Monday, August 27, 2012

Fireproof - Gerard Brennan

If you crossed Bedazzled with Snatch you might get something of the flavour of Gerard Brennan's Fireproof. A falling out leading to revenge killing leading to revenge killing after drunken information oopsie leaves our protagonist dead. Also on the side of an afterlife dispersal era and hence in Hell. Satan sees an opportunity to use his ill-gotten denizen to his own ends. So her torments him a bit with a demon. Doesn't have much effect as tough guy could handle torture when he was alive. Indeed, his situation just post death. So, next for his new minion - a job. Get sent back to the earthly plane on a mission from not-God. The Devil likes a joke it seems, so the job is converting Northern Ireland to Satanism. Add in Cerberus the three headed hound to keep him in line and a new girlfriend (employed as a social worker) that fancies becoming a contract killer and you have some highly amusing situations and a lot of funny lines. Especially when he starts first with a dumb youth gang and organises Black Mass. 4 out of 5

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