Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Kill Rich People - Mike Bogin

I Kill Rich People has a couple of protagonists and an antagonist. A cop that works for the CIA organised NYPD intel division, a shock jock present at the first killings and an assassin. What is thought to be an hate crime after the highly professional shooting of several Jewish billionaires soon is discovered not to be as various others of their financial class soon become mortally challenged, leading to rich flight panic. With the help of an FBI analyst, an army sniper trainer and a shrink they set out to track down the assassin while the NSA does likewise. The shock jock (only a multimillionaire) takes up the 99% thread on his show, angering, unsurprisingly, lots of wealthy types and their paid for politicos. Pointing out that everyone else is perfectly safe to go on as normal as the shooter had countless opportunities to waste waiters, passers by and even the mayor and refrained from doing so. The author is definitely of the wordy descriptive variety but this is a well handled story from shootings to dodgy dishwasher wiring. 4 out of 5

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