way of Cross and Dragon - George R. R. Martin “Don’t be a fool. I’m speaking about a minotaur.” 2 out of 5 "Slipping on the wraparound goggles, Mei Ling felt acutely aware of how long it had been since she and Bin moved out to the tidal flats and ruined shoreline of the Huangpo Estuary, where the world had only one “layer”—gritty-hardscrabble reality. That made her several tech-generations out of date. The ailectronics salesman had been helpful, patient . . . and a little too flirtatious . . . while tuning the unit to her rusty GIBAAR skills. It was difficult to rediscover the knack, even with his help. Like remembering how to walk after too long a convalescence in bed. Gaze. Interest. Blink. Allocate Attention. Repeat. The most basic way to vir, if you don’t have any of the other tools. She had no fingernail tappers. No clickers and scrollers, planted in the teeth. No subvocal pickups, to read the half-spoken words shaped by throat and mouth. Not even an old-fashioned hand-keyboard or twiddler. And certainly none of the fancy-scary new cephalo sensors that would take commands straight off the brain. Without any of that, she had to make do. Choosing from a range of menus and command icons that the spectacles created across the inner surface of both lenses, seeming to float in front of the real-life street scene. By turning her gaze to look right at a search icon . . . and by actually being interested (which affected the dilation of her pupils and blood flow in the retina) . . . she caused that symbol to light up. There followed a well timed, one-two blink of the left eye then right . . ." 4 out of 5 "More than shadows aided this priest’s stealth. Long training softened his footfalls against the stone; his feet were bare in any case. He wore little altogether, trusting the darkness of his skin for camouflage as he crept along, guided by the sounds of the city. An infant’s cry from a tenement across the street; he took a step. Laughter from several floors below his ledge; he straightened as he reached the window that was his goal. A muffled cry and the sounds of a scuffle from an alley a block away; he paused, listening and frowning. But the disturbance ended as sandals pattered on the cobblestones, fading into the distance, and he relaxed. When the love-cries of the young couple next door floated past on a breeze, he slipped through the curtains into the room beyond. The bedchamber: a study in worn elegance. The priest’s eyes made out graceful chairs upholstered in fraying fabrics, and wood furnishings gone dull for lack of polish. Reaching the bed, he took care to avoid shadowing the face of the person who slept there—but the old man’s eyes opened anyhow, blinking rheumily in the thin light. “As I thought,” said the old man, whose name was Yeyezu. His hoarse voice grated against the silence. “Which one are you?” “Ehiru,” said the priest. His voice was as soft and deep as the bedchamber’s shadows. “Named Nsha, in dreams.” The old man’s eyes widened in surprise and pleasure. “So that is the rose’s soulname. To whom do I owe this honor?”" 3.5 out of 5 Should I stay or should I go now? If I go then fire and rubble And if I stay it will be trouble 5 out of 5 No cape for her. 4 out of 5 A fair percentage of kids. 3 out of 5 Where only one of a pair gets the good stuff. 3.5 out of 5 Wobby-Brane slicer Spyder stack sentence. 3.5 out of 5 Sentient deathflight, with sort of Russian. 3.5 out of 5 NI, deception, eternal life, but not too nasty. 3.5 out of 5 Judas Star Knights. 3.5 out of 5 4 out of 5

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